Parramatta Junior Rugby League welcomes League Tag

New League Tag Divisions

In 2018 the Parramatta Junior League will be offering League Tag as an additional division to the following age groups:

- U10 Boys

- U10 Girls

- U12 Boys

- U12 Girls

- U14 Boys

- U14 Girls


The reasons behind offering this form of the game to our Junior Players is:

 1.       It allows younger players that are unsure or not confident in the contact form of the game, to be able to play League.

2.       It allows these players to be integrated into the Junior Clubs, thus exposing them to Saturday Footy and just how much fun it can be!

3.       It will show the parents that are unsure about Rugby League, just what a fantastic community of clubs we have and it is a great game to be a part of

4.       This will also allow a transition into the game for the older ages as well as a place to stay apart of the game if they do not wish to keep playing contact as they get older

5.       This is designed for new players or the players not wanting to play tackle football.


All players playing the League Tag divisions will wear the same uniforms (Jerseys, Shorts & Socks) as those playing tackle, the only difference will be that the shorts for the league tag will need the Velcro tabs stitched on the sides.


This is an option for all clubs to enter teams and it is up to your club if they wish to enter teams in the League Tag division. Just like not all clubs enter teams into the U10 division 4, not all clubs will enter teams into the under 10 tag either.


Players that are either 9 or 10 will be able to play in the Under 10’s and so on.


The U10’s and U12 play on a Mod field with a Mod (size 4) football. Maximum number of players per team on the field at any one time is 8 (minimum 6) and only allowed to register 12 to the team. Playing 2 x 20min halves.

These game will be integrated into the regular games during a Saturday, so the order of games would look like this as an example on a Mod Field

- Under 10 Tag      9am

- Under 10 Div 4    9.50am

- Under 10 Div 3    10.40am

- Under 11 Div 2    11.30am

- Under 11 Div 1    12.20pm

- Under 12 Tag      1.10pm


The under 14’s play on an international field (full size) with a size 5 football, Maximum number of players per team on the field at any one time is 11 (minimum 8) and only allowed to register 15 to the team. Playing 2 x 25min halves.


Again these games would just be integrated into between the other games.


The Parramatta Junior League will supply all tags to clubs entering teams into this competition. We believe this will increase players moving into the tackle form of the game and welcoming players to become a part of your clubs and the Parramatta Junior League.


Again this is designed for new players to the game. You cannot play both tackle and tag it is one or the other, so it will be considered another division and treated as such moving forward. 


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