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Tweed United(U15 JPL)
GameDayCode: 7047138280

Previously Associated Competitions

Tweed United(U15 Div 1 )
GameDayCode: 7047138280

Tweed United(U12 Div 1)
GameDayCode: 8117593172

Tweed United(U15 Div 3 )
GameDayCode: 7445740004

Tweed United(U13 JPL)
GameDayCode: 4065529375

Tweed United(U16 JPL )
GameDayCode: 8692779878

Tweed United(U18 Girls)
GameDayCode: 4431881550

Tweed United(Midweek Metro Yellow)
GameDayCode: 7826273212

Tweed United(U16 Div 1 )
GameDayCode: 7966380520

Tweed United(U13 Div 2 )
GameDayCode: 8515529960

Tweed United(U14 Div 1 A)
GameDayCode: 5804295451

Tweed United(U12 Div 3)
GameDayCode: 9491956393

Previously Associated Competitions

Tweed United(U12 Div 2 )
GameDayCode: 9491956393

Tweed United(U13 Girls)
GameDayCode: 9076472837

Tweed United(Weekend Metro Mens)
GameDayCode: 5078856098

Tweed United(Men's Coast League One)
GameDayCode: 3206348424

Tweed United(BLK CUP 2017)
GameDayCode: 8551265567

Tweed United (Womens Premier League)
GameDayCode: 8076067036

Tweed United (U12 Div 4)
GameDayCode: 1035394337

Tweed United (U18 Div 1)
GameDayCode: 7035280586

Tweed United (U15 Div 2 )
GameDayCode: 2201284808

Tweed United (Men's Coast League Reserves)
GameDayCode: 4019151424

Tweed United (U13 Div 1 )
GameDayCode: 8887666436

Tweed United (Womens Premier Reserve League)
GameDayCode: 2215139457

Tweed United(Womens Metro Purple)
GameDayCode: 3139034684

Tweed United Black(Under 9 Germany Kanagroos)
GameDayCode: 1738103101

Tweed United Blue(Under 6 PSG)
GameDayCode: 7106013304

Tweed United Blue(Under 8 Kane)
GameDayCode: 1860888888

Tweed United Blue(Under 9 Uruguay Joeys)
GameDayCode: 7529796353

Tweed United Green(Under 6 Barcelona)
GameDayCode: 9275201089

Tweed United Green(Under 7 Gunners)
GameDayCode: 4402008791

Tweed United Green(Under 9 England Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 2739703952

Tweed United Green(Under 10 United Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 1527880108

Tweed United Green(Under 11 Jedinak Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 5404852737

Tweed United Maroon(Under 8 Suarez)
GameDayCode: 8339169989

Tweed United Maroon(Under 7 Gunners)
GameDayCode: 1558846655

Tweed United Next Step(Under 8 Ozil)
GameDayCode: 1081339354

Tweed United Next Step Black(Under 11 Kruse Kangaroos)
GameDayCode: 8375340584

Tweed United Orange(Under 6 PSG)
GameDayCode: 2257708050

Tweed United Orange(Under 7 Red Devils)
GameDayCode: 3167458732

Tweed United Orange(Under 8 Suarez)
GameDayCode: 7626729953

Tweed United Purple(Under 8 Kane)
GameDayCode: 8108891868

Tweed United Purple(Under 9 England Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 5177876172

Tweed United Red(Under 7 Red Devils)
GameDayCode: 5690523864

Tweed United Red(Under 9 Brazil Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 8175709776

Tweed United Red(Under 10 Wanderers Joeys)
GameDayCode: 5584169541

Tweed United Red(Under 11 McKay Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 3301409315

Tweed United Red(Under 6 PSG)
GameDayCode: 7770426435

Tweed United Yellow(Under 9 Uruguay Joeys)
GameDayCode: 9356465611

Tweed United Yellow(Under 11 Jedinak Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 4348252721

Tweed United Yellow(Under 6 Barcelona)
GameDayCode: 8532516901

Notice Board

Tweed United FC Sign On This Weekend.

This Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2017. At Arkinstall Park 10am-2pm NSW.

Fee's for 2017 Season.

⚽️MINIROOS (U6-U11): $295

⚽️COMP AGE (U12-U18): $335

⚽️SENIORS: $455

A fundraising fee has been included in the fees, you can redeem this cost by selling your booklet of raffle tickets.

Committee for 2016 - 2017.  


President. -David Kershaw
Vice President - Chris Swaddle
Secretary - Angie Sullivan

Treasurer - Jonathan Taylor
Registrar - Siobhan Mills

Coaching coordinator - Chirs Pirlo
Publicity Officer -


We need you!

Tweed United Fc are looking for positions to be filled for the 2017 season. These positions are vital in the running of the club.

Junior Coordinator. (This is too work close with the junior coaches and the committee to make sure that all runs smoothly over the season)

Competition age Coordinator. (This is too work close with the competition age coaches and the committee to make sure that all runs smoothly over the season)

Referee Coordinator. (This is to organise of the club referees and to roster the games on home games as well as working close to the committee)

Senior Women's Coordinator. (This is too work close with the women coaches, players and the committee to make sure that all runs smoothly over the season)

Senior Men's Coordinator. (This is too work close with the men coaches, players and the committee to make sure that all runs smoothly over the season)

Child Protection Officer. (This is to work Closely with the committee and coaches to make sure all involved in the club are following the rules to keep the young player safe)

#5 Canteen helpers (roster system to be run and over seen by our Canteen Coordinator).

Saturday Ground Official (paid position) (This is helping in the running of the club on a Saturday morning, making sure equipment is on the fields, being official of games as well as packing up equipment after games.)

If you're interested in any of these positions and/or want more information please email the club at: before our next general meeting which will be help at Arkinstall Park, Thursday 17th November 2016 at 6pm NSW time.

To keep the cost of our members low we ask for volunteers for most of these positions, the more volunteers the easier it will be.
Thank you.



Notice Board

⚽️Pre-Season Training⚽️


Senior MENS: Tuesday 10th & Thursday 12th January@ 7pm (NSW time) and then every Tuesday & Thursday following.


WOMENS: Friday 6th January 6.30-8pm (NSW time) and every Friday following.


GIRLS: U12's - U18's Wednesday 1st February 5-6pm (NSW time).

U8, 9, 10, & 11 Thursday 16th February and every Thursday following.
U6 & 7 Thursday 23rd February and every Thursday following.
*TIMES for Juniors will be advised closer*

JUNIOR PRE-SEASON TRAINING will likely commence the week beginning 16th January - more details to follow.

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