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BYE(Inter MiniRoos 09 Girls Group A)

Previously Associated Competitions

BYE(Inter MiniRoos 11 Girls Group A)

BYE(Interdistrict 13 A)

BYE(Interdistrict O/35 Fri J)

BYE(Interdistrict 12 M)

BYE(Interdistrict A/Age P)

BYE(Inter MiniRoos 06 Girls Group B)

Previously Associated Competitions

BYE(Interdistrict 16 E)

BYE(Interdistrict A/Age F)

Previously Associated Competitions

BYE(NF MiniRoos 07 PS 1)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 06 Group L)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 07 PS 2)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 07 Group K)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 06 Group J)

BYE(Interdistrict 12 G)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 08 Group E)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 09 Group J)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 08 Group J)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 11 Group D)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 09 Group F)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 08 Group F)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 06 Group K)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 06 Group M)

BYE(NF MiniRoos 06 PS 1)

BYE(Interdistrict A/Age Women H)

Previously Associated Competitions

BYE(HVF MiniRoos 10 Group A)

BYE(Interdistrict U14G C)

BYE(Interdistrict 18 D)

BYE(HVF MiniRoos 06 Group A)

BYE(Interdistrict U12G B)

BYE(HVF MiniRoos 06 Group H)

BYE(Interdistrict U16G C)

BYE(HVF MiniRoos 09 Group C)

BYE(Interdistrict 13 J)

BYE(HVF MiniRoos 11 Group A)

BYE(Z F League Three Res Grade)

BYE(Z F League Three 1st Grade)

BYE(HVF MiniRoos 08 Group E)