Update #1: Round 5 CBDJRL (u6-u14) & ICCC Draw (u15-AGrade)


Two minor changes to the draw U13D1 Chester Hill v St Johns at Terry Lamb Complex will now kick off at 2.30pm instead of 1.50pm and U6D3 Bankstown Sports WOF v Greenacre.

Added to the fixture list are Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs NSW Cup & Toyota Cup and St Johns Eagles Sydney Shield & Bundy Cup matches at Belmore Sports Ground and Auburn Warriors Sydney Shield & Bundy Cup matches at Lidcombe Oval.

In between the U12D2 and U13D1 matches at Terry Lamb Complex the Chester Hill Hornets will be hosting a special 'Mothers Day' tribute, promotion and raffle to celebrate all the mothers present at the ground and within the club. The Mum's in the game play a very special role in the game.

Any further changes will be posted before 6pm tonight

The Rugby League Code of Conduct provides all participants - players, parents, coaches, referees, spectators and officials - with some simple rules that assist in delivering a safe and positive environment to everyone involved in the game. CLICK HERE to read the updated 2012 Code of Conduct.

No players or officials at games in the Canterbury-Bankstown District (all ages) are to approach the referee or official touch judges before, during or after the game - even to shake hands of thanks. Any questions about rule
interpretations *during* a match can be made through the captain. Should you have any questions or even compliments of the referee please speak to or put in writing to your Club Secretary who will pass it onto the appropriate authorities.

Strictly NO trainers, coaches or managers are to enter the field of play when a fight break out - please leave it to the referee and players to sort out - don't even contemplate entering the field or taking the law into your own hands. If the trainer is already on the field please leave for your own protection. Long suspensions are a possibility for non-players and bench players getting involved in a fight.
The "Time Off" rule is different in the ICCC compared to the CBDJRL.

CBDJRL Time Off: Referee taps their 'watch' is when Time Off is allocated.
ICCC Time Off: No time off in the first half. In the second half a maximum five minutes of time off is allowed with the referee putting both arms in the air for time off and waving his arm for time back on. A clock for the five minutes time off must be on the table. Once the clock has exceeded five minutes the game clock can't be stopped.
- ICCC Time Off Rule | ICCC Rules & Guidelines

Google maps of all venues are easily available by clicking on the ground.


RUSE PARK (Stacey St Sth, Bankstown)
9:00  6D4 Bulls v Milperra 3*10ms
9:40  6D2 Bulls v Chester Hill 3*10ms
10:20  7D2 Bulls v Berala 3*10ms
11:00  8D2 Bulls v Milperra 3*10ms
11:40  9D1 Bulls v Dragons 2*20ms
12:30  10D2 Bulls v Greenacre 2*20ms
1:20  13D2 Bulls v Greenacre 2*25ms
2:10  13D1 Bulls v Moorebank 2*25ms
STEVE FOLKES RES (McClean Cres, Georges Hall)
9:00  6D4 Sports v Greenacre 3*10ms
9:40  6D2 Sports v Berala 3*10ms
10:20  7D1 Sports v St Johns 3*10ms
11:00  8D3 Sports v Greenacre 3*10ms
11:40  9D1 Sports v Berala 2*20ms
12:30  10D1 Sports v St Christophers 2*20ms
1:20  13D2 Sports v East Hills 2*25ms
2:20  14D2 Sports v Greenacre 2*25ms
3:20  14D1 Sports v Greenacre 2*25ms
  6D1 Sports v BYE 
  7D2 Sports v BYE 
PETER HISLOP PARK (Everley Rd, Auburn)
9:00  6D3 Berala v St Johns 3*10ms
9:40  8D2 Berala v St Johns 3*10ms
10:20  10D1 Berala v St Johns 2*20ms
11:10  12D2 Berala v Greenacre  2*20ms
12:00  13D2 Berala v St Christophers 2*25ms
  11D2 Berala v BYE 
TERRY LAMB COMPLEX (Banool St, Chester Hill)
9:00  7D2 Chester Hill v Moorebank 3*10ms
9:40  9D3 Chester Hill v Bulls 2*20ms
10:30  9D1 Chester Hill v St Johns 2*20ms
11:20  11D1 Chester Hill v Greenacre 2*20ms
12:10  12D3 Chester Hill v St Johns 2*20ms
1:00  12D2 Chester Hill v Milperra 2*20ms
2:00  Mothers Day Promotion, Tribute & Raffle
2:30  13D1 Chester Hill v St Johns  2*25ms
CLEMTON PARK (Moorefields Rd, Kingsgrove)
9:00  6D2 Dragons v St Christophers 3*10ms
9:40  7D3 Dragons v Chester Hill 3*10ms
10:20  8D1 Dragons v Sports 3*10ms
11:00  9D3 Dragons v Greenacre 2*20ms
11:50  10D2 Dragons v Moorebank B 2*20ms
12:40  10D1 Dragons v Bulls 2*20ms
1:30  11D1 Dragons v St Christophers 2*20ms
2:20  14D2 Dragons v Chester Hill 2*25ms
  12D2 Dragons v BYE 
ROBERTS PARK (Waterloo Rd, Greenacre)
 6D3 Greenacre LOF v Sports WOF 3*10ms
9:40  6D2 Greenacre v Moorebank 3*10ms
10:20  6D1 Greenacre  v St Johns 3*10ms
11:00  7D3 Greenacre v Sports 3*10ms
11:40  7D1 Greenacre v Dragons 3*10ms
12:20  8D1 Greenacre v Moorebank 3*10ms
1:00  10D1 Greenacre v East Hills 2*20ms
1:50  12D3 Greenacre v St Christophers 2*20ms
2:40  13D1 Greenacre v Dragons 2*25ms

KILLARA RESERVE (Killara Ave, Milperra)
9:00 6D2 Milperra v  East Hills 3*10ms
9:40 6D1 Milperra v  Bulls 3*10ms
10:20 8D3 Milperra v  Moorebank 3*10ms
11:00 9D3 Milperra v  Sports 2*20ms
11:50 11D2 Milperra v  East Hills 2*20ms
12:40 12D3 Milperra v  Moorebank 2*20ms
 9D2 Milperra v  BYE 
 10D2 Milperra v  BYE 
 14D2 Milperra v  BYE 
HAMMONDVILLE OVAL (Heathcote Rd, Hammondville)
9:00 6D4 Moorebank v  St Johns R 3*10ms
9:40 6D3 Moorebank v  Dragons 3*10ms
10:20 8D2 Moorebank v  Chester Hill 3*10ms
11:00 10D2 Moorebank W v  Chester Hill  2*20ms
11:50 11D3 Moorebank v  Greenacre 2*20ms
12:40 11D1 Moorebank v  Bulls 2*20ms
13:30 12D1 Moorebank v  Dragons 2*20ms
14:20 12D1 Moorebank B v  Sports 2*20ms
15:10 14D1 Moorebank v  Berala 2*25ms
 9D1 Moorebank v  BYE 
BILL DELAUNEY RES (The River Rd, Rev. Heights)
9:00 6D4 St Christophers v  Rhinos 3*10ms
9:40 6D1 St Christophers v  Moorebank 3*10ms
10:20 7D3 St Christophers v  Berala 3*10ms
11:00 7D1 St Christophers v  Moorebank 3*10ms
11:40 8D3 St Christophers v  Rhinos 3*10ms
12:20 8D1 St Christophers v  St Johns 3*10ms
1:00 9D2 St Christophers v  Rhinos 2*20ms
 11D3 St Christophers v  BYE 
 14D1 St Christophers   BYE 
SMITH PARK (Lehn Rd, East Hills)
9:00 6D4 East Hills v  Chester Hill 3*10ms
9:40 7D3 East Hills v  St Johns 3*10ms
10:20 8D2 East Hills v  St Christophers 3*10ms
11:00 9D2 East Hills v  Greenacre 2*20ms
11:50 11D3 East Hills v  Berala 2*20ms
LIDCOMBE OVAL (Church St, Lidcombe)
10:30 6D3 Auburn v  Rhinos 3*10ms
11:10 7D3 Auburn v  Moorebank 3*10ms
11:50 7D2 Auburn v  East Hills 3*10ms
12:30 9D3 Auburn v  Moorebank 2*20ms
1:20 11D3 Auburn v  Bulls 2*20ms
2:10 12D3 Auburn v  Sports 2*20ms
-3:45  SS Auburn v Cabramatta 2*40ms
-5:30  BRC Auburn v Cabramatta 2*40ms

BEGNELL OVAL (Madeline St, Belfield)
9:00 9D3 St Johns v  East Hills 2*20ms
9:50 11D3 St Johns v  Chester Hill 2*20ms
10:40 11D2 St Johns v  Sports 2*20ms
11:30 11D1 St Johns v  Sports 2*20ms
12:20 12D2 St Johns  v  Moorebank 2*20ms
1:10 12D1 St Johns v  St Christophers 2*20ms
2:00 13D2 St Johns  v  Moorebank 2*25ms
3:00 14D2 St Johns  v  East Hills 2*25ms
 14D1 St Johns WOF v  Bulls LOF 
 6D4 St Johns B v  BYE 
 8D3 St Johns v  BYE 
-9:15 SS St Johns v  Wentworthville 2*40ms
-11:00 BRC St Johns v  Wentworthville 2*40ms
-12:45 NYC Bulldogs v  Gold Coast 2*40ms
-3:00 NSW Bulldogs v  Illawarra 2*40ms
SUNDAY 13 MAY 2012

RUSE PARK (Stacey St Sth, Bankstown)
10:00 16D2 Berala v  Coogee Randwick 2*30ms
11:15 16D1 Bulls v  St Johns 2*30ms
12:30 17D2 Regents Park v  Brighton 2*30ms
1:45 17D1 Bulls v  Enfield Fed 2*30ms
3:00 19D1 Bulls v  Dragons 2*30ms

BEGNELL OVAL (Madeline St, Belfield)
11:30 15D3 Berala v  Rhinos 2*25ms
12:40 15D2 St Johns v  Rhinos 2*25ms
1:45 17D2 East Hills  v  Nth Ryde 2*30ms
3:00 17D1 St Johns v  Sports 2*30ms

KILLARA RESERVE (Killara Ave, Milperra)
11:25 15D1 Greenacre v  Earlwood 2*25ms
12:30 16D2 Milperra v  Earlwood 2*30ms
1:45 17D1 Milperra v  Earlwood 2*30ms
3:00 19D1 Sports v  Cam'town Collegians 2*30ms

HAMMONDVILLE OVAL (Heathcote Rd, Hammondville)
11:30 15D2 St Christophers v  Regents Park 2*25ms
12:40 15D1 Dragons v  La Perouse 2*25ms
1:45 16D2 Moorebank v  Dragons 2*30ms
3:00 A Gde Moorebank v  Valley United 2:35ms
BEVERLY HILLS PARK (Vanessa St, Beverly Hills)
12:10  16D1 Chester Hill v Kingsgrove 2*30ms
1:30  A Gde Dragons v Kingsgrove 2*35ms

BEXLEY OVAL (Donnan St, Bexley)
2:20  AR D1 St Christophers v Hurstville 2*35ms

CAHILL PARK (Gertrude St, Wolli Creek)
9:45  15D3 Greenacre v Arncliffe 2*25ms

RENOWN PARK (Judd St & Panorama St, Mortdale)    
10:50  16D1 Sports v Penshurst RSL 2*30ms

MASCOT OVAL (Coward & O'Riordan St, Mascot)
1:00  16D1 Greenacre v South Eastern 2*30ms

BIRCHGROVE OVAL (Grove St, Balmain)
2:20  15D2 Moorebank v Strathfield 2*25ms

FIVE DOCK PARK (Barnstaple & Park Rd, Five Dock)
1:40  16D1 Rhinos v Holy Cross 2*30ms

GODDARD PARK (Gipps St, Concord)
1:50  15D3 Sports v Concord United 2*25ms

KING GEORGE PARK (Manning St, Rozelle)
12:25  15D3 Moorebank v Leichhardt Juniors 2*25ms

ESCHOL PARK (Epping Forest Dr, Eschol Park)
12:15  19D2 East Hills v Minto 2*30ms
1:30  19D1 St Christophers v Liverpool Catholic 2*30ms

HILLIER OVAL (Memorial Ave, Liverpool)
1:30  AR D1 Berala v Liverpool Titans 2*35ms
 15D1 Bulls v  BYE 
 A Gde Auburn v  BYE


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