Teams in Malvern City FC

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Malvern City FC(Men's State League 1 South-East Reserves)
GameDayCode: 6201749341

Malvern City FC(Men's State League 1 South-East)
GameDayCode: 6342538785

Malvern City FC(Summerland Metropolitan League 2 South-East)
GameDayCode: 9930799609

Malvern City FC(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 8 Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 6605524761

Malvern City FC (Sportsmart Boys' 15C)
GameDayCode: 1381987107

Malvern City FC 10K Blue(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 10 Kangaroos Blue)
GameDayCode: 7695642005

Malvern City FC 10W(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 10 Wallabies Blue)
GameDayCode: 6544494741

Malvern City FC 11J Blue(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 11 Joeys Blue)
GameDayCode: 9109950888

Malvern City FC 11K(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 11 Kangaroos Red)
GameDayCode: 9612832624

Malvern City FC 12W(Sportsmart Boys' East 12 Wallabies Blue)
GameDayCode: 2838106607

Malvern City FC 12W(Sportsmart Boys' 12 Wallabies)
GameDayCode: 8148433136

Malvern City FC 13D(Sportsmart Boys' East 13D)
GameDayCode: 3000937473

Malvern City FC 14C(Sportsmart Boys' East 14C)
GameDayCode: 4080273327

Malvern City FC 15C(Sportsmart Boys' East 15C)
GameDayCode: 8997227332

Malvern City FC 16C(Sportsmart Boys' East 16C)
GameDayCode: 3841841835

Malvern City FC 18A Red(Sportsmart Boys' 18A Red)
GameDayCode: 9271781482

Malvern City FC 8K(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 8 Kangaroos)
GameDayCode: 4128310902

Malvern City FC 9W Blue(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 9 Wallabies Blue)
GameDayCode: 5277693021

Malvern City FC U9K(ALDI Boys' Sunday East 9 Kangaroos)
GameDayCode: 2445182407