Life members

Pat Fortune  
Ted Cheal  
Lynn Cheal  
Ron Borwick  
Bety Borwick  
David Russell  
Ester Russell  
Kim Vella (nee Russell)  
Lyn Naismith  
Vicki Lansley
Jackie Sadlier (nee Cheal)  
Lynn Eastcott
Lorraine Cook (nee Hopkins)  
Ann Harrell (Barford)
Michelle Nohotima (nee Barford)
Kylie Edwards (nee Barford)  
Kerry Moxon  
Di McPherson
Di Wotherspoon
Tracy Fisher
Nicole Page
Tricia Vial
Donna Kelly

And the winner is...

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We're well and truly into the season and our teams are getting back into the swing of things. Want to find out how they're doing? Check out the draw using the link above.

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