Round 4 - 15th May 2016

Round 4 - 15th May 2016

U10's vs Gembrook

Another week and another fantastic effort by our Under 10's side.  For the third week in a row, the side started really well in the first quarter led by captain of the day Jesse Selby-Hele. Tommy P was doing a great job in the ruck and Nick Reid was on fire winning the centre clearances and also kicking our first goal of the game with a very classy snap.

Our second goal came courtesy of some clever play by Ned Ford however the standout was Max Monkhorst who not only took a strong overhead mark but also took on the game with some great run and hand-balling, ensuring he bought his teammates into the game. This great form continued for Max throughout the whole game.  
The second quarter saw Alex Higgs kicking his first ever goal for the footy club so congratulations to Alex. This was followed up shortly after by goal square snap by Blair Wilson for our second of the quarter... Liam Bradford was looking dangerous  and I was particularly pleased with the effort of our smallest player Charlie Reid who was in there fighting for the footy against some much larger bodies.
After a great first half, the good form continued in the second half. Sam Blenkiron came charging out of the goal square and nearly took a very impressive mark. This was followed shortly after by another good effort where he was rewarded a free kick and went back and slotted the goal, keeping his calm under some friendly heckling from the oppositon... Menzie was our ruckman for the quarter and not only won a number of hitouts but also took a strong mark in the goal square allowing him to go back and kick his first for the day.
The last quarter was predominately played in our forward line. We did have a number of opportunities to score however due to some really good defensive efforts by Gembrook we were unable to convert with any majors. Sam Boyd had is best quarter of footy of his short career and Zac Seal was looking dangerous around goal putting the goal umpire (his father) under immense pressure.
A really pleasing game by our under 10's this week. I was particularly pleased with the "team work" that was on display and the way the team responded to the pre game instructions of "big kicks down the centre corridor" which they executed well all day..
Congratulations to Luca Smith who received an award from the opposition for his great game... Week done Luca and we'll done team on another great game.
Congratulations also to our Under 12's who were super impressive in their come from behind victory. Well deserved !!! AND  to our girls who also notched up their second win on the trot, well done!!!
Looking forward to next week..

U12's vs Gembrook/Cockatoo

Heading to Gembrook/Cockatoo today. I felt we were a real chance and the boys didn't disappoint us, Oliver won the toss and we kicked with a slight breeze.  1st qtr was just sensational such a team effort running to space hitting targets sheparding all the small things we expect, our backline kept Gembrook/Cockatoo goalless, Nick H got our first 2 goals from some great teamwork from Kade who whipped out a great hand pass under pressure and on ballers getting the ball in quickly. 

Next 2 qtrs were a real battle with Gembrook/Cockatoo who came back hard and were in front at 3 qtr time so heading into last qtr we needed to do the little things and we did, fantastic running from everyone backline was brilliant, Josh Leonard got our third goal from near the boundary and boys looked hungry, we kept pushing and got rewarded with the winning goal coming from guess who Nick "the freak" Heron what a great win boys see what happens when you work hard together, you get to sing the song.

Kade, Ethan, Hamish F and Oliver were our award winners today and Josh Leonard received best on award from the opposition today, great work Josh.

Thanks to Dan for filling in as assistant coach in Mick's absence and thanks
to all the parents who help.

Adam Humphries 

U14's vs Gembrook/Cockatoo

The disappointing effort of 2 weeks ago was compounded a little by last week’s bye, and so finally after 2 long weeks we were able to hit the ground again, with the aim of producing a much better performance at Gembrook.

We took some time to find our feet against last years premiers, who popped through 3 goals before we were finally able to settle. With a couple of notable absentees, some boys were asked to play some unfamiliar roles and this they did quite well, particularly Josh Yuki in just his 2nd game of football who played a midfield role and from the first bounce was exceptional. We got some fantastic service from our leaders in defence, led by Patchy Seymour and Jonty Scott who provided a lot of drive, and when Maxy Thornton hit a contest front and centre and split it open and kick a great goal, we were finally on our way. Our work rate and our general effort were really good from here on, as we continued to work hard across the ground. Leo Selby and Lachy Boyd were giving fantastic contests and great ball use from deep in defence. Tyler Belloni, Ziggy Hatherley & Alex Buckingham Brown were working hard on the huge Gembrook wings, and Aaron Hick for his first game of the year was causing headaches up forward, kicking a goal, nearly kicking a second, and then providing a terrific contest that saw “Deadly” Jed Noar kick a clever goal.

We had worked ourselves within 2 goals just before ¾ time when we gave up 2 quick goals and we were faced with nearly a 5 goal deficit. Credit to the group for finishing off the game in the manner they did, with Josh Meadows continuing to work hard in the ruck, Max Reid continuing his dominant 2nd half, and Paul Tanzen also bobbing up and doing a terrific job in an unfamiliar rucking role. Of course the boys will always look at the scoreboard and say we lost, but today we all saw a much improved effort for a longer period of the game, and if that trend continues then a win will be just around the corner. Keep working hard boys, your effort on the track will be rewarded, that’s a promise !

Tim Scott

Girls Round 4 v's Bayswater

Our second home game of the season was against Bayswater. This was our second time playing Bayswater in as many weeks and the girls weren't  to happy with the first result so they came out strong looking for their first win of the season.

The first quarter we saw a transformed team with the girls attacking the ball straight from the get go. The girls (whom most of them are playing their first season ever) started to really click. There was a string of plays that saw the girls hand-balling, shepherding (blocking) and kicking to their targets in full pursuit of our first 1st quarter goal of the season which went to Vanessa Batemen. Vanessa (Ness) took a great mark in front of the post and slotted her first goal in football. Well done Ness! This was quickly followed up by a give and go handball from Sofia to Grace back to Sofia who kicked to Drew who then kicked our second goal of the first quarter to give the girls the momentum they needed that would take them through the game.
The second quarter saw Bayswater a bit more in control with a goal and a couple behinds but the girls still played well and really showed strong defensive skills. Tiahna, Martha, Eve and Tobi were just a few stand outs on defense for the day.
Third Quarter the bloods came out strong again and managed to kick another 3 goals all coming from Grace Belloni. All three goals were a result of hard work from the girls to get the ball into the forwards hands and some nice finish work by our veteran Grace. 
The fourth quarter saw a good Bayswater team not giving up and kicking 2 goals but again we were able to get the ball into Grace's hands who kicked her 4th goal of the day! We also ended up with four behinds coming from Sofia, Drew and Grace.
Well done to all the girls on our first ever win!!!


Girls Round 5 v's Emerald

The girls came out this Sunday on a high from their first win the previous week. After Emerald winning the toss our girls found themselves kicking into the wind and mainly defending for most of the first quarter. Emerald had built a strong wall to keep the ball within their 50 meter line and our girls were very strong to keep them at bay with only two behinds. Great effort from the girls.

The second quarter we were heading in the right direction and again started to see the girls click with some great hand-balling and kicking and marking. A few girls that were starting to stand out were Kaesha Christie in the ruck, Ebony Edwards who was getting around the ball and Martha Box who was also getting her head over the ball to give us opportunities. Our first goal came from one of our veterans Eve Tsolakidis who kicked a ripper (and her first goal of the season!) right between the posts to get us started. Well done Eve! Our second goal of the quarter came from our other veteran Grace Belloni who slotted it coming in from the right hand side to give us a 12 to 4 lead. 
Our third quarter saw the the girls again play solid football with hard work up the middle and down the right hand side of the field where a few more stand outs such as Kate Selby, Sofia Mikulcic and Drew Noar helped to keep the ball down our end. The ball again fell into Grace Belloni's hands and she  was able to grab another goal, this time from the left of the posts. Our second goal of the quarter came from Sofia Mikulcic who worked hard to pick up the loose ball and deliver a quick snap and goal. 
The fourth quarter saw a couple of behinds from Emerald, still some good play from our girls but no scoring. There was a great smother by Taylor Krysko who put her body (face) on the line and had to go off but recovered well with smiles at the end. Also injured in the early quarters was young Tobi with an  elbow injury whom also made a return, and Mika who sprained an ankle but should be back next week.
Congratulations on your second win girls! The ball is officially rolling!
Also well done to the boy's under 10's and under 12's on their wins for the day! Well done Bloods!!
See you all next week!