CRIPPS STJFL Volunteer Year

The Claremont JFC nominee for the STJFL Volunteer of the Year Nathan Mansell
awarded 2018 CRIPPS STJFL Volunteer Yearmore

Season 2018 Information

Season 2018 Registrations are Now Open Details Within.more

Girls Footy - 2018

STJFL Have Introduced 4 age Divisions in 2018:
- U11 (Girls 8 to 11)
- U13
- U15
- U17.5 (Up to possibly 18 upon application)

Claremont Junior FC is Interested in speaking with all Girls 5 to 18 to find the right team for you.

Our U17 Premiership Side from 2017 has begun Training, our skilled Coaching and Team Staff have all returned in 2018.


Contact Brendan 0427 355 276more

Coach & Team Staff Expression of Interest Season 2018

Calling all interested persons whom wish to get involved, we seek the most experienced to No experience necessary, we will train and support you.
All roles are Volunteer Based and subject to Committee Review.
All Positions are supported throughout the season and are FLEXIBLE.
Register your interest for Assistant and Support Roles.
Help make our Club Great.more

Web Site Administrator

CJFC Is Seeking a Web Site Administrator.

Experienced or Just interested with a Passion for building growth through the Web.

Opportunity for a Senior Student, College or University Practical Project as part of curriculum assessment maybe?

Contact Brendan on 0427 355 276more
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