Events 2018

Grand Final Raffle – tickets for two to attend this year’s Grand Final at the MCG, plus return airfares and accommodation for two nights in Melbourne CBD, the prize includes Grand Final eve Sportsman’s Dinner at Centre Square.
Tickets are $100 each and there are 100 tickets in the draw. 

Grand Final Raffle Draw – the Grand Final Raffle will be drawn at the second last home game for season 2018 on Saturday 4th August. There will be free drinks (beer and wine) from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm as well as nibbles for those who have purchased a ticket in the raffle.  

The draw will take place at half-time in the main game, which will be against Aspley, around 3.00 pm. 

Mayne Tigers Reunion and Mick Nolan Medal Day – this will be held on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at Mott Street with the home game against Noosa as the backdrop. 

The 1958 Premiership Team of Noel Best will be the honoured guests. However, this is a day for all ex-players and current supporters of Mayne Tigers to come along in a great social atmosphere and have a beer and a yarn. The game will be off the usual highly competitive standard that Mayne and Noosa have presented over the past few seasons. 

Mayne Tigers End of Season Beer and Yarn Day – mark down Sunday 7th October ( or perhaps the week after) for the Beer and Yarn Day at the Mott Street clubhouse. 

As usual everyone who is involved with the Mayne Tigers now, or anytime or way in the past, is very welcome to come along and provide their stories of Mayne.  

The day will start at 12.40 pm and there will be drinks and food available.

“The Tigers From Glory to Heartbreak” – a History of Mayne Football Club 1924 to 2011 is still available – there are about 30 copies left at $50 per book. Just contact the MPP&SG to get hold of a copy before they are all gone. Dick Fell at


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