QFA & U19- 2015 Online Registration

QFA & U19 player online registration

Senior players in both the QFA and U19s will need to re register for the 2016 by using their "Username & Password " that was emailed to them by AFLQ.
This is done by clicking the link supplied here and going through the registration process, or by requesting your "username & Password".
Click "more" to go to link

Registrations for season 2015 are now open (for players continuing to play for their 2014 club, for brand new players to AFL (haven’t been registered before).  Transfers don’t open until 1st February.

 All players should have recieved an  email (to the players registered email address in sportingpulse) to every player who played in season 2014 for your club to re-register.

  All the player needs to do is click on the link confirm their details and the registration is accepted.

 Please note the email that is sent out might go to a players junk folder so please ensure they check.

 If the player is adamant that they didn’t receive the email they can request their username and password by clicking the link below.

 They will only be able to request their username and password if the email address in the system is correct, if they still don’t receive an email, please email Chris David and request for him to update you details with your new email address.