May 2004: Executive Monthly Board Meeting

Guam Football Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting: 10 May 2004

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 6:30 at the GFA Office. Minutes of 05 April were read and approved, subject to corrections.

Mary Torres
Kun Ho Rhee
Vince Naputi
Frank Angoco
Michael Bordallo
Tom Renfro
Luckie Sakamoto
Pascual Artero
Sugao Kambe
Tino San Gil
Martin Boudreau
Blanda Camacho
Evelyn Calori
Bob Torres
Aika Young
Anadee Garcia
Ana Jacala

PROTESTS & APPEALS: The letters for Abril and Palomo have been issued from the last meeting. A few red cards have been given out, with the same $25 fee and one game suspension. A finalized list of fines will be printed up by next week.

TECHINCAL COMMITTEE: Mr. Rhee reports on the schedule for the technical committee. There will be a C and B License coaches meeting on 17 May at 6pm at the GFA Office. The dates for the C and B License courses are confirmed, and clubs are reminded to register early on. Training schedules for youth teams are discussed, along with the number of coached needed to cover each group. Mr. Kambe will do a coach assessment regularly to keep the program in shape.

This year's summer youth clinic will be either before or after the U14 tournament. Also in planning are coaching clinics for the Robbie Webber level.

REFEREE COMMITTEE: Mr. Boudreau reports that there are about 20 certified refs. There are ongoing discussions regarding clinics for the Robbie Webber referees. In all there will be an expected four clinics per year.

WOMEN'S COMMITTEE: Ms. Camacho reports the 7-a-side is coming up. The committee is trying to schedule around the end on the men's current season, so it is tentatively set for July.

Mr. Renfro reports on the women's Olympic qualifying tournament, and submits the technical report for the trip. The team represented Guam very well, and JFA proved to be a great host country. Unfortunately, the Japanese commentray on the game tapes was negative towards Guam. Mr. Lai suggests that Mr Okada from EAFF see the tapes during his visit, rather than sending in a formal complaint. Mr. Renfro will drop the tapes off at the office.

Mr. Naputi reports on the logistics of the trip, including travel problems, daily schedule, and match comments. There are high expectations of Guam defeating Myanmar in the near future. Mr. Naputi suggests that the managers meeting for the EAFF U14 Tournament be kept down to no more than two hours. Guam has been invited to compete in Singapore later this year with teams more on their competative level. Tournament grouping is discussed.

Mr. Renfro thanks the board for sponsoring the U19 team in the women's league, who successfully captured the championship for the 11-a-side season. Members for the women's team thank the board for providing a full staff on the trip including a female manager, which proved extremely helpful.

Mr. Bordallo opens discussions of the AIDE 26, which is an AFC program that will support the hiring of long term coaches for all divisions of soccer. Mr. San Gil remids that the board needs to thank GNOC for sponsoring the women on their Olympic trip.

SCHOOL LIAISON: Mr. Boudreau reports that the IIAAG is interested in holding their finals at the Harmon Field. The biggest concerns are the trenches near the field, and the crowd that will be attending the games. Admission fees and logistics are discussed. Mr. Lai reminds that we have not yet secured liability insurance. Mr. Boudreau informs that IIAAG is not expecting to be charged for field usage. The board decides that IIAAG field usage at this time is not feasible.

FUTSAL COMMITTEE: Mr. San Gil reports on the Futsal Tournament in Macau, which was a learning experience. The rules were unfamiliar to countries new to the game. Matches are on tape in PAL format.

YOUTH COMMITTEE: Mr. Kambe reports that the U12 National program will start on 17 May. The coaching position for this age group is still open. Mr. Lai suggests Dr. Gregory. The U12 tournament has been cancelled due to a miscommunication, but the training will continue. Mr. Bordallo informs that a girls team for U12 and U14 are needed, and asks that the women's committee help get the players out for those groups. Mr. Kambe will fit in a girls practice on Wednesday or Thursday. The Boys U14 team is already in training. Mr. Bordallo makes another reference to the AIDE 26, stating that the AFC wants coaches who can commit until their teams reach the U16 group.

OLD BUSINESS: Ms. Torres reports on the U14 Tournament. A major concern is the budget, which must be approved by Mr. Okada. Available funds are up to 400,000. Visas are also critical for all countries, save Chinese Taipei. As far as the actual competition, volunteers are being recruited for ball boys and flag bearers, and overall logistics are being worked out. Mr. Lai suggests asking each club to send representatives. LOC is meeting tomorrow.

NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Bordallo reports on the AFC Congress. He informs that beginning next year the AFC President has agreed to underwrite all transportation to competitions. Next year, AFC will also underwrite costs for the AFC President's cup, which is a club championship for the bottom fifteen countries. The next congress is set for 2007, and Hammam has been re-elected as President. Hammam will be visiting Guam around September of this year.

Mr. Bordallo also reports that the GovGuam bill for matching funds for GFA has been signed and approved.

Meeting is adjourned. Next meeting is set for 07 June 2004.

Respectfully submitted,

Ana Jacala
Executive Secretary