Round 7, June 15th

U10s vs South Belgrave

Well folks, winter is certainly here! It brought back many fond memories today when I arrived at the ground shortly before 10:00am only to be welcomed by a thick fog of cloud - so thick that you could not see from one end of the ground to the other. This my friends, is what playing for the Olinda Bloods is all about.

With a quick lesson on the key aspects of playing wet weather football the boys were ready to take field against the South Belgrave Saints.  Ethan Blenkiron was appointed captain for the day and led the boys out strongly.  It was clear from the first bounce that we were going to be in for another fiercely competitive contest, however after watching our boys over the past few weeks it would appear that this is exactly how they like it.

The boys started strongly with Bon Sullivan, Thomas Muldoon and Charlie Eames getting amongst it early.  The ball was within our forward 50 for the majority of quarter with the Young Bloods able to score our first goal thanks to an impressive finish by Josh Leonard. After a great pre-game warm up, Liam Humprhries started the game well, which highlights the importance of “switching on early”…

The 2nd and 3rd quarters were a very even, albeit very physical contest.  The tackling by both teams was ferocious and the boys were certainly putting their bodies on the line and giving it their all.  Rian Sharp and Cyrus Wright were attacking the ball hard and Nick Heron and Felix Hathelery were looking dangerous up forward.  Ned Ford and Lachine Bates were leading by examples with their tackling pressure.  With a late 3rd quarter goal to South Belgrave, the scene was set for a very exciting last quarter.

With the Young Bloods kicking to the “temporary clubrooms” end, the boys started the last quarter well and were dominating the play early.  Xander Oldfield was looking extremely dangerous at full forward and it was fantastic to see him being rewarded with a goal for his hard work.  Not to be outdone, the South Belgrave boys responded immediately leading to very exciting final few minutes.  Oliver Clark took an important mark to “steady the ship” and first gamer Jem Kelly won an important contest in the last line of defence helping the Young Bloods to a well deserved win.  Well done boys!

A special mention to Luca Smith for getting out of his sick bed to come and support his team mates and to Willo Russell who presented to the ground ready to play despite having a fairly serious foot injury and was subsequently ruled out. Good effort boys!

Coaches Award – Ned Ford

Encouragement Award - Thomas Muldoon

Olinda Pizza Award – Xander Oldfield

Olinda F&C Award – Bon Sullivan

CFCJFC Canteen Award – Lachie Bates


U12s vs South Belgrave

Another positive result for our U12 “Young Bloods” today, eventually running out 57pt victors against an extremely committed Sth Belgrave outfit. With a huge focus pre-game simply based around our “attitude” toward every game (and opponent) irrespective of ladder position being absolutely spot on, maybe I had sensed a bit of “over confidence” in our group and for the majority of the game this is how it proved to be. A special congratulations to our Captain for today, Ethan Royle Young who also celebrated game number 50, and well done to Lachey Boyd who got up and spoke about Ethan for a few minutes. It’s terrific to see the boys acknowledging their team mates with these milestones, they’ve all spoken extremely well this year and it continues to forge great friendships.

We opened up well with an early goal and for most of the term, had more than enough possession to get multiple scoring shots. Despite the whiteboard very clearly spelling out – when we are squared off and running toward goal, we kick – we seemed keen to handball to someone in the wrong spot and pack after pack developed. It wasn’t smart football at all and really wasn’t a true indication of the way we want to play “our footy”. To see the Saints take an uncontested mark inside 10 mtrs and then for no-one to even stand on the mark just before the siren was disappointing, showing that we were miles away from the head space we needed to be in. Holding a 2pt lead, we entered the 2nd term with a change of on-ball personnel and led by Maxy Reid and Oakley Jessop, we began to arrest control of the game. It was pleasing through this term to see South held scoreless, which was a good reward for the boys as they worked hard defensively, we just continued to struggle to win clear possession as the boys looked for “cheap & easy” touches, and forgot that you still need to work hard off the ball to clear passages for each other. A 2.6 term, highlighted by a ripper left foot snap from Patty Seymour, gave us a 20pt lead at halftime, and whilst it began to look like we were a bit more polished than the Saints, I personally wasn’t overly impressed with what we were putting on display.

We continued to “slog” our way through the 1st half of the 3rd Qtr, still over using the ball and making life difficult for the boys forward of the ball, who simply didn’t know when to lead/present up the field. It’s difficult when you tell your players to take front spot, as the direction from the coaching staff is to kick forward at every opportunity, only to see the extra handball given and then another pack forming. We had many opportunities to drive the ball forward by foot but we just seemed reluctant to actually do it – it was really making life much harder than it should’ve been. Some outstanding contributions through the Qtr came from Nathan Rose, Brad Langridge (outstanding all day) and the Lacheys (Boyd & Johnson) who were terrific in defence. Despite only the 1 goal for the term, I could finally see some play from our guys that gave hope that we could get ourselves up and going and finish strongly. With a 4 goal break our way, we really needed to find something in the last term and put the foot down, and again our boys showed they are made of the right stuff. Five unanswered goals in the last 12 minutes showed our true capabilities, with some extremely disciplined and “unselfish” play, highlighted by Maxy Reid’s burst from the centre, long kick to Jonty Scott on the flank who brought the ball back inside to the corridor to where Liam Lourey stood tall and went back and slotted a beautiful set shot from 20 metres out. It typified exactly what we’d been looking for all day, and that following some of the most basic instructions can actually make life so much easier. Another highlight was seeing Dan Murray nail his first goal for Olinda which was a special moment for him, and great to see all the boys get around him !

A really even performance from everyone today, not our most convincing day at the office, but football seasons are long and grinding, and at this time of the year we need to continue to find a way each week. We sit 5 wins and 2 losses after 7 rounds, a really good place to be, and this week we head across to Wesburn to take on the undefeated league leaders. I’m really looking forward to this contest coming up, it’s going to be a really good gauge as to where we sit in the pecking order, and if our boys can play to their potential, I have every belief that they will take it right up to the Doggies and knock them off – if you want to be the best boys, you have to beat the best!

Well done again to our Mighty U10s crew who continue to play such terrific footy, and get our club off to the best start to the day. Thanks again to all our officials and supporters, we continue to appreciate everything you do to get our team on the ground, not just on match day but the work you also contribute during the week at training. Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday night, we’ve got lots of work to do and we need everyone at training contributing!