Inside the Club

Port Melbourne Football Club
PO Box 247, Port Melbourne 3207


(Office) 03 9646 2094
(Mobile) 0407 964 620 (Barry Kidd)
(Facsmile) 03 9646 3895

Ground Location:
Corner of Williamstown Road and Ingles Street
Port Melbourne 3207

Melway Ref: 2J E1

Copyright Melway Publishing 2003.
Reproduced from Melway Edition 31 by Permission

Getting There:
For supporters visiting North Port Oval there is plenty of parking in Munro, Ingles, Bertie, Woodruff and Fennell Streets. Melway Ref: 2E D11 & E12.

By public transport, supporters should take Route 109 Light Rail/Tram alighting at North Port Station.
Melway Ref: 2J F2. 

Peter Bromley

Peter Bromley
Ross Cook
Brendan Knight
John May
Allan Macfarlane
Andrew Nankervis
Scott Ridout
David Skop
Warren Voss

General Manager:
Barry Kidd

Coaching Staff:
Gary Ayres (Senior Coach)
Greg Ryan (Development Coach)
Peter Keenan (Senior Coaching Panel) 
Steven Mead (Senior Coaching Panel) 
Peta Searle (Senior Coaching Panel) 
Adam Skrobalak (Senior Coaching Panel) 
Brett Curran (Development Coaching Panel) 
Pat Murphy (Development Coaching Panel)
Les Quarrell (Coaching Panel)
Steven Nicholson (Coaching Panel)

Support Staff:
Stephen Carr (Senior Team Manager)
Steven Nicholson (Reserves Team Manager) 
Joe Burke (Room Attendant)
Henry Knight (Time Keeper)
Kevin Bright (Time Clock)
Peter Vesty (Scoreboard)
Dominic Ryan (Assistant Scoreboard Attendant)
Adrian Crawley (Inter-change Steward)
David Skop (Media Manager)
Darren Landorf (Property Steward)
John Newson (Trainer & Assistant Property Steward)
Logan Phillips (Assistant Property Steward)

Medical/Allied Health Staff: 
Dr Andriy Boyko (Doctor)
Anrthony Sheridan (Physiotherapist)
Jacqui Marshall (Physiotherapist)
Christos Kondogiannis (Club Surgeon)
Tarryn Thornton (Club Dietitian)

Fitness Team:
Robert Nicholson (Head Fitness Coach)
Bernie Quinlan
Nahan Tieppo

Training Staff:

Henry Tucker
Emma Shoemaker 
Jeff Ayres
Erica O'Donnell 
Sarah Petrie
Harriet Cooper
Eylssa Cannatelli
David Delahunty
Andrew Tserkezidis


Rodney George
Danny Rich
Jarrod Nicholson
Norman McMurtrie
Allan Boyle
Cameron Dimond
Daniel Tate

Senior Runners:
Tony Morris
Pat Murphy 

Development League Runners:
Andrew Ryan
Greg Dermott
Brett Curran


2014 Peter Jackson VFL