Issue 5-23 May 15

The Flanker magazine IS back again in 2015 but we regret to say that it only be in electronic format due to the high costs of production and distribution.

Issue 5 is now online.

This issue includes all the match reports submitted for Round 6. If you team's match report is missing it means that it was not submitted to the editor of the Flanker. We can only publish the information we received from the coaches or their team managers.


Issue 6 covering the last round of matches (round 7) will be published shortly so please be patient while I catch up with the backlog of work involved in producing the Flankers. We trust you appreciate it and enjoy the publication as much as we do in bringing it to you.

You can download the attached file if you wish. See below. Download and save the file as a pdf file and in the page display menu select both "Two Page View" and Show Cover Page in Two Page View" for easy reading.

You can also read it on our Team App.

Once again thank you to all those who contributed with reports etc 

If you have any suggestions for the magazine content or format please email the club at and it will be passed on to me for consideration/action.


Gerald Toohey

Aka "Fathertoosa" editor

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