Peninsula Softball Club

Welcome to the home of Peninsula Softball Club.  We are located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and take part in the Summer Manly Warringah Softball Association competition.

Peninsula Softball Club was founded in 1995 and is now, one of the largest clubs on the Northern Beaches.

Our club is dominant in both junior and senior competition with numerous champion titles including 8 A Grade titles in the senior competition (6 in a row).  Whether you're interested in fun with your friends, or more serious competition, Peninsula Softball Club will have the team for you.

We launched our Sun Smart Campaign in the 2014/15 season.  Our policy is available to view in News.

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Registration 2018/19

Our registrations are open for the coming season from 1st of July until the 1st of August 2018.  Please make sure that registrations and payment are made by this date.

Uniform orders can be arranged by emailing to request an order form.  These need to be completed by the 31st of August to ensure you are in uniform before the 1st game.

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Manly Warringah Softball Association (MWSA)



Weather - The golden rule is - the games are on unless you hear otherwise.  A decision of morning games will be made by 7.30am adn afternoon games by 12.00noon.  Check the MWSA website to see if games are cancelled (it will be bold and obvious if the games are cancelled).  Also check Wet Weather Bounce Back number are updated SMS "MWSA" to 0428 985 410 - for the cost of a normal text message.  If conditions change during the day the WEB site and SMS will be updated AND teams on the grounds will be informed.

Ball Sizes:

  • Seniors - 12"
  • Div 1 and Div 2 - 12"
  • Div 1 Res, Div 2 Res, Div 3A, Modball A - 11" hardcore
  • Div 3B, Modball B, Modball C - 11" softcore
  • Teeball - 10.5" softcore

Pitching Distance:


A Grade - 43'

All other Senior Grades* - 40'

* For the MWSA team playing in the senior competition the pitching distance for that team will be what they will pitch at State.


Div 1 - 40' or 43' depending on the pitcher (ie; the pitching distance she would pitch at State)

Div 1Res - 38' or 40' depending on the pitcher (ie; the pitching distance she would pitch at State)

Div 2 - 40'

Div 2Res - 40'

Div 3A - 38' or 40' depending on the pitcher (ie; the pitching distance she would pitch at State)

Div 3B - 35'

Modball A - 35'

Modball B - 30' (when the team pitches)

Injured Players:

Unfortunately injuries do happen.  Please use common sense and not move a player if an injury could be serious.  All injury incidents must be recorded in the Day Book to ensure insurance matters can be handled effectively.  If an insurance claim is LIKELY to be made the insurance forms need to be sent in within 30 days of the injury.  DO NOT wait for bill before submitting the forms.  Forms are on the website under the "Comp" tab.


Scoresheets can be found in the files at the Abbott Road and Rueb Hudson Canteens or behind Diamond 11. Fines or lost points will apply for scoresheets which are not completed properly - warnings will be issued first as we understand there are new people responsibility for this in some teams.  An introduction to scoring course will be run early in the season - date to be set - details will be sent soon.

Pitching and Catching Clinic:

A pitching and catching clinic is held every Saturday at 8.30am and 10.00am behind Diamond 3.  The clinic is for anyone interested in learning to pitch or catch - young or old - usually starts in Round 2.


Social mixed Ozpitch competition on Friday nights.  Rego night 6 October 2017 with 8 rounds 13 Oct - 1 Dec 2017.  

Diamond Etiquette:

The first team on the draw will normally sit on the 1st base side of the diamond.  No team or players should warm up on the diamond.  Each team should warm up past the 1st and 3rd bases (depending on which side you are sitting) and in the outfield of the field.

Your support is needed:

  • Canteen - Clubs are advised of the roster to serve in the canteen or on the BBQ well in advance of the duty and it is their responsibility to ensure each team gets their equitable share of jobs to do.  Your assistance is appreciated.  The canteen and BBQ are key fundraisers for MWSA and help keep fees to a minimum.
  • Working Bee - MWSA runs working bees throughout the season to do specific jobs to improve our grounds.
  • Grounds Set up and Pack up - Clubs are advised of the roster (morning & afternoon) to set and pack up the grounds well in advance of the duty.
  • Diamond Pack up - you will be asked to pack up the diamond if you are the last team to play there on the day.  Please put the bases and the benches in the middle of the diamond neatly piled.
  • Shelters - are provided for teams on diamonds 5-10.  The first team to play on the diamond is to pick the shelter up from outside Rueb Hudson Canteen and erect it.  Please make sure the tent is pegged.  The last team to use the diamond is to pack up the shelter and return it to Rueb Hudson Canteen.  Please do this as soon as your game is finished!
  • Teeball Grounds - some of the teeball grounds are temporary.  We would ask the parents to pack up the diamond (put the bases in the bags, take down the back nets and take all this with the benches to the Rueb Hudson canteen or to the grounds trailer (for Diamond B).

 Buying an Umpire:

Email -

If you can't or don't want to umpire you can pay hire an experienced umpire.  The process is:

  • Send an email by 5.00pm on the Tuesday asking for a plate umpire or base umpires or both.  Include the name of the team they will be umpiring for and what you need - eg; plate umpire, plate and base umpire.  If your request is late we will do our best but may not be able to provide umpires.
  • Requests for an umpire to do a single base are unlikely to be filled.
  • On Thursday night you will get an email back giving you the name of the umpire(s).
  • On Saturday you pay the umpire at the game.  The kids rely on their umpiring money for Saturday night so please make it a priority to pay them.
  • You can request a plate umpire or all umpires for the season with one email.  Saves sending emails every week.
  • The umpires provided are typically accredited "juniors".  Where "all" umpires are requested we will typically assign one for the plate and one for the bases.  The cost is $30 for the plate and $60 for the plate and bases.
  • Please note that we will not have enough umpires so you will have to provide umpires some weeks.

Learn to Umpire:

MWSA runs a "learn to umpire" program called "The Blues".  The program teaches you how to umpire and gives you a good understanding of the rules.  It is open to adults as well as children over the age of 13.  Participants umpire most Saturdays in teams of 3 or 4 with an experienced senior umpire.  A sign up sheet will be on the Notice Board near both Canteens from week 1.  There will be rules sessions as well - the time for these has not been decided as yet.  The program will start week 4.

Coaching Courses:

Scoring Courses:

  • Level 1 - week of round 5 (15-20 Oct 2017) date to be confirmed.  Must register BEFORE the night.  Email Doug on
  • Level 2 - expression of interest email to Flora (6 interested so far).


Each team after they move up from teeball and modball has umpiring duties.  It works out about every 2nd week.  When your team has umpiring you are expected to provide a plate umpire and 2 base umpires.  There is a penalty for not supplying all 3 umpires - loss of competition points and a fine.

Some basic "rules" for coaches and spectators:

  • Any aggressive behaviour towards an umpire will not be tolerated.  The main reason we can't get umpires is that they don't like being "attacked".
  • Umpires like players and coaches make mistakes - accept it and move on.
  • You can't question a judgement call (our or safe, ball or strike) - the call that goes against you this time will go in your favour another.  Live with it.
  • If you are asking a question of a rule interpretation then ask in a non aggressive way and accept the answer.
  • Don't go back for a second bite of the cherry.
  • Listen to the umpire - when they ask your team to hurry up do it.
  • If there is a problem with an overly aggressive coach, official or spectator then write it up in the Day Book.  Without something in writing we can't do anything to stop it.

Junior Games:

An adult is required to be present during the game when a junior is umpiring.  Their role is to provide support for the umpires - you don't need to know the rules or be able to umpire, just be there in case.  Remember the coach is typically an adult talking to a child - the child can be very easily intimidated.

Blues may be assigned to a game.  The Club will be informed of this on the Thursday.  Where Blues are assigned to the game there will be a supervising umpire with them.  The supervising umpire may be on the diamond during the game assisting the umpires with positions etc.  They are not there to make a call for the umpires.

NOTE:  continue all junior games 5 across the plate rule.

Senior Games:

Only Senior players can umpire a senior game unless they are assigned by the UIC or have been approved by the UIC.  The penalty for using a non-approved junior is the same as not providing any umpires - forfeit of the game you have played and a fine.

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