June 2004: Executive Monthly Board Meeting

Guam Football Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting: 07 June 2004

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Meeting was called
to order at 6:30 at the GFA Office. Minutes of 10 May were read and approved, subject to corrections

Mary Torres
Kun Ho Rhee
Michael Bordallo
Luckie Sakamoto
Pascual Artero
Tom Renfro
Sugao Kambe
Bob Torres
Blanda Camacho
Evelyn Calori
Ana Jacala

PROTESTS & APPEALS: There are no protests or appeals at this time. However, Mr. Lai brings up an incident in a Men's League match involving a Division I player moving up into the Premier Division.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo suggests that the Men's League clarify this confusion.

TECHINCAL COMMITTEE: Problems with the current C-license course are brought up and discussed. Mr. Lai reports that Mr. Chon, the C-License instructor, has recognized Mr. Kambe and Mr. Renfro as possible coaching instructors who can finish up the course.Ã,  Mr. Rhee has also expressed an interest in instruction.Ã,  Mr. Lai suggests that all three persons meet with Mr. Chon to work out the details of the course before he leaves the island. It is resolved that either Mr. Kambe or Mr. Renfo, together with Mr. Rhee, will take over instruction of the course to make up for the shortfall in hours.

Mr. Rhee reports that the AFC 'B' License course is scheduled for August, but is pending due to the complications of the current course.Ã,  In addition, Mr. Rhee reports on the youth summer clinic proposed by Mr. Renfro.Ã,  Mr. Renfro expresses an interest in doing at least one camp in the south.Ã,  The details with fees will be worked out.

WOMEN'S COMMITTEE: Ms. Camacho reports that the 11-a-side is scheduled to start of 15 August.Ã,  There is an interest in using the Harmon field, and the question of fees is brought up.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo informs that the only current fees would be set to cover the restroom maintenance.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo clarifys whether all games and events will be held in Harmon.Ã,  Ms. Camacho also bring up a possible friendly match in Singapore around September or October.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo assures that any additional trips this year will require fundraising.Ã,  There is some discussion regarding the women's budgeted funds under GFA.Ã,  The requested budget was for training, or an off island trip, which was realized through the recent AFC Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Japan. There is some discussion on the overall annual budget.Ã,  Mr. Lai assures that Mr. Sakamoto will work with the women's committee on their budget.

Mr. Renfro distributes a summary of the women's activities, which will be filed at the GFA office. Within the activity summary he discusses player evaluations, which include the player's profile and the coach's critique of the player, with strengths, weaknesses and training advice.Ã,  The annual evaluations, which will be filed in the GFA office, are confidential and will only be available to the player's coaches.Ã,  Mr. Renfro also discusses the women's on-going training, coaches selection, a coaches education program, and a summer youth clinic proposal, among other things.Ã,  For the youth clinic proposal Mr. Lai requests that a minimum of $5 go to GFA for administration fee, and that participants recieve at least one ball.Ã,  In addition, participants should pay GFA, who will then pay Mr. Renfro upon close of the clinic.Ã,  Lastly, Mr. Renfro proposes a winter training camp at Leo Palace, which has received positive feedback from other countries (Korea, Japan, China), and a training camp with the Christian Hertiage College.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo assures that anything is possible if the committee can fund it.Ã,  Training equipment for the Harmon field is also discussed.Ã,  All monetary negotiations can be settled with Mr. Lai.

Women's national team party is scheduled for Sunday at Mr. Renfro's residence. Everyone is invited.

FUTSAL COMMITTEE: Mr. Artero reports that the committee is trying to set up a summer tournament.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo informs that PIC might be interested in sponsoring a Liberation Day Tournament in their facility.Ã,  PIC has expressed an interest in converting the dome for Futsal use, under the condition that we help promote the facility in PIC.Ã,  Mr. Lai will set up a meeting next week to introduce the PIC markenting manager to Mr. Artero so that they can work out the details.

YOUTH COMMITTEE: Mr. Kambe reports that the U18 is scheduled to leave this Saturday.Ã,  Mr. Lai informs that all players, save one, have paid.Ã,  With this condition filled, the trip is approved to go.

OLD BUSINESS: Ms. Torres reports that EAFF is requesting an itemized budget, due on 9 June, which she is currently working on.Ã,  Mr. Lai reminds that if GFA stays within the given budget, EAFF may grant an additional gift for hosting the tournament after the close of the event. Mr. Torres reports on the visa issues.Ã,  Mr. Lai suggests that any incoming info regarding visas be immediately forwarded to Mr. Torres.Ã,  Ms. Torres continues that the medals, tee shirts, and the trophies for the tournament have already been ordered in the Philippines.Ã,  Mr. Lai reports that Tan Holdings is donating 600 polo shirts with the GFA logo, which can be used for the liaisons, volunteers, etc.Ã,  Mr. Bordallo reports that Lou Sanchez is the contact person at Continental, and flight details are discussed.

NEW BUSINESS: Ms. Jacala reports that GNOC will be holding an Olympic day festival, during which all sport associations affiliated with GNOC are encouraged to run a small event.Ã,  They will subsidize up to 1,000 USD to run the event.Ã,  Mr. Lai suggests that Ms. Torres run the 5-a-side under this festival.Ã,  Details will be worked out.

Mr. Bordallo informs that there is nothing to report from the FIFA Congress.

The office will be moving to the Harmon complex this month, with the Harmon office fully operational by 1 July.Ã,  Mr. Lai reminds Mr. Bordallo to follow up on the lighting contract, as well as the invitation letter for the AFC President scheduled to visit this September.

Meeting is adjourned. Next meeting is set for 28 June 2004.

Respectfully submitted,

Ana Jacala
Executive Secretary