Code of Conduct

 All persons associated with the Western Eagles Football Netball Club please be aware of the laws of the Colac and District Football Netball in regards to barrackers and supporters. The extract below is taken directly from the league handbook;

 23.0      Barrackers and Supporters:

     Any supporters or barrackers who are known to be members of any Club, within the League who, in the opinion of the Central, Boundary or Goal Umpire, Emergency Umpire, Boarder or Colac & District FNL Officer, behave in an offensive manner by spoken remarks, or openly incite players on the field to play in a manner not conducive to the best interests of the game, or are the cause of any disturbance between onlookers, will render the Club to which they belong liable to appear before the Board or Tribunal who will have the power after dealing with the case to impose a special fine, suspend or expel such Club from the League.

 Let us as, a club, make sure that we all follow this rule and if we see another person from our club letting fly with a few choice words just remind them of there obligations. In a competition like ours, where everyone knows each other, you won’t be able to hide. No one would like to be known as the person who got our club fined suspended or expelled from the league.

 So come on lets make our club the bench mark of the competition with the way that we respect players from other clubs and also those persons officiating our great game – without them we have nothing.


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