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My name is Peter Allen and I am the Chairman of Melbourne Lacrosse. I would like to invite you to play for our club and to consider what Melbourne Lacrosse is able to offer you in terms of support, skill development, and the benefits of belonging to a club with a vibrant culture and a strong tradition.

Melbourne Lacrosse, or officially M.C.C. (Melbourne Cricket Club) Lacrosse Section has men’s teams in most divisions of the Victorian league. We also have Women’s and Junior teams. The Victorian League is arguably the most competitive league in Australia. The season runs from late April until early August with finals at the end of August and the start of September.  Being associated with the M.C.C. we have many resources at our disposal and boast a proud culture with strong traditions. The Melbourne Cricket Club is a unique organisation.  It is a private club, incorporated under the Melbourne Cricket Club Act 1974, boasting by far the biggest membership of any sporting club in Australia. The MCC also has the public responsibility of managing one of the largest and the most successful stadiums in Australia and the world – the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which was the venue of the 1956 Olympics, the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2015 Cricket World Cup Final. ( for further information)

We offer International Players assistance accommodation for the duration of their stay. We also provide a reference for all International Players. A reference from the M.C.C. carries a lot of weight in Melbourne. Employment varies depending upon the qualifications of the player but is often casual labouring or hospitality jobs. 

In return for the support we offer we ask in return that you make a commitment to our club, playing and training as required and following an agreed upon code of conduct. We also encourage International Players to take on an assistant coaching role within our Junior Program which also involves supporting clinics for the wider community and generally being a positive role model for the club.

Melbourne Lacrosse are seeking to recruit several international players for upcoming seasons which as mentioned run from April to late August with finals in September. We recognise that college players will not be able to arrive in time for the start of the season and sometimes can’t stay for the whole season and we are flexible with these arrangements. Our association has tightened restrictions on International players and only 2 imports are eligible to be selected in any side on any given week. Selection will be on merit.

If you were to come you would need to organise the appropriate visa  and we recommend you have travel insurance. Americans aged between 18-30 with a tertiary education who seeking to work while they stay in Australia are able to apply for a 12-month working holiday visa. Follow this link for further information on the visa and how to apply for it. Ensure that when applying, your passport number is entered correctly because if it is not and they make a mistake, it could take them a long time to redo all of the application forms and there will be delays in receiving your visa. Canadians, Britons and Japanese and many other nationalities are also able to apply for a 12-month working holiday visa, without requiring a tertiary education. Click here for further information.

You will need to organise to travel to Australia at your own cost. Melbourne Lacrosse will help you to find accommodation, and organise transfer from the airport. You will need to bring your own equipment (it is cheaper to buy it in North America and have it shipped than it is to buy it here). You will need to be able to support yourself while living in Australia, this includes paying rent and bills as well as paying for your own groceries. You will also need to pay for your own transport costs whilst living here. If you have qualifications and have the correct visa we will help you to find work in your field and provide a reference for you. If you wish to take on labouring or hospitality work we will also provide a reference. Often there are members of our section who can provide you with work. 

If you would like more information about Melbourne Lacrosse please visit

or find us on Facebook. If you would like specific details about playing lacrosse in Australia please email me,

Peter Allen



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Division 1 Men 2018
1 Williamstown 64
2 Chadstone 60
3 MCC 56
4 Eltham 44
5 Melbourne University 28
6 Footscray 24
7 Caulfield 12
8 Malvern 0


Division 1 Women's 2018


Division 2 Men 2018
1 Williamstown 54
2 Surrey Park 52
3 Altona 52
4 Camberwell 40
5 Chadstone 40
6 Malvern 24
7 Brunswick 16
8 MCC 12


Under 13 Boys 2018


Under 11 Boys 2018

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