Etihad Stadium Tour

What a great night it was on Wednesday night with the Under 10’s and Under 12’s boys making the trip into Ethiad Stadium for a “behind the scenes” tour of the ground.

From all reports the train trip into town with 50 plus excited young footballers was an entertaining affair with the boys showing due respect to their fellow commuters by “applauding” all new arrivals to the train carriage.

The tour of the ground was magnificent with the boys having the opportunity to visit the inner sanctum.  This included walking on the ground, sitting on the interchange bench and visiting the coaches box where we saw lots of Alistair Clarkson impersonations. 

Perhaps the highlight was visiting the change rooms where the boys were given the opportunity to proudly sing the “Young Bloods” theme song in the very same spot where their AFL heroes do on a weekly basis.  The boys certainly gave a rousing rendition of “We are the Red and Whites”!!!

Another highlight was visiting the media room (which also doubles as the tribunal) where the boys got to partake in an impromptu press conference.  Very entertaining!!

We were also lucky enough to have a “team meeting” in the very same room used by the AFL teams for their pre-match address which the coaches used as a good  opportunity to go over the “Game Plan” for this weeks match against Belgrave

The night concluded with a return train trip to Upper Gully followed by some Pizza at Caeser’s Restaurant which was enjoyed by all. 

A massive thankyou to Karim Langer for suggesting and organising the night, a massive thankyou to Team Managers Declan Eames and Liam Smith for organising the logisitics in the lead up to the night (and Declan for his efforts in “Marshalling the Troops” on the night) and of course a massive thankyou to all parents who came along to assist to ensure the night was a success… Very much appreciated!!

Finally, the boys should also be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves and represented the club.  We have a very good bunch of kids at OFCJFC which is a credit to all parents and families alike.  Well Done!!!