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The Antz Pantz

We'll continue in the short term to post The Antz Pantz on this site BUT ...more

The Antz Pantz Round 1

The latest Antz Pantz is now posted at both our old and new web sites. The link to the new site is above and this will remain a permanent link to whatever is the latest newsletter - bookmark it and include in your "Favourites". This notification is the first to be issued from the new site, so if you experience any difficulties, please let us know!more

The Antz Pantz. Your April edition now posted

A couple of days late but we were holding off on the announcement of Crazy John's as a new premier sponsor of the NAB Northern Bullants.more

The Antz Pantz (March 1)

The first practice match last weekend and the season is starting to move into top gear. Saturday's match was the first team the Bullant and Carlton squads have combined and provided a solid hit-out against a strong Bendigo Bombers squadmore

The Antz Pantz - February

The February Antz Pantz is now posted - details of practice matches, etc,. and all the news and gossipmore

2007 The Antz Pantz

The first Antz Pantz for 2007 is now posted ... a little later than expected, but we were hoping to announce a sensational new major sponsorship ...more

The Antz Pantz - December 2007

A HUGE December issue of The Antz Pantz as preparations for the 2007 season start to get into full swingmore

The Antz Pantz November edition

The sun is shining, the horses are running, the fillies are blooming and footy training starts in less than three weeks. What more could a young lad ask for? Of course, the November Antz Pantz!

Two upcoming not-to-be missed social events (although the boys will miss out on one), plenty of comings and goings at Carlton (mostly goings in the days leading up to the Nationna Draft) and timely article with Armistice Day approaching on Preston players and officials that gave their lives in the service of their countrymore

The Antz Pantz, Best and Fairest Wrap

The Northern Bullants Best and Fairest counts were held last Friday night with no great surprises except perhaps for a rather remarkable speech from the Big Digger ...more

The Antz Pantz - October (1)

A post-season wrap and gossip from the doings of a few other clubs that we have loose connections with ...more

The Antz Pants - Without A Whimper

(Updated Tuesday, September 19)
A deeply disappointing day on Saturday after the Bullants capitulated to the very professional Sandringham without a whimper to exit the TRUenergyVFL Finals at the Preliminary Final stage for the second year in a row.more

The Antz Pants - And Then There Were Four

Frankston and North Ballarat both exit the TRUenergy VFL finals race after brave bids fell just short in the semi-finals over the weekend ...more

The Antz Pantz - Off To The Finals

The Bullants sensational home and away season came to an end on Saturday with a solid win over Coburg in a match that was of little significance other than for the record Books. The season starts all over again next Saturday ...more

The Antz Pantz - Round 20

Saturday's comprehensive win equalled the 1969 premiership side's feat of winning every home match this year and boosted even further the highest percentage ever recorded by the club.more

The Antz Pantz - Round 18

Despite several players out with injuries, the Bullants easily accounted for an inexperienced North Ballarat on Saturday, recording just our second win at Ballarat since the Roosters entered the competition. Following Sandringham's loss, the win leave the 'Ants three games clear on top of the laddermore

The Antz Pantz - Round 15

The Bullants overpowered old rivals Port Melbourne after an even first quarter on a day that saw all four of Melbourne's seasons compressed into a few hours ...more

The Antz Pantz - Round 14

Match reviews of the Bullants big win over Geelong who posted their lowest ever VFL score in wet and slippery conditions at the Australian Motor Finance Ovalmore

The Antz Pantz - Round 13

Match reviews and all the usual articles following the Bullants comprehensive revenge win over the Casey Scorpionsmore

The Antz Pantz - Round 12

The TRUenergy VFL match of the year but under the worst conditions possible with just a small crowd to see the Ants control most of the match but having to dig deep to hold off Sandringham in the last few minutesmore

The Antz Pantz - Round 11

A strong win last week against North Ballarat following a slow start after the bye. This weekend is again footy-free for the Bullants as part of the split round.more

The Antz Pantz - Round 7

A hard fought win over a super-defensive Frankston leaves the 'Ants in top spot - off to Tasmania this weekend - all the usual updates and match reportsmore

The Antz Pantz - Round 6

And when you're not, you're not as the Ants crash on their first visit to the new Casey Fieldsmore

The Antz Pantz - Round 4

A strong win over Bendigo and a couple of surprise results see the Bullants on top of the ladder after four roundsmore

The Antz Pantz - Round 3

Match reviews following the Bullants strong win over the highly rated Williamstown following our early week off with the first bye of 2006more

The Antz Pantz - Round 2

All the usual gossip from over the Easter weekend and after the second round bye.more

The Antz Pantz Round 1

Both seniors and reserves scored solid wins over the Coburg Tigers last Sunday - match reports, news etcmore

The Antz Pantz - 5 April

Ex-Hawthorn coach Allan Jeans once suggested practice matches were "like dancing with your sister" - the strains of The Last Waltz have faded and the Bullants take on local rivals in the tradional Bell Street Derby next weekend.more

The Antz Pantz, March 29, 2006

The Months of Sun, Heat and Pestilence known in ancient scriptures as "the cricket season" hath blighted our sacred site and our Knights Of The Leather wept to no avail, because their tears have fallen upon barren and infertile ground.
But from the searing heat, a saviour appears!
Wizard Dave toils long and hard over the hard times to maintain the verdant sheen upon much of the site, and over many days whence the future hath looked forlorn.
But when all seems to be lost, only sharpest eyes espies our Wizard one heat-swollen night emerge from the temple known only to his few devoted followers as "The Shed" and silently creep to the sacred plot known as the Goal Square near the Street of Cramer.
What mysterious rite does he perform as he delveth into the Earth and there planteth four Magic Beans. And yet his secret mission appears not to be accomplished and he steals to the south where this worship to the Earth is repeated.
Hope springs and for many days, the Knights fret and wonder whether the Magic Beans will deliver unto them the mysteries and delights known as the Football Season.
All seems lost until large fishes appear upon the river, chariots appear out of the sky and many people from foreign lands make pilgrimage to our city, and, magically, the Commonwealth Rains are upon us.
And the Wealth of the Common is multiplied by infusions of gold, silver and bronze, which nurtures the Magic Beans, until they cannot hold back their lust for to escape into the heavens no longer.
Inexorably the sprouting timbers push further and further skywards until they reach their blessed destiny and the Chosen Ones become Goal Posts with their faithful but sometimes unappreciated servants, the Behinds to either side.
And as the Posts shiver and marvel at their long-awaited return, they slowly reach to embrace their long-lost compatriots and the grasses part as faint but irresistible lines slowly draw them together.
Magical indeed, these narrow but unbreakable bonds between the kindred spirits are called Boundary Lines, lines that entice grown men to throweth leather skins over their heads, and they are soon joined by the Centre Square, accessible only by giants and a selected one of two of their favoured Centremen, and most strangely of all, the 50 Metre Arcs, beyond which no Centreman is welcomed by a Goal Hungry Forward.
And lo, many grown men worship the miracle and silently give Thanksgiving, and we should blame them not, for uponeth the Australian Motor Finance Oval, the FOOTBALL SEASON HAS FALLEN.more

The Antz Pantz - 17 March, 2006

After a couple of technical problems, the latest Antz Pantz in now onlinemore

The Antz Pantz - 27 February, 2006

The Bullants kicked off the practice match series with a strong win over Geelong in what proved to be a "lightning" premiership.more

The Antz Pantz - 15 February, 2006

All the latest news, gossip and a preliminary practice match schedulemore

The Antz Pantz, 2006 Kick Off

The 2006 season is well and truly under way with training re-commencing on January 16 and for the Carlton boys, the first practice match hitout this morning. All the latest news is available in the first Antz Pantz for season 2006.more

The Antz Pantz - Santa Approved

Your final Antz Pantz for 2005. This newsletter has been officially approved by the famous old Bullant supporter on the left. Get yours NOW for Christmas before the price goes up next year!!more

The Antz Pantz - November

Our electronic newsletter for November. Sam Kekovich, Mike Sheahan and Phil Plunkett are all on board over the next few weeks. Renew your 2006 membership now!more

The Antz Pantz

All the latest news! Check out The Antz Pantz for September 21more

The Antz Pantz, September 7

The Antz Pantz, Newletter for September 7more

The Antz Pantz August 30

The Antz Pantz August 30more

The Antz Pantz 23 August

This week's Antz Pantzmore

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August 17, 2005more

The Antz Pantz

All the latest news and gossip over the Easter breakmore
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