Singlet Collection

Where: Upstairs presentation room, Sandringham Stadium

When: Tuesday 3rd October between 2:00pm and 4:00pm

If you are unable to make this session, please arrange for a team mate to collect your singlet

You will be allocated a numbered singlet.

Your singlet will remain the property of Mentone Mustangs Basketball Club.

The singlet is on loan to your child and must be kept in good condition at all times and only to be worn at games.

Shorts to be purchased from the Locker Room – specialty basketball shop located at the Tulip Street, Sandringham Basketball Stadium.

See below for opening times: 

Monday 25th September 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Thursday 28th September 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Tuesday 3rd October 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Thursday 5th October 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Friday 6th October 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Summer 2017/18 Season Registration



Registrations for the upcoming Summer Season 2017/18 open Monday 14th August 2017.

All families MUST register players for the upcoming season to be available to play basketball for the Mentone Mustangs through the club’s website – 

If payment in FULL is not received by 10/09/2017 the player will be placed on a waiting list and will only be put in a team if/or when a place becomes available. 

 1. Junior Players must register online at and follow the link to the Registration page.

 2. To register a player, please follow the link below and select New Participant if it is your first season or select Existing Participant if you played the winter season If you cannot remember you login select Forgotten you login details link and a new login will be sent to your email address.

 3. Confirm your details.

 4. You will receive an email sent to the email address you used in the registration.   Follow the instructions in this email to confirm your registration.

 5. Families can register/pay once.

 6. Players will be able to access to edit their profile.  However, it is important to let the club know.

 7. Registration Fees includes compulsory Sports Insurance as imposed by Basketball Victoria and SBA Player Fee.

 8. All details on registration forms must be completed for team to be accepted.  No less than seven (7) players per team accepted.

All teams and players should be familiar with the Domestic By-Laws, available at King Club or on the Sabres website.

All teams and players are bound by the provisions of the Member Protection By-Law and Codes of Conduct. Details available on the Sabres and Mentone Mustangs websites.

New Season Commences – Monday 9th October 2017




Number of Children

New Season Membership Fees

$20 Discount Offer ends 25/08/2017


1st Child






2nd Child





3rd & subsequent children






2nd Team


$215.00 (Flat Rate)


No Discount


A $30.00 Administration Fee applies if any player changes his/her mind.



Under 9 - Full Height Rings - Friday - Born 2010

Under 9 - Lowered Rings - Friday - Born 2010

Under 10 - Thursday - Born 2009

Under 12 - Monday - Born 2007 or 2008

Under 14 - Tuesday - Born 2005 or 2006

Under 16 - Wednesday - Born 2003 or 2004

Under 18 - Monday - Born 2001 or 2002

Under 20 - Sunday - Born 1999 or 2000

Under 23 - Sunday - Born 1996, 1997 or 1998


Under 9 - Full Height Rings - Friday - Born 2010

Under 9 - Lowered Rings - Friday - Born 2010

Under 10 - Thursday - Born 2009

Under 12 - Saturday - Born 2007 or 2008

Under 14 - Saturday - Born 2005 or 2006

Under 16 - Saturday - Born 2003 or 2004

Under 18 - Sunday - Born 2001 or 2002

Under 20 & Under - Sunday - Born 1998, 1999 or 2000


Team Selection commences once the registration process as above is completed in conjunction with coaches and the committee team coordinators.  Decisions are based upon the following principles:

-  Players will be placed in sides based upon age and will only be considered for older age groups where place available.

-  Players will be selected in teams based upon similar ability and with a focus on team balance.

-  Subject to points 1 & 2, continuity of teams will be considered as part of the selection process.

-  Priority for selection of players in teams will be given to existing financial players.

-  Teams will be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 9 players.


Mentone Mustangs Basketball Club Coordinators



Boys U9’s


Kylie Doye-Vella


0437 196 619


Boys U10’s


Rachael Diano


0429 777 488


Boys U12’s


Liz Murray


0410 170 241


Boys U14’s


David Hopkins


0401 408 152


Boys U16’s


Clare Stone


0414 064 958


Boys U18’s


Rosey Cooke


0438 334 460


Boys U20’s


Rosey Cooke


0438 334 460


Girls U9’s


Sophie Smirniotis


0402 404 059


Girls U10’s


Liza Tolan


0419 502 436


Girls U12’s


Liza Tolan


0419 502 436


Girls U14’s


Grant Nicholson


0418 350 218


Girls U16’s


Lisa Nicholson


0425 835 872


Girls U18’s


Brian Dooley


0418 803 845


Girls U20’s


Brian Dooley


0418 803 845


Girls U23’s


Brian Dooley


0418 803 845





WINTER 2016 Newsletter 


Hello Mustangs Members and Friends


President’s Report

I’d like to extend a huge Welcome to all our new families & a huge welcome back to all our existing families. The 2016 winter season is at the half way point and I hope all the players have settled into their teams and are having FUN!

Happy Birthday Mustangs!

The Mentone Mustangs Basketball Club turns 30 years old this year!!  WOW, what an amazing achievement.  I am aware of several families in the club that are now second generation ‘Mustangs’, which is wonderful to have such a shared history with parents and their children.

Again, a very busy start to the winter season.  The club has 82 registered teams in the Southern Basketball Association (SBA) competition.  We also host 3 teams in the Warriors domestic competition at GESAC and one team in the McKinnon competition.  This has increased the number of teams over the past couple of winter seasons.  Our club continues to grow, which is fantastic. We must be doing something right!

New Courts for ‘King Club’

As some of you may be aware our association has been campaigning the Council for the last few years to see the existing 4 courts at Tulip Street expanded to 8.  The Bayside Council have finally agreed and are in the process of commissioning various studies and reports which are a part of the expansion process.  It will still be 2-3 years away but rest assured the council have committed to the project that will see an additional 4 courts added.

This will mean so much to all the competitions our members participate in.  It may mean that no more games need to be held at other venues (such as Cheltenham SC, Mentone Grammar, Parkdale SC).  It may also mean that all Clubs have access to the courts mid-week to train teams.  In addition, it will mean less byes for teams in grades that have no court space.  All in all, a fantastic outcome that will benefit all clubs. Stay tuned as we hear more information on the project. We will keep you all updated.


Southern Basketball Association (SBA) Draft Constitution Changes

The association have submitted a proposal to all current members about changes to the constitution it is proposing to make.  In a nut shell, the proposal will incorporate changes in the way ‘votes’ are calculated from members.  Currently, each club has a vote based on the number of teams they have registered in the competition.  Mustangs would have 82 votes (we have 82 teams registered), Parkdale Pacers would have about the same, Eagles would have 40 odd etc.

The proposed structure would give a ‘fixed’ number of votes to each club, still based on the number of teams, but grouping them.  For example: Clubs with 2-9 teams would have 4 votes, Clubs with 9-19 teams would have 5 votes, Clubs with 20+ teams would have 6 votes.   What, in essence, this will do is to spread the voting rights across more clubs.  Currently, Mustangs, Pacers and Sharks have the most teams in the competition and as a consequence the majority of votes.   Our 3 clubs, should we all decide to vote the same way on any decision, basically control the balance of ‘power’ the association has.  

These changes are major and we would love to engage with all our Mustangs members on your thoughts about how our Club should vote.  Having said that, we would invite ALL our members to attend our AGM in August.  An invitation will be sent out soon and we welcome all new members to attend.

Proposed NEW U8: 3-on-3 competition

The association has also been working on the best way to engage with our youngest members and the best way for them to develop skills.  Under the guidance of Sabres Head Coach, Bill Runchey, the association is proposing an U8 3-on-3 competition.  Details will be worked out in the coming weeks, but basically each team will consist of 4-5 players (so easier to create a team) and will rotate the 4th and 5th players throughout the game.  It teaches man on man, using space, passing effectively etc.  There are many of benefits.  It is hoped to have it up and running for the Summer competition, but I will keep you posted.


Our wonderful club has survived, strike that, FLOURISHED for 30 years due mainly the unwavering support of our volunteers.   Our whole clubs is run by volunteers! But as children move to other sports or grow up, we need NEW volunteers to fill those places that YOUR children now take in Mustangs teams. If you have a passion to get involved and help The Mentone Mustangs, we want you.

We are a well-run, organised club but we can only continue to be so with help. So I ask ALL parents to please consider giving me a call to express interest in helping out.   I too work a full-time day job, but I can still find the time to volunteer.  I do it because I LOVE IT and I love our club and our committee is made up of a fantastic bunch of people. So come on, give me call!

We need you to become members of our Mustangs Committee

  • Girls U9/10 Coordinator
  • Girls U14 Coordinator
  • Girls U16 Coordinator
  • Boys U14 Coordinator
  • Boys U18/20 Coordinator
  • Training venue coordinator


We say Farewell to our Long Standing Secretary – Mary Barca.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to our Secretary Mary Barca.  Mary will be retiring from her role in August, when our Acting Secretary Bianca Steficar takes over.  Many of you (I am guessing most of you) have had some dealings with Mary over the years and will agree that she is a huge part of what makes our club so successful.  Mary’s passion, dedication and loyalty to our club has been unwavering, even now when she has no children playing in the domestic competition. Thank-you Mary.  You are one of a kind and I personally will miss you not being part of my day to day life.  Take Care x

Go Mustangs!

Jeanette McConville



Secretary’s Report

The club is devoted to recognizing what we have achieved together.  Our key achievement is that we enable approximately 650 boys and girls to play basketball. 

Our Club is completely run by volunteers and we are incredibly fortunate to have the depth of coaching talent that we have and people who are so willing to put their hand up to be team managers and to help with the running of the club.  We are now part way through the winter season with 82 teams entered in the Southern Basketball Domestic Competition (boys and girls).  Although the Summer Season does not start till Term 4, if you know of any children that would like to play basketball for Mustangs put them in touch with our Recruiting Officer, Nick Bell (0401 002 808) and we can possibly get them started in a training program before the season starts.  Basketball is very complementary to other ball sports such as netball and football, so if you do have an interest in another sport, playing basketball can benefit you in many ways and vice versa.  The beauty of basketball is that it is a fast moving indoor sport where all players get involved and at domestic level, it does not have the same time commitment that a lot of other sports require.

Our Club strives to ensure that every child regardless of age, experience or background who joins our program develops a love for the game and the skills to continually improve so that each player can achieve the goals and ambitions that they set for themselves.   For some players this may be to play at the highest level and for others it might be to simply enjoy playing a competitive game of basketball with their team mates.  Our members come to us primarily through word of mouth with our main feeder schools at the primary level:  Our Lady of Assumption and St Patrick’s just to name a couple.

Our coaches and team managers are the backbone of our club.  Without them, we would not be able to field the number of teams that we have; the Committee is extremely grateful for the work that our coaches and team managers do.  You are the face of our Club.

I thank all of you for your dedication and continued support.

Go Mustangs!!

Mary Barca

Club Secretary




Why Should I Become a Volunteer?

Mentone Mustangs Basketball Club is an organization designed to build good players. It is a program of leadership, preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. At the domestic level, the club relies on a devoted legion of adult volunteers to help ensure that the organization remains structured and runs smoothly. Mentone Mustangs is always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate teams each season.  As a volunteer, you should have a keen interest in the safety, well-being, and overall development of children. By reading further, you will discover that the benefits of volunteering are endless. You will also gain a better understanding of why you should become involved, who volunteers are, what you can do, and how you can join.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone can apply to become a volunteer. Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them! Across the country, volunteers are grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, retirees, community leaders, former coaches, friends, neighbours, and more.  Any community member who wishes to become a volunteer may apply.

All parents of children involved in basketball are strongly encouraged to volunteer. As a parent volunteer, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your child in a safe, fun-filled environment. Often times, parent and child social lives parallel each other. Volunteering allows your life and your child's life to intersect on common ground, with shared interests and goals. 

What Can I Volunteer To Do?

No experience is required to become a volunteer. Most of the volunteer opportunities require little training. The committee at Mentone Mustangs will provide you with any necessary training (as well as support and encouragement), as they deem necessary. The best volunteers are

those who are able to bring added enjoyment to the game simply being themselves. What you see during Mentone Mustangs games is a mere fraction of what you can do as a volunteer. You can volunteer to help in virtually any aspect of basketball.


14 Premierships for Mustangs


The following Teams won the Summer 2015/16  Premiership. Congratulations to all Team Members and their Coaches.


                                                            Girls U/10A UNICORNS

Coaches:  Aidan Scott/Milla Kerr

Helena Scott

Amelie Smith

Ava LaBozzetta

Chloe King

Madeleine Lazzaro

Edie Kerr

Indiana Kruss

Madeline Jones


Girls U/10B Go Girls

Coach: Cassandra Mayston

Ruby Hogan

Mackenzie Farrington

Ruby Brabner

Georgina Laws

Emily Gratz

Pearl Barton

Tahli Behrendorff

Ella Robinson



Coach:  Alec Szadura

 Lucy Belleville

Leila Bunnett

Olivia Dooley

Milla Johnston

Madison McCahon

Macy Szadura

Harriet Waters

Emily Wilhelm


Girls U/16A GEMS

Coach:  Sandra Hilford

 Kyra Dalman

Holly Davies

Hailey Duncan

Felicity Hilford

Stephanie Kelly

Jezlyn Scott

Daisy Walker

Ella Williams


Girls U/18A/A RES FIRE

Coach:  Ian Leckie

Ella Batish

Lucy Bowman

Jasmine Duncan

Hunter Ennor

Isabelle Hardwick

Chloe Hicks

Taylah Nguyen

Ashley Smirniotis



Coach:  Phil Sharpe

 Charlotte Ady

Ruby Brake

Elise Mocicka

Brylee Nicholson

Jemima Padley

Zoe Pratt

Emma Sharpe

Georgia Bowen

Chelsea Bowen



Coach:  Sean McCarthy

 Elliot Styles

Zack Warmuz

Brodie Findlay

Josh Clark

Aiden McCarthy

Ryan Young

Jamaal Zecevic



Coach:  Andrew Lea

Ted Clayton

Will Mutton

Maxwell Oldham

Jack Lea

Eden Pillay

Will Grapel

Scanlan Lynch

Alex Ward


Boys U/12C3 FIRE

Coach:  James Pearson

 Winston Barton

Arya Kanani

Lars Behrendorff

Bayley Lawrence

Jet Symonds

Ned Pedder

Damon Pickett

Will Pearson

Jack Dickson



Coaches:  Dev & Kai Owens

 Joshua Gillon

 Hugo Hall-Kahan

Lachlan Brooks

Nate Dear

Devon Gerrand

Daniel Tunbridge

Jack Humbert

Ryan Murray

Mitch Owens

Marcus Windhager



Coach:  Grant Waddell

 Harrison Bridge

Jordan Cole

Adam Dingli

Stuart Harris

Joshua Hicks

Brody Stainer

Luke Walker

Alex Windhager



Coach:  David Leeds

 Josh Barclay

Xavier Davis

Charlie Healey

Lachlan Hiscock

Matthew Kerr

Will Leeds

Kyle Scott

Ben Sheridan


Boys U/18C1 SPURS

Coach:  John Tully

 Nicholas Antoniadis

Cody Cochrane

Sam Corrigan

Edan Harrington

Dan Murnane

Jack Murphy

Finn Tully

Riley Whitehouse


Boys U/18C2 HEAT

Coach:  Kent Standish

 Lloyd Bailey

Ben Cairns-Bertrand

Girard Hicks

Luke Macquire

James Matic

Lachlan Mutimer

Josh Ricco

Nick Standish


Runner’s Up

U12 C1 Minis
U16 B Boomers
U16 C Magic
U18A/A Jewels
U20 Fillies
U14C1 Warriors
U16B2 Cavaliers


Congratulations to all the teams and the individual trophy winners who have participated in the Summer Season 2015/16 making it a fun and successful competition for all.


Thank you...


... to all the parents and children who attended the Winter 2015 season presentation night.

It was great to hear from the coaches and team managers about the season that was.


The Club encourages parents, former members, senior players and older juniors to coach junior teams.  Coaches are encouraged to gain accreditation through Basketball Victoria and to attend coaches’ clinics. While all the Club’s coaches are volunteers, in recognition of the commitment made, the Club grants one Membership for those conducting training and coaching in matches.  All coaches over 18 years are required to obtain a Working With Children Check and to satisfy Basketball Victoria’s Coaches Screening requirements.



In addition to the Working with Children Check, Basketball Victoria has advised that all Coaches and Team Managers of domestic clubs are to complete and sign a Member Protection Declaration.  Please complete, sign and witness by an authorised party and forward to the Club Secretary Mary Barca via email at or to 51 Spicer Street Beaumaris Vic 3193.


Your Point of Contact.

 The role of Age Group Coordinator is integral to the management of player age groups, team selection and potential competitiveness of the team in the competition. The Age Group Coordinator will be the primary contact for Team Managers, who will rely upon the Age Group Coordinator as the first point of contact for queries and assistance.

Age Group Coordinator is your primary interface to address any issues or queries that arise.




When one of your players suffers an injury, could you please ask the referee to document the injury on the touch screen before they sign off.

Team Managers

The Team Manager’s role is an important one

to ensure the smooth running of the team and also to provide the club with one point of contact to distribute information quickly and efficiently.

If you change your details we need to know!

If you have moved recently or changed your phone number, it is important that you let us know so we can keep your family details up to date. Please let your age-group coordinator know if any details have changed. The Club is also keen to keep email addresses for families so that we can communicate important club news quickly and efficiently.


Your son/daughter has been issued with a club singlet that is to be worn for games only. This singlet will always remain the property of the “Mentone Mustangs Basketball Club Inc.” The singlet is on loan to your child and must be kept in good condition at all times.  If your singlet is misplaced, damaged or unreturned a replacement fee of $55.00 will be imposed.

Social Media 

A lot of people involved in our club use social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), whilst the club acknowledges that it cannot control who uses these forms of media.  We must warn that any content that may be deemed defamatory, disrespectful, dishonest, offensive, harassing, threatening or damaging to the club’s interests, players, coaches or others involved in the club will not be tolerated. Remember that once something is posted on these sites, it’s there for everyone to see and never disappears. We urge all parents to be active in supervising their children’s use of these sites.


Playing Up/Second Game/Multiple Teams

  • A junior player MUST play in their designated age group before playing in a higher age group.
  • A player 14 years of age and under may only play up one age group. For the purpose of this Rule Under 9s are treated the same as Under 10s. Eg Under 9s can play in the Under 12 competition.
  • No junior player may play more than two (2) junior competition games in any one week. 
  • A junior player may play in only one grade of an age group in the junior competition in any one round.
  • For the Under 9 competition, full court is recognized as a higher grade to modified. (Full court players are not permitted to play modified.)
  • A junior player may play up to three (3) games a season in a higher grade of the same age group in junior competition. Once a player plays a fourth game in the higher grade, they are no longer an eligible player in the lower graded team. Junior players are not permitted to play in a Grade lower than the team they are registered to play in.
  • An emergency / fill in player may play for a team as long as the addition of said player does not mean that the team exceeds the total representative points allocated for the team (12 points for winter season, 12 points for summer season). An emergency player’s representative points may not take the place of an existing player’s points if the existing player is not playing – the existing player’s points are in place for the season regardless if they play or not. The exception to this rule is if the existing representative player has a long term injury. In this case, the team may apply to replace that player with another representative player, providing that proof of the injury is supplied to the club and on the understanding that the injured player may not return to the team for the rest of that season and providing the new player’s points do not exceed the limit. A junior player may not play in a lower grade if they are already playing in a higher grade.

We are on facebook

Our Website will help ensure complete and consistent communication of matters that are important to everyone associated with the Club.   The website will be a resource for anyone interested in the Mentone Mustangs.


All members and officials of the Club are covered under the Insurance Policy of Basketball Victoria through affiliation with the Southern Basketball Association.

If injured during the course of the game, please ensure your injury is logged at the game referees or supervisor, and complete the claim form available from the Mentone Mustangs website.

Our club is part of the Rebel Support Your Sport Program. Under this program, the club can earn 5% of your purchases at Rebel Sport as in store credit to spend on our sports program.

All you need to do is join Season Pass, select our club from the list of participating groups and swipe your loyalty card every time you make a purchase at Rebel Sport. You’ll receive access to great member prices and other initiatives and the club will receive a 5% credit.


Mentone Mustangs Club Values 

  • Remember that children play sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Encourage children to participate - Do not force participation.
  • Focus on the child’s efforts and self-esteem rather than whether they win or lose.
  • Encourage children to always participate according to the rules.
  • Never ridicule or yell at your own or any other child for making a mistake or for losing a game.
  • Remember always that children learn best by example - applaud the efforts of ALL players in both teams.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from all sports.
  • Show appreciation of all volunteer coaches, officials and administrators, without whom your child could not participate.
  • Respect the Referees decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  • Always remember that we are not playing for sheep stations, rather a child’s enjoyment.
  • Let the kids play, the coaches coach and the referees Ref!









Mustangs Hoodies are now available at the King Club. Come on in and try one on.

Locker Room Opening Hours:
Monday:         3.30pm – 8.00pm
Tuesday:        3.30pm – 8.00pm
Wednesday:   3.30pm – 8.00pm
Thursday:       3.30pm – 8.00pm
Friday:           3.30pm – 9.00pm
Saturday:       8.00am – 6.30pm
Sunday: Closed


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