Round 12 - 24th July 2016

U10's v Seville

Another week and another fantastic effort by our under 10 brigade today.  Kicking against a strong breeze in the first quarter the team started with possibly one of our best quarters of the season..

Led by our on-ball brigade of Blair Wilson, Nick Reid, Liam Bradford and Captain of the Day / Birthday Boy Tom Ford, the team did just about everything right being first to the footy, building the wall and demonstrating some fantastic teamwork.
Following a set shot at goal into the man on the mark, Ned Ford recovered well to snap our first goal of the day however it was our second goal that was probably our best for the year.. It was Bon Sullivan who once again showed some completely unselfish play, taking a mark at the top of the square and rather going back and taking a shot on goal into the wind, he hand balled to Aden Bates who timed his run nicely to receive the handball and run into an open goal. Great play.
The second quarter was played in our forward line for the majority of the time with the Young Bloods looking dangerous as we kicked many behinds for the quarter. Isaac Tonkin eventually kicked truly to score our first for the quarter to reward the team for their efforts...
Kicking into the breeze in the third quarter, it was great to see the some improved teamwork with players looking for the best options with lots of passes and handballs. Luca Smith was having a very good quarter in the ruck and James "johnno" Johnson was doing a good job as rover. The team kicked a number of behinds during the quarter but I was really pleased to see players looking to pass off to others in a better position..
The last quarter was another good one for the young bloods. On-ballers Tommy P, Campbell and Jesse were doing a great job getting the ball out of the middle and it 
was pleasing to see Zac Seal finishing  off nicely to score his first for the day. The forward line was working hard and the team were doing a good job building the wall which allowed Ned to snap truly to kick his second for the day.
Another fantastic effort by our Under 10's today... The team continues to make us proud every week and looking forward to finishing off the season with another great game next week against Wandin...

U14's vs Seville

The team headed across to Seville today with the aim of putting together 4 strong quarters, and trying to lock in a finals position. A clear but pretty cool day greeted us, as did a strong 3-4 goal wind to the Monbulk end, but as usual Seville Reserve was in terrific condition. Oakley Jessop got us going in the right direction with a correct toss of the coin, we went with the wind to start the game, a very structured and disciplined effort was what we were aiming for.

The wind was quite tricky as always, and made for scrappy footy, with the ball at ground level for the first 7-10 minutes. Seville worked hard in the packs, they tackled well and really bottled the game up. We found the going difficult before a couple of really quality forward entries saw Lach Johnson kick 2 quick goals and we were away. Our midfielders were working much harder than the Seville mids but we gave the ball back to them on occasions and got caught out defensively. Our half back line especially was terrific here, being able to win the one on ones on the counter attack and send the ball back our way. By ¼ time we’d skipped to a 4.3 to 0 break, and most pleasingly we hadn’t conceded even one forward entry to Seville. Despite going against the wind in the 2nd term, we didn’t stop running and the quarter took on a very similar pattern to the 1st. The boys working through the wings (Hatherley, Thornton & Lourey) were exceptional, with their link and their ability to set up a strong wall on the arc to lock the ball in, or to be used and drive the ball deep inside our forward line. Yuki and Rose were doing a fantastic lock down on Seville’s number one ball winner, and accumulated possessions themselves. We led at the main break 7.5 to 0, and yet again we had conceded not even one forward entry to the Blues.

The boys really hit their straps in the 3rd term, with Jessop and Kennedy dominating the ruck, Reid and co exceptional at ground level, and great targets up forward in Seymour, Scott and Langridge. One piece of play deep inside 50 was pretty special, with Jessop laying the ball down to Maxy Reid from a boundary throw in, the tap hit Max right in the “bread basket” and Reidy off 2 steps nailed a sensational goal. We also saw the likes of Eames go forward and make brilliant contests across half forward, playing in front and just simply being desperate, all the good signs of a functioning forward line. As efficient as our forward line and midfield had been, we were really pleased with the efforts of everyone right across the ground defensively. For three full quarters, we had not conceded even one single inside 50 which was just exceptional, and given percentage will be critical in our final finish on the ladder, the boys were right on top of things. We swapped things around a little in the last term, Tobeh who’d been fantastic in his defensive roles, joined Oakley in the ruck and across Half Forward, and competed beautifully, we also welcomed back Harry Brown after a 2 month layoff with a broken collarbone. Harry did some good things today, looked a bit rusty naturally but will be all the better for the run. In the end, we finally conceded some forward entries, and even gave up a rushed behind, but another couple of goals, including a classic rovers goal from Jed Noar saw us winners 15.10 to 1pt. Lach Johnson bulldozed his way to a lazy 7 goals today which was just an outstanding effort. I also thought Ziggy Hatherley played his best game for 2016, setting himself up in the right spot every time, defending beautifully and driving the ball inside 50 multiple times from his wing.

Results today have been favourable for us, we have now popped into 4th spot and will look to sew up 4th position next week against Wandin in our final home and away match for the year. Again huge credit to all our helpers today, we really appreciate your efforts each match day and throughout the week. A great chat on the phone yesterday with Brian Sharp, resulted in 2 hours on the white board Saturday night, but it was exactly the advice I needed from Sharpie as we prepare for what lies ahead, and yet just another little 1 percenter that will definitely make a huge difference as we take on the Bulldogs this week, and then prepare for the excitement of August football.

Tim Scott


Photo's to come.