Round 8, May 31

Under 10s vs Emerald

With our Round 8 Match against Emerald marking the half way point of the season, it was great to see the team (along with many individuals) playing what I consider to be there their best game for the season.

The team started well led by Captains of day Nick Reid and Jesse Selby-Hele who were attacking the ball fiercely.  Nick Reid was later acknowledged for his efforts by the Emerald side being awarded with a Canteen voucher award.  Lachie Bates started well in the ruck and was impressive with his handballing to players in better positions to create some outside run and exciting passages of play.  The first quarter individual efforts by Cai Schuable and Zac Seal were also of note.  It wasn’t until late in the first quarter that Emerald broke through our defence to score their first and only goal for the day.

The second and third quarters were extremely tight creating a great spectacle for all spectators and fans watching on.  Emerald continued to press however I was really pleased with our back line who were manning up well and defending strongly led by second gamer Isaac Tonkin and youngster Campbell Hutchins.  The third quarter was undoubtedly our best for the season as we played some rally impressive “run and carry” football.  The team work on display was eye catching as were some great passages of play.  It was great to see the team rewarded for their efforts with snap at goal from Ned Ford heading straight through the “big sticks” and giving the team some real belief coming in to the final change.

The last quarter was an equally tight contest.  The backline was once again fantastic with Felix Hathelrley on fire. The team tried their hardest to surge the ball forward and competed extremely well right up until the final siren.

Todays games was very satisfying from a coaching perspective with the “manning up” and “attack on the footy” by all players being the best it has been all season and I look forward to this form carrying on into the second half of the year.  A big thanks to Leroy (and team) for talking training during the week in my absence, must to that again some time given it seems to have paid dividends..


OFCJFC Coaches Award – Zac Seal

OFCJFC Encourage Award – Campbell Hutchins

Kelly’s “Beast on Ground” Award – Felix Hatherley

Olinda Pizza Award – Isaac Tonkin

Olinda Fish and Chip Award – Cai Schuable


U12s vs Emerald

Olinda 06.03.39 d Emerald 03-04-22 

After our defeat the previous week to Woori Yallock the boys understood that what was required against Emerald was first half intensity to give us the upper hand lead. And to the boys credit they did just that.

The first quarter saw us do all the right things. Tackle hard, be first to the ball, maintain positions, composure with the ball and swift transitioning from attack to defence. This positive team play was rewarded by two goals one a piece to Jed and Liam L. 

The second quarter was much the same. The game was tit for tat entering both forward lines a dozen or so times, however each team’s defence worked well and Emerald were only allowed the slight advantage of two points for the quarter to make us 10 point leaders at halftime. 

We dominated the third quarter with four goals and 2 behinds to Emeralds 0-0 for the quarter. It was evident that we were doing everything correctly and being rewarded as such. The only negative to the game was the last quarter where the ball spent a lot of time in Emeralds forward line and our defences were not disciplined enough to control them. Emerald won the quarter 3-2 to our solitary 1 point. However our previous three quarters of disciplined team play gave us a deserving 17 point win.  

I am really looking forward to the next three rounds when we play the higher placed teams than us and how our boys respond to the task and the intensity.

Congratulations to Robbie Beekman, Ryan Jewell and Nick Heron on their 50 game achievements with the Mighty Bloods.

U14s vs Emerald

After the very promising performance against Woori Yallock last week, and yet another good week on the track, I was really looking forward to today’s contest against perennial premiership contender Emerald. We have shown that we are more than capable of matching it with the top sides in 2015, the only issue being able to maintain it for long enough periods of the game. Last week Woori kicked multiple goals early in the game, and then at the end of the game – todays aim was to really lock down on our opposition, block their run by being defensive side and not allowing the free passage through. Ultimately we wanted to stop those multiple goals being scored and keep ourselves right in the contest – every contest.

Six minutes into the game we were 4 goals down, and every plan laid and every bit of coaching applied was either forgotten, or simply ignored. We somehow couldn’t get defensive side of our opponents, allowed them a free run at the ball and their midfielders hit the scoreboard at will. I really felt for our Back 6 early as they were yet again put under the most enormous pressure, and if it wasn’t for the sensational efforts of both Harry Brown and Josh Attoe, that 5 goal deficit could quite easily have been 8-9 goals. Trying to reset the guys at Qtr was a task in itself. The boys could all clearly see where we were letting ourselves down, but who was going to step up, take the lead and set the example on the ground we were so desperately looking for ? Despite some improvement through the 2nd term, the Bombers kicked another 5 goals to zip and we were 10 down. Some passages of play through the Qtr that we liked included Alex Tomada working hard to break wide across Half Forward, and then doubling back into the space he had just created to take a strong mark back in the corridor. This has been a strong feature of our training in recent weeks, players working hard to open up space behind them for others to work into. In this case, Alex did the right thing but no one worked in behind him and so he worked back hard and earned himself a tough possession – fantastic to see training applied to matchday like that.

As we have become accustomed to across the year, this group certainly does display some enormous character at times, and our 2nd half today for most parts typified what they can be all about. After staring down a 10 goal halftime deficit, and the potential for a real smacking (Emerald beat Seville by 240pts last week), the boys finally began to apply the sort of pressure, the sort of attack on the ball, and importantly to me – carry out some of those specific instructions we trained for, and highlighted pre-game. The result ? A 4 goal to 2 goal 2nd half, which yet again showed, particularly in those tough conditions that we can match the best teams when we think about what we are doing, and when we ultimately find the “courage” to stand up physically and be counted. I continually “preach” to the boys that football is a combative game, and we all have to take our turn when it is required. Today was not our best day in this department by any means,  but we will continue to encourage and teach the boys to crack in when required, stand up and lay tackles when needed, and realise that they are more than capable of standing on their own two feet at U14 level. One thing I know about these boys, they will be snakey about today and in 2 weeks’ time they will have had plenty of time to stew on this and look to rebound strongly.

A huge thanks to everyone who continues to make such a huge effort to assist this team during the week and on matchday. There are some incredibly amazing people doing some very selfless things, and making my life easier and helping these boys develop in the most positive way. We are already passed the halfway mark, and we know as we enter June that the season begins to become a grind. Our training numbers have been exceptional and it’s important that the boys continue the work ethic they’ve displayed so far. We have a huge fortnight coming up for our team, so let’s not drop off now – continue to work hard and achieve together.

This Wednesday night – Senior players and sausage sizzle – “PLEASE BRING YOUR MOUTHGUARDS”