Round 6, May 17

 U10s vs Yarra Glen

In what was a great day for footy with the sun shining up on the mountain, the Young Bloods came up against a very strong Yarra Glen Under 10outfit on Sunday....

Despite the strong opposition, it was pleasing that a number of our players had their best games for the season thus far. This includes young Zac Seal who was on fire until he got injured late in the third term, Cooper Spurrell who was taking marks all over the ground and Bon Sullivan who was doing likewise.

Captain of the day Spike Sutton and got the team off to a good start in what was a very tight contest in the first quarter.  Matthias Seeth was attacking the ball strongly and Ned Ford was continuing his good form.

The second quarter saw Yarra Glen put the foot on the accelerator and kick a couple of unanswered goals. In what was a really pleasing sign (and after committing to the coach at half that they would man up), the team responded really well in the second half...  The "concentration" was better and the attack on the footy was really good.  I was particularly I'm pressed with the way Max Monkhorst was attacking the footy and getting involved in the play

Led by Blair Wilson and Lachie Bates, the last quarter was an excellent one for the Young Bloods...  There were some great passages of play and it was great to see the team were awarded for their efforts with a great goal to Lachie Bates.Minutes later, and after another great passage of play, "last quarter specialist" Felix Hatherley snapped truly which generated some genuine excitement in the crowd as the team were finishingreally strongly...

 A good effort by the team today and pleasing to see the team responding so positively after half time…  Also pleasing (and a real highlight) was the impressive footy the kids played in the last quarter...WELL DONE !!


 OFCJFC Coaches Award - Blair Wilson

 OFCJFC Encouragement Award - Zac Seal

 Kelly's "Beast on Ground" Award- Matthias Seeth

 Olinda Pizza Award- Cooper Spurrell

 Olinda Fish and Chip Award - Bon Sullivan

 U12s vs Yarra Glen

Olinda 15.05.95 d Yarra Glen 01-01-07

After a week of cold, wet weather it was great to see the Sunday sunshine in all its winter glory. Having been away for two games, I was anxious to see how the boys would react to a home game coming off the back of a close win the previous week and a loss the one prior and I was not disappointed.

Firstly a big Thank you to Gaz for filling in during my absence and to all those who assisted Gaz during training and match day and of Course to Mrs Gaz (aka Lindy) for the match reports.

I said to the Boys at the start that I have no doubts about their skill level. It is easily up there with the stronger teams in the competition; the only thing we need to work on is game structures and disciplined play. This will be our team focus for the remainder of the season. So having explained to the boys what we required of them the game unfolded as such. 

Yarra Glen kept us scoreless until the dying minutes of the first quarter when LJ snuck one in to have us down by one point at quarter time. The second quarter was all ours, Xander, Ethan Blenkiron, and Jed were ripping it out of the centre and giving plenty of options to our forward line of Josh Leonard, BB and Kieran who between them bagged 5 goals for the quarter to have us 32 to Yarra Glen 7 at half time. The third quarter belonged to Tyler Belloni whom as Ruck Rover dominated the ball movement out of the centre with balanced composure and forward thrust. Tyler was our only scorer that quarter with three under his belt. Well done Tyler. The final quarter was once again all ours with 6 goals 3 behinds to Yarra Glens 0. It looked like we had 5 more players on the field and this was a direct result of players being disciplined about their positioning and giving the 3-4 on ballers  good outside options. Other notable players were, Cyrus, Franky Seal, Willow, Ziggy and Max T


Congratulations also to the captain Liam Humphries who celebrated his 50th game today. 

U14s vs Yarra Glen


Our main focus for today’s match was quite simple – stay hungry or be content – after the high of the previous week, were we happy now to sit back and relax or were we hungry for more ?

 In our past 2 matches, we have had excellent starts and today was no different as our midfield took a stranglehold on the contest, our forwards provided strong targets and locked the ball in, and our backs were at their resolute best. Whilst Hunter Greenall was proving far too much for the Yarra Glen boys as he kicked 4 1st term goals (finished with 9 goals), we had players locked in tough battles all over the ground. I actually thought that we took until midway through the 2nd term to really hit our straps. This is where we saw our best efforts finally becoming rewarded with the boys feeding backwards in packs, running to support through the middle regularly, and our “structures” finally being adhered to. It continually amazes me each week that the boys will drift off at times and not be where they’re supposed to be, they can make life so hard for themselves sometimes. On the flip side, when they get it right it quickly becomes obvious to all just how good they can actually be. Our Wingers continually got pulled far too deep at both ends of the ground, and when they finally were able to get the balance right, it really influenced the game heavily our way.

As with last week, we rolled our forwards back and our backs forward and despite the huge changes across the ground, the boys never let up. One of the absolute features of our play today was our ball use, especially 2nd half ball use. The boys have real confidence to bring the ball from out wide, back inside the centre square and move it forward to the opposite side which we saw numerous times today. It was quick, precise and very well planned and thought out football, something we train for and something that when we get it right is very hard to stop. The number of kicks back into the centre today was exceptional, and when each mark was released with a quick handball or a play on it meant we got our 1 on 1 contests up forward as it didn’t allow time for the Glen boys to push back and block it up. Another feature was our very persistent tackling pressure which is now allowing us to get the ball back off the opposition, something that was really lacking in the first 2 rounds.

I was really pleased for all the boys today, especially a couple of guys who are working hard without necessarily getting huge results. Tobeh Gaudion Arrowsmith today played exceptionally well, he gave us great contests and caused many spillages for crumbers to clean up, and kicked a cracking goal which he thoroughly deserved. And Alex Tomada who also kicked a very tidy goal today, on the back of filling the void left by Will Spratt after he came off injured. Alex played the role of small forward very well, getting to most ground level contests, taking front spot and laying tackles to lock the ball in our Forward 50. And to Will Spratt, there is nothing I can say right now that will make you feel better. The bravery you showed everyone today, standing in front of that pack and getting crunched, and then simply walking off the ground with the minimum of fuss despite the fact that your arm was broken in 2 spots, well I’m not sure there are any words for that. We’re all thinking of you mate, we wish you all the best with your surgery and we hope to see you back with the group as soon as you are ready, assisting in any way you can. An enormous thanks to all those assisted with Will today, it was a nasty injury and the care and professionalism shown by all involved was just outstanding. In particular to James Rose and Neil Arrowsmith for their work assisting Will off the ground and prepping him for a trip to the hospital, and to Fiona Jones who was able to assist with organising gear and cars etc. A huge thanks to you all for everything you did !

Next week – Woori Yallock – the team that gave us a fair lesson back in Round 1. I can’t wait to see what the boys bring to the table against one of the benchmark teams !


U16s vs Emerald

The score board did not justify the effort and pressure that the boys put on Emerald during this game. We had a number of players out injured and lost another player during the warm up but thankfully we had the support of three U14 boys who didn’t hesitate to step up and help out.

With restrictions on our rotations every player put in 100% effort.

We have been working hard over the past few weeks on developing our skill and maintaining possession of the ball and we showed these skills in a number of passages of play, we need to continue this development.

One thing I can say is every player on the ground at some point put their body on the line and took one for the team and stood tall until the end.

We will work on some game plans through the week and come out against Emerald in round 8 a much tougher opponent.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, family and friends who help get the boys on the training track and on the ground on Sunday’s. Your support is appreciated by both Upwey Tecoma & Olinda Ferny Creek junior football clubs.