Club Coaching Philosophy


  • Junior football clubs should provide an educational program catering for all children and youth, of all ability levels and demographics.


  • Player development, participation and inclusion MUSTform the basis and filter of every decision made by coaches and administration at all times.


  • All training programs should be designed to give players access to an increasing level of education and professionalism, which would be age specific.


  • The aim of this club and every coach should be to provide an environment that creates INTELLIGENT PERFORMERS.


To ensure intelligent performance, players at the Aspley Football Club should learn in, about and through Australian Football. I.e.:

  • Learning in football – Educating in a football setting such as training and games.
  • Learning about football – history of the club, history of the game, past players, community etc
  • Learning through football – Learning through individual experiences on and off the field, group discussions and activity that take place as a result of their involvement in Australian Football...

In taking the above approach and adopting the 2 R’s of education – Relationships and Relatedness – player education will be contextualised and, most importantly, authentic.