Round 5, May 10

Under 10s V Seville

In yet another wet and cold Sunday Morning an undermanned Young Bloods side took on an equally undermanned Seville side at the Seville Footy Ground.  It was a big day for the Mum's and the players were keen to put on a good show.

Captains of the day Eve Tsokolides and Grace Belloni got the team off to a good start as the young bloods dominated the first quarter... After a number of behinds last week, it was great to see Blair Wilson score his first goal for the footy club with a classy snap... It was also fantastic to see the willingness of our players to help out the Seville side with Cai Schuable and Cooper Spurrel helping out Seville in the first quarter...

Seville responded well in the second quarter in part thanks to Jesse Selby and Kade Cutajar who were playing well for the Seville side. The Young Bloods defended strongly and it was only a slight lapse in concentration with some "manning up" that allowed Seville to sneak their first major for the day...

The third quarter was a tight tussle.  With only 16 players per side and no wingers, there was lots of space so lots of running to be done...Menzie and Matthias were working hard for the Seville side with Campbell Hutchins, Ethan Blunt and Ned Ford doing the same for the young bloods...

The last quarter was exciting.  Charlie Boy was assisting Seville and for the majority of the quarter the ball was in our forward line as we worked hard to lock the ball in by building the wall. With some good play and a big foot race, Seville managed to get the ball down their end and kick a late goal much to the excitement of the home crowd.

In a really pleasing finish, the Young Bloods did not give up and worked hard to get the ball back in our forward line. The team was trying really hard and it was super exciting when Felix Hatherley snapped truly to score a Goal with only seconds remaining.  Well Done Felix !!

A great effort for the Mum's on Mother's Day and another great rendition of "we are the red and whites"...  

ALSO, an absolutely fantastic attitude by the boys who so willingly helped out Seville today. A massive thank you to them.


OFCJFC Coaches Award - Ned Ford

OFCJFC Encouragement Award - Ethan Blunt

Kelly's "Beast on Ground" Award - Cai Schuable

Olinda Pizza Award - Menzie Jans McKirdy

Olinda Fish and Chip Award - Campbell Hutchins

U12s vs Seville

Woo Hoo!  Another win on the board!  Good game by the boys but not sure any of the ladies in attendance asked for elevated blood pressure for Mother’s Day with a game that was so close right to the end.  

Brad showed that a Captain’s work is never done and was one of our most consistent players.  Seville scored 1.2 in the first quarter but did not score again all match.  Our boys were very lucky in that for the first three quarters of the game Seville were often first to the ball but they didn’t capitalise on those possessions and our less than usual enthusiasm. A few of our key players kept us in the match until everyone else woke up in the last quarter and we were able to make up lost ground.

On the bright side our leading to the ball was better than last week after a focus on that at training but there was still a tendency to stay behind the opposition.  But what’s Under 12’s for if it’s not to learn and move forward?!?  I’m sure the team will be more aware of the need to be in front this week and give all future opposition players a great view of the red numbers on their backs!

Ethan played his best game so far this season and he should be very proud of the way he read the play.  Liam L took some more of his fabulous marks and LJ continued his quirky habit of diving to the bottom of a pack then bursting out the other side with the ball in his hands.  Frank regularly astounds the opposition with his speed and skills but this week threw in some sensational tackles as well!  Jarrod was another one with great tackling skills and Lachy B showed his nerves of steel taking a brilliant mark while backing into a pack.  Ziggy became ‘The Everywhere Man’ and was the spark for our last quarter comeback.  

We think that Kieren’s first crack at wearing socks during a footy game had given him an extra layer of protection because he took some really hard knocks but bounced up and kept going.  But of course the star of the show was BB – making us all wait until the dying seconds of the game to calmly mark the ball then put a beautiful straight kick through the big sticks while assumedly under a huge amount of pressure.  That kid will do anything for a Pizza Award!!!

U14s vs Seville

With the disappointment of last week fresh in their minds still, the group yet again had another terrific week on the track as they prepared themselves for another opportunity to break the duck and crack it for their first win of 2015. Some very persistent rain and wind met us over at Seville, but with the ground here always in very good condition, I sensed our boys were ready to go and I always firmly believed that our very best today would be good enough – maybe not quite what eventuated though.

Cam Jones & Jonty Scott (3 goals) were assigned specific roles today, to be accountable for last year’s U12 League B&F around the ground. All players across the ground were given very defined but basic roles to fulfil, and the rest was up to the players, and they certainly didn’t let us down. From the first bounce, our Ruck and midfield dominance was pretty evident, with both Darcy and Oakley (3 goals) getting decisive taps to our advantage. With as many as 6 going through midfield rotations, we hit each contest incredibly hard and used only the possessions we needed to force the ball long inside Forward 50. With both our Rucks resting forward deep, and Hunter (6 goals) providing such strong targets across Half Forward, it brought our smalls into the game nicely with terrific contests at ground level being provided, and very consistent strong tackling to lock the ball in. As we saw last week, Will Spratt again led the way here with his refusal to let the ball out. Will is one player who now is understanding his role within the team perfectly, and as he continues to do as well as he is, his confidence will continue to grow, and let me assure you his team mates are very aware of the great work he is doing. We managed to work ourselves into a particularly strong position by halftime, with a 12 goal to 0 lead and we decided to roll some boys around the ground into some roles they hadn’t really played yet this season. The 3 Josh’s (Attoe/Langer/Sharp) all went forward and onto the ball, Maxy Reid who’d cut the opposition up went back, Hunter & Oakley rotated off the bench. Other notable performances came from the hard running Ethan Kennedy, Alex Eames who continues to improve weekly down back, Rielly McGibbony who gives us so much grunt in the middle where its fierce, Jordie Miller, Pat Seymour, Liam Dennis and Ted Box who continue to give us drive from the wings and flanks, Harry Brown who continues to take front spot, gets the ball going our way and doesn’t concede an inch, and Alex Tomada and Nathan Rose who continue to contribute and remain ever so reliable – I think I might well have mentioned every name here and that would be appropriate as today it just clicked and every player linked and worked so hard for each other.

Despite throwing the team around and the late rain that made conditions tougher, we ended up finishing on 22.13.145 to 0.3.3, a super effort to not only kick that score in that rain but to also keep our opposition goal less. It showed that we were able to score our goals from good areas, and that our transition running drills (which the boys hate) are starting to really take effect and help the boys work back defensively and help out our Back 6 to greater effect. This result has been coming and has been built up on the back of some really hard work mid-week, and some very solid performances on matchday over the past fortnight. Today was just so pleasing to see them all finally get some reward for all their effort, and enjoy some success together. For our group, next week presents another challenge as we host Yarra Glen and again, if we bring our maximum effort and best attitude to work hard for each other, then I have no doubt that we will again give a very good account of our selves – well done boys, todays effort was fantastic and you should feel very positive about your footy !

Well done to the club today as well as we were able to secure 4 wins from 4 games, which obviously included first up wins for both the 14s & 16s (also winners by 130+ points). It’s just fantastic to see 4 competitive teams on the park each week and augers well for the coming years. Well to everyone today, Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing mums and “Go Young Bloods”.

U16s vs Seville

The boys came away with a convincing win this week that will help build their confidence.

We started the game playing some very scrappy football and not taking advantage of our control of the game. We were getting dragged into a style of football that was below our level of skill and outside our game plan and training.

During the quarter time break I reminded the boys about what we had trained for and asked them to use the ball efficiently and bring their teammates into the game. By half time we had taken control of the game and started to lower our eyes and look for teammates and run and share the ball.

Our opposition had taken on the game plan of trying to get under the skin of our boys and continually niggle them on and off the ball. This just inspired our team who stayed focused (with some subtle reminders from their coach) and continued to play some good quality football.

During the last quarter we gave some players experience playing in positions they were not familiar with and to their credit stood up to the test.

All in all it was a great win with a number of our second tear players stepping up and making an impact on the game. We need to take this experience and confidence into round 6 against another tough opposition in Emerald.