The TFC Board

President - Annette Ellis

Being Melbourne born and bred helps explain my passion for AFL footy.  Our family was brought up believing there was no other team, or colours, than South Melbourne, and the red and white! And as most people know, my affection for the Swans remains today.

On settling in Canberra in the late ‘70s, and after a very brief fling with Eastlake (red and white in those days), I found the Tuggeranong team (the Tuggeranong Bulldogs back then), and have been a devoted follower ever since.  I was very proud to be the Club Patron for a number of years. 

In todays’ AFL world, many changes are before us, most obviously the inception of the NEAFL competition.  We are proudly a community club, supported by hard working volunteers, offering footy to all ages and levels.  I am proud to have been appointed Club President, working with a great Board of equally dedicated people.

Nothing could please me more than to see this Club flourish and succeed.  We owe it to all those juniors and others who aspire to play AFL.  With you, I hope I can contribute in some way to that success.

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Secretary - Karen Kidd

Karen has over 30 years in the public service and has for the past 22 years has been with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Karen has a Diploma in Libary Studies and is a Justice of the Peace.

Karen has been a member of the Lake Tuggeranong Lions Club for the past 7 years and has held various positions including Vice Presidencies and is the current Secretary of the club.

Karen enjoys a variety of crafts, the Tour de France, AFL football, cricket, reading, cooking, travel, art, architecture and cryptic crosswords in her spare time.

Karen has been a long time supporter of the North Melbourne Football Club where her played in the early 1950's.

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Treasurer - Brad Clark

Brad grew up in country Victoria and played junior football for the East Rochester Bulldogs before playing for the Rochester Tigers.  After finishing University, Brad moved to Canberra and joined the Public Service.  Brad has been involved in junior football in Tuggeranong for more than 12 years with the Tuggeranong Bulldogs where he has undertaken several roles including that of President for two years.  More recently Brad has been involved in the amalgamation of all the junior clubs in Tuggeranong  playing as the Tuggeranong Hawks juniors.  Brad is married with two children, the youngest of which plays for the Hawks juniors.

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Club Patron - Pat McLindin

Pat McLindin – My History with the Tuggeranong Football Club

I am flattered and thrilled to be chosen as Patron of the Tuggeranong Football Club for 2013 - my history with this club is a very long one.

In late 1967 my husband Darryl and I moved to Canberra when the entire Department of Supply transferred from Melbourne to Canberra. The next year, the ‘footy mad’ members of that department (including us), with the backing of the Eastlake Football Club, formed a team which we called Eastlake Woden.

The club has evolved over the years into the Tuggeranong Football Club, but we have loved it regardless of Club name or colour of playing strip. Over time when able, we have assisted in different ways.   Our contributions have given as much to us, as they have to the club, and we were always happy to be part of the family.

Our Premiership in 1986 was the highlight of our involvement and I still remember the excitement. Can’t wait to experience it again!

Darryl passed away in 2010, but with the love and support of so many people at the TFC, my life at the club has been able to continue, for which I am extremely grateful.

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