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SEASON 2018-2019

Next Duty: To Be Advised
UPDATED 10th July 2018
Posted By: Joanne McGowen

Outlined below is the Cronulla RSL Softball Club`s Ground & Canteen Allocation for the 2018-19 Softball season as set down by the Sutherland Shire Softball Association Inc. (SSSA).

These allocations will be filled by all Cronulla RSL teams each week we have duty.

This season we anticipate that the entire SSSA Fixtures will be released early in the season. When this occurs we will allocate ALL duties for ALL teams for the WHOLE season.

Until then, duty rosters will be released as Competition Fixtures become available. We apologise  for any inconvenience this may cause.                                        The Committee

Semi Finals
Grand Finals

2 March 2019
9 March 2019
16 March 2019
to be advised
to be advised

to be advised
to be advised
to be advised
to be advised
 to be advised
to be advised

to be advised
to be advised
to be advised
to be advised
 SSSA 2018-19 By Laws pertaining to Club Duties
  • The duty Club(s) shall supply a minimum of six (6) adults, & a car fitted with a 50mm tow ball, by 7.00am - if no towbar is available you will need to carry required equipment to each diamond.
  • At least four (4) adults will take the SSSA trailer and supply and set up each allocated diamond with:

1.  One (1) pitching mat, (exclude diamonds 1, 2 & 3),

2.  Sufficient pegs (6) to peg pitching plate, (exclude diamonds 1, 2 & 3)

3.  One (1) full set of bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd & home plate and one (1) pitching plate

4.  One (1) empty garbage bin placed behind the back-net of each diamond

5.  Benches to all diamonds as required

6.  Extend dugouts on diamonds as required - SSSA Supervisor will unlock dugouts to be extended

7.  Diamond 4 & 9 only: (if in use) one (1) portable back-net

NOTE: When setting up diamonds please ensure all mats & pitching plate are pegged correctly. Please erect the back-net on Diamond 4 &/or 9 if in use. Please confer with the SSSA Grounds Convenor/Supervisor on diamond sizes & pitching distances when setting up diamonds

  • At least two (2) adults will assist the SSSA Grounds people in preparing diamonds for the days play which includes raking inner diamond playing areas, line marking of diamonds & other assistance as required to render diamonds safe & playable.
  • Return and place the SSSA trailer back into the storage container and close the container doors to avoid risk to children playing in the area.
  • All diamonds with dugouts are to be swept out & all rubbish removed from playing areas & placed in bins
  • The concrete area in front of the canteen & control room area needs to be swept & tidy & garbage bins placed in this area
  • NOTE: Failure to fulfil the above requirements by 8.00am may result in the Duty Team(s) being issued with a fine of $100.00


(or conclusion of games due to wet weather):

  • At the conclusion of the 4.30pm timeslot or sooner, the duty Club(s) will supply a minimum of eight (8) adults, and a car fitted with a 50mm tow ball.
  • At least four (4) adults will take the SSSA trailer and collect all equipment from the diamonds
  • Garbage bins from diamonds are to be collected & returned to the car park in front of the canteen for collection.
  • Garbage bins located in the umpires room, control room & canteen are to be emptied. 
  • The toilet areas are to be swept out. Garbage bins in this area are to be emptied.
  • Any chairs, tables, rakes or other SSSA items are to be returned to the area they were removed from during the day.
  • Perform any other duties and assistance as requested by the SSSA Grounds Convenor or Duty person to facilitate clean-up and closure for the day.
  • NOTE: Failure to fulfil the above requirements may result in the Duty Team(s) being issued with a fine of $100.00



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After an inspection of the playing fields tonight (12.10.18) ALL GAMES have been CANCELLED tomorrow, Saturday 13 Oct 2018

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