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SEASON - 2018-2019
updated 10th July 2018
Email: cronullarslsoftball@bigpond.com
Posted by: Joanne McGowen


Membership with Cronulla RSL Softball Club can be initiated in 4 easy steps!


1. Download and complete the registration documents outlined below & attach a    copy of your birth certificate if you are new & under 18 years old;

  • Registration Letter 2018 - tba
  • Registration Form 2018 - tba

2. Make the required direct deposit payment into Cronulla RSL Softball Clubs account as listed on the Registration Form.

3. Email your registration form, birth certificate & payment receipt to Cronulla RSL Softball at cronullarslsoftball@bigpond.com

4. Then, go on-line to rego.cronullarsl.sssa.org.au & follow the prompts to get into the National Database.

Please note: There are only 5 catagories for registration purposes in the National Database. ie. Sub-Junior (Teeball & Modball) Junior (Junior A & B), Senior (any player 17 years or over), Official (Coach or Umpire) and Off Diamond (Manager, Scorer or Committee members) 

All adults who will be involved in head coaching, assist coaching, managing, scoring or umpiring are required to complete the PBTR online training & Working With Children Check. Access our Resource Library here to follow the link.


Summer Competition

Membership is open to male and female players from 6 years of age onwards. There is no upper limit on membership age. Fees are payable as set out in the Registration Letter.

The Summer competition comprises of Junior and Senior competition formats and is divided into various Grades and Divisions. In 2018, Cronulla RSL will be looking at fielding teams into each of the following grades:


TEEBALL: 9 years & Under & 11 years & Under age brackets (must be 9 & under or 11 & under by 31 December 2018 in each respective grade of Teeball)

MODBALL (Modified Softball) 11 years & Under (must be 11 & under by 31 December 2018 in this grade)

SOFTBALL: Junior A 16 & Under & Junior B 14 & Under Divisions: (must be 16 & under or 14 & under by 31 December 2018 in each respective grade of Junior competition.


Ladies A & B Grade
Ladies C & D Grade
Mixed Social Slow-pitch
Mixed B Grade (Open Age Division)

Winter Competition

As the Sutherland Shire Softball Association does not offer a Winter competition, Cronulla RSL enters teams into the Georges River competition for those interested. Members can also enter into the North Shore Competition during this time. Training is usually done at Captain Cook Playing Fields and members car-pool on game day if they choose. If members combine with existing teams in other Associations, training usually occurs at their grounds. For any member wishing to play in another Association during the Winter months, please contact our Registrar to complete the necessary documents, ie Permission to Play etc.


Junior Tournaments

In keeping with tradition and providing development extension to members who enjoy the further challenges that competitive competition provides, Cronulla RSL Softball continues to enter our Junior members into Tournaments outside the metropolitan area. With expert coaching and tuition our players develop and extend their skills while enjoying the camaraderie that a team sport brings.

Masters Tournaments

Cronulla RSL members over 35 years of age also compete in Masters Tournaments that are run all year long. These Tournaments usually operate over a 2 day period with teams being divided into pools before play-off positions are determined. For any member wishing to be involved in the Masters competitions please contact our Registrar.


In addition, non-playing membership is offered to male and female Coaches, Managers, Scorers and Umpires. All Committee members and team Officials are required to complete the Working With Children Check & the Play by the Rules online training sessions and provide the completed certificate to our Member Protection Officer at registration time.

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Congratulations to ALL Cronulla RSL Teams in 2018


Congratulations to ALL our wonderful teams, be proud in knowing you have excelled yourself all season, well done.... and now is the time to celebrate your season achievements.
So come & celebrate our season together, our achievements and the fun we have all had.
Senior Presentation - watch this space
Cronulla RSL

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