August 2004: Executive Monthly Board Meeting

Guam Football Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting: 16 August 2004

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Meeting was called
to order at 6:30 at the GFA Office. Minutes of July 2004 were not available due to the EAFF U-14 Youth Tournament.

Pascual Artero
Michael Bordallo
Frank Angoco
Luckie Sakamoto
Kun Ho Rhee
Tom Renfro
Sugao Kambe
martin Boudreau
Russell Young
Eli Jacala

PROTESTS & APPEALS: Regarding Roy Abril and Daniel Palomo's suspension for the year it was imposed that Mr. Abril and Mr. Palomo pay a fine and volunteer referee duties before their return to the league. On question of their suspension terms, it was voted that the referee duties be lifted from their suspension terms and the fine imposed prior to returning to the league.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: The following GFA finances have yet to be updated by Mr. Luckie Sakamoto as he is waiting upon Ms. Ana Jacala's return from leave.

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: Mr. Kun Ho Rhee has brought to attention of his official resignation to GFA as the Technical Director, effective this August 2004.

Mr. Sugao Kambe states that he has just administered a 'C' Licensing clinic from August 9-August 14. Of 18 participants, 2 have dropped the class. He feels that 11 people might pass the course. The results were sent to Mr. Chan Yong Chong in Hong Kong.

Mr. Tom Renfro states that there were 2 youth camps in July 2004. He also includes that there were U6 thru U14 soccer camps held at Southern High School. The first of its kind, and a success at that. He indicates that there were a total of 28 groups and approximately 78 total campers. He'd like to acknowledge the appreciated assistance of Mr. Frank Angoco and Ms. Rhoda Bamba. He stresses the need for more skilled clinics/camps such as: a goalkeepers clinic, a strikers clinic, adn so forth.

Mr. Renfro states the coordinating of a 'F' Licensing clinic to be held on August 28, a Saturday from 8-11 and 1-2:30. It will be a 6 hour clinic for people just getting started with coaching.

REFEREE COMMITTEE: Mr. Martin Boudreau acknowledges the number of licensed referees at 23. 13 are registered and 8 have paid dues. Mr. Boudreau states that there are more interests as a referee official. He is asking for an updated version of the Laws of the Game book. Mr. Richard Lai states that there are an additional 50 books for usage. Mr. Boudreau indicates that there will be a RWYSL referee clinic on the 28th of August, 2004, from 9-5pm on Saturday. He further states that there are 15-20 people from the public high schools. Mr. Michael Bordallo indicates the final numbers for the RWYSL be on December 3, 2004.

WOMEN'S COMMITTEE: For the Women's National Team, Mr. Renfro reminds the Board of the invitational tournament that is going to be held on November 2004 in Singapore. He points out the issue of fundraising events. He states the support of Mr. George Lai, who has two daughters playing soccer. he indicates the entourage should include three team officials. Mr. R.Lai addresses the point of incurring player fees to ensure player travel, and states that he would be able to confirm the travel bookings. Mr. Boudreau points our that there will be a meeting held on Saturday the 21st of August 2004 for the details of the player eligibilities, fudning, and school complications.

Mr. Bordallo points out the subject of player scouting within the leagues. Mr. Bordallo indicates that there are no knows restrictions of this in the FIFA guidelines, but is unsupported on behalf of the players credentials/portfolio.

YOUTH COMMITTEE: Mr. Kambe asks if a 5-on-5 tournament can be held on September 4, sponsored mainly by CarsPlus. The coordinating member would be Mr. Kirk Spindel. There are concerns of field usage and designating someone to line the field. Mr. Angoco indicates the sizing and lining of the fields for such a tournament. He suggests the fields be sectioned into fourths to accommodate the games. He questions the designated field liner's availability. Mr. R.Lai and Mr. Bordallo ensure the cooperation of the field usage and sponsorship. Mr. R.Lai's concern is that the tournament be sanctioned.

FUTSAL COMMITTEE: Mr. Pascual Artero mentions the construction of a futsal court in accordance with a Mr. Ryan Burke. He explains the dexterities of the futsal court in mind, as well as the possible locations. Mr. Artero also mentions the interest of PIC Hotel to accommodate two futsal courts under their dome. He is still waiting on the details. He also states the interest of Budweiser to sponsor the building of a futsal court here at the Harmon Field.

NEW BUSINESS: First off, the field maintenance contracts: Mr. Russell Young (Pro Irrigation & Landscaping) has pointed out to us the significance of his services towards the GFA fields. And, additionally has proposed to cultivate field #3 for future usage. He states that with the attention the field is getting currently, it should suffice with the upcoming usage of the field. Then, there was a submitted bid for field maintenance by the Familia Co. presented by Mr. Frank Angoco. The contract was given to Familia Co. for a trial basis from month to month at $3,000.00 per month.

Also mentioned was the 2005 U13 Tournament to be hosted by GFA in accordance with AFC.

Meeting is adjourned. Next meeting is set for 7 September 2004.

Respectfully submitted,