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02/06/2017 IOC Executive Master of Arts Olympic Studies degree program
02/06/2017 Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management (MEMOS) available in 2017 MEMOS XXI in English
22/10/2016 Strengthening Tonga NF's through education
10/07/2016 12 PNG nationals under OSEP Master Educator course training
01/07/2016 95 Pacific sport enthusiasts to attend OSEP training in PNG
19/06/2016 PNG Sec Gen proposed for IOC membership
15/06/2016 Fiji National Sports Commission trainers deliver OSEP Community Courses in the North
04/06/2016 FASANOC Sport Education Commission formed
13/05/2016 Quarter 4, 2015 Niusletta
10/05/2016 2015 OSEP Annual Report
21/04/2016 OSEP Leadership workshop
20/04/2016 MEMOS XX is out...
28/03/2016 OSEP Regional CPD Training
08/03/2016 IOC supported post graduate courses worldwide
19/01/2016 Intense week of training for Samoa's National Olympic Committee
19/01/2016 OSEP runs Educator Training in Kiribati
19/01/2016 Case Study - Partnership between Basketball Fiji and OSEP
05/12/2015 Day 3: OSEP Zone 1 Workshop "I like to move it, move it"
05/12/2015 Day 2 - Alignment of staff plans with NOC and OSEP strategic plan
05/12/2015 Day 1 OSEP Zone 1 review workshop
16/10/2015 Investing in the beach athlete support structure
03/10/2015 OSEP Quarter 2, 2015 newsletter
23/09/2015 Federated States of Micronesia hosts Development and Competition Coach Course
23/09/2015 Assessor and Presenter Training in Samoa
23/09/2015 OCEANIA MOSO IV - 70% women graduates
23/09/2015 Engaging in Partnerships - KNOC and KIT
13/07/2015 OSEP Quarter 1 Niusletta 2015
04/07/2015 Sport Ministers endorse UNESCO and ONOC proposal
26/06/2015 Australian Sport Diplomacy
20/05/2015 KNOC and KIT case study
20/05/2015 OSEP Workshop
21/04/2015 OSEP gears up for 2015 ONOC General Assembly
20/04/2015 Q4 2014 Tok
24/03/2015 2015 activities and budget endorsed
23/02/2015 First Samoan MOSO graduate
23/02/2015 Samoan welcome
23/02/2015 SAMOA MOSO IV session II
13/11/2014 Job opportunity - Sport Administrator for Hoops for Health
11/11/2014 Samoa training and development coordinator
26/10/2014 First Pacific NOC President in Oceania MOSO IV course
26/10/2014 Passion drives MOSO IV women
26/10/2014 Extraodinaires rock Oceania MOSO IV
06/10/2014 Vacancy in Tonga
29/09/2014 Oceania Swimming Development Officer Vacancy
29/09/2014 My MISO experience
10/08/2014 Change in venues for Oceania MOSO IV
22/07/2014 OSEP training in Goroka
14/07/2014 Management in Sport Organisation course embraced by FASANOC
01/07/2014 Curriculum framework & training pathway contract project
26/06/2014 Fiji Volleyball Federation adopts OSEP
20/06/2014 Oceania MOSO IV
30/05/2014 The Management in Sport Organisation experience
23/05/2014 A fantastic and valuable training
20/05/2014 New inclusion - Athletes Rep
15/05/2014 UMAP launched by Olympic Solidarity
13/05/2014 OSEP at ONOC General Assembly
13/05/2014 Oceania MOSO III graduates
13/05/2014 Susana Perez receives Oceania MOSO III Best Student Award
13/05/2014 PhD Students Research Grant Programme
10/05/2014 Strengthening the partnership with FIBA Oceania
10/05/2014 FIBA Oceania at the OSEP Master Educator Training
10/05/2014 FIBA Oceania training - Day 3 Effective Meetings
07/05/2014 OSEP North Pacific team take center stage
03/05/2014 New vacancy - north pacific zone coordinator
28/04/2014 MEMOS XVIII
27/04/2014 Strengthening the OSEP North Pacific Educator Team
28/03/2014 OSEP Master Educators
08/03/2014 Oceania MOSO IV begins in May 2014
08/11/2013 Presenting marketing strategies
05/11/2013 What is the value of sport?
05/11/2013 Making bold an Organising Committee
02/11/2013 Final MOSO III session
14/10/2013 OSEP Community Educators Training - Samoa
24/09/2013 New OSEP program assistant
24/09/2013 Vanuatu OSEP Educators Workplace assessments
24/09/2013 Athletics Fiji run Solidarity funded courses
24/09/2013 Fiji Triathlon utilize OSEP Community Educators
27/05/2013 Funding opportunity - Pacific Sports Partnerships
03/05/2013 OSEP expands its Community Educators
29/03/2013 MEMOS XVII 2013 call for interest is Now Open
27/03/2013 Australia raises governance standards
22/03/2013 Program Assistant (OSEP)
27/02/2013 The How to - Governance in sport
24/02/2013 PNGSFOC a case study at Oceania MOSO III
24/02/2013 Strategic planning
15/01/2013 Oceania MEMOS
28/08/2012 Oceania MOSO III
15/07/2012 ONOC vacancy - Accounts Officer
21/06/2012 Oceania Sport Workshop Report Out
19/06/2012 Athlete US Scholarship 2013/14 call for interest
30/05/2012 Cook Islands Cricket - Help wanted!
28/05/2012 ASC release the HITS Report of Proceedings
21/05/2012 Identifying needs of the communities
20/05/2012 Visible pathways for sport volunteers and professionals
18/05/2012 System Development Grant launched
18/05/2012 2012 OSEP Community Educators ready for workplace assessment
18/05/2012 Oceania sport practitioners workshop sport initiatives
17/05/2012 Pacific sport practitioners share learning
23/04/2012 ONOC Sport Education Commission
23/04/2012 IOC and sport for development
07/04/2012 Maister presents 2011 OSEP report in Moscow
30/03/2012 MEMOS XVI - 2012-2013 Applications Out
23/03/2012 New FSMNOC sport education development officer starts
23/03/2012 FSM state of Yap begin its sport education program
16/12/2011 Setting sport competency standards, is this the way to go?
16/12/2011 Cook Island sport participant model
07/12/2011 Position vacancy
02/12/2011 Does sport fit into the Pacific TVET and NFE framework?
28/11/2011 OSEP to link with SPBEA and National Accrediting Bodies
25/11/2011 How effective are sport regional development centers?
25/11/2011 MISEP Volleyball Tournament
14/11/2011 OSEP's Learner Guide Concept adopted by ASMC
13/11/2011 OSEP presents at ASMC Olympic Solidarity training
15/09/2011 IOC targets better health for our young people
13/09/2011 Creating awareness on sport education
13/09/2011 Educating our athletes at the Pacific Games
05/08/2011 MEMOS XV accepts 4 Oceania administrators
12/07/2011 MOSO part of UK Sport's ICES webinar
25/06/2011 Individual Assessment
25/06/2011 Analysing Mini Games Bid Proposals
22/06/2011 Deciding whether to host an event
21/06/2011 Events session in progress
20/06/2011 PISOC Final Board Meeting
19/06/2011 Developing human resource policy
18/06/2011 AOC's Kylie Algie on HR selection
18/06/2011 Managing Human Resource recruits
08/06/2011 Review stage of learning
06/06/2011 A great Osebokl event
05/06/2011 Palau sport education stakeholder workshop
05/06/2011 Community administrators link their environment with sport
30/05/2011 Palau Community College support PNOC
27/05/2011 Event organisation
27/05/2011 Community coach in action
25/05/2011 MISEP Community Trainers workshop
21/05/2011 Stakeholders workshop in Majuro
01/05/2011 Final Day and its still Fun!
30/04/2011 Converting sport organisation plans to figures
29/04/2011 Finance is Fun
29/04/2011 Day 4 Presentations
27/04/2011 Day 3 - Developing Sponsorship Proposals
26/04/2011 Day 2 Oceania MOSO II Marketing
25/04/2011 Marketing NOC products
30/03/2011 ONOC GA endorses OSEP resolutions
09/03/2011 RCCCE active in Fiji
09/03/2011 Expression of Interest - OSEP project
02/03/2011 Comprehensive report on Sport Education Framework in Oceania
01/03/2011 Ultimate Speed Shuttle in action
27/02/2011 Day 5 - Planning the Ultimate Speed Shuttle competition
27/02/2011 Day 2 Oceania Badminton - Event management session
24/02/2011 Day 1 - Oceania Badminton develop its people
12/02/2011 Sec Gen workshop in Guam
06/12/2010 Barry Maister Opens Framework Review
17/11/2010 Oceania MOSO II in progress
09/11/2010 Sports Webinar from 1-5 Dec 2010
07/10/2010 Community Sport Event Organised at COM FSM Pohnpei Campus
02/10/2010 College of Micronesia to deliver OSEP community courses
02/10/2010 Epon Keramen trains its volunteers
12/08/2010 Want to be part of Oceania MOSO II?
10/08/2010 CISNOC facilitators undergo OSEP Training
05/08/2010 OSEP signs up with USP's Regional Centre for Continuing and Community Education
03/08/2010 OSEP Review Communique
26/07/2010 ASOP National Coordinators undergo MiSO training
08/07/2010 Integration of skill and fitness development through modified games based activities
25/06/2010 FSM begin their project design
25/06/2010 Technical experts review the OSEP framework
24/05/2010 OSEP part of the UK Sport ICES network
24/05/2010 Partnerships strengthened with Regional Education Directors
21/05/2010 UCLAN offers Masters program scholarship
06/04/2010 FRU develops rugby specific administation course
29/03/2010 ICECP Applications Open
29/03/2010 Oceania MOSO 1 graduates
29/03/2010 Programs Resolutions Endorsed
25/03/2010 ONOC meeting begins
19/03/2010 Oceania Table Tennis conducts course
19/03/2010 OSEP Framework Review Seminar
18/03/2010 MEMOS XIV Call for Application
16/03/2010 Pacific Youth and Sport Conference
18/02/2010 STOP HIV Hold Integrated training in Fiji
27/01/2010 Oceania Doping Control Officers have fun Presenting
19/01/2010 Samoa trains Sports Ministry Staff
22/11/2009 PNG's IEA TAFE presents its first OSEP certificates
21/11/2009 Barry Maister chairs OSEP Management Committee meeting
27/10/2009 Event planning
26/10/2009 Marketing their product
05/10/2009 OSEP Instructor wins MEMOS award
30/09/2009 Aspiring to be a Sport administrator
09/09/2009 FORU administrators undergo OSEP training
09/09/2009 Friendship...Sportmanship....Gender Balance.....Self-Discipline
14/08/2009 Regional Table Tennis supports program
11/08/2009 Interview with Sid Guzman of Guam Basketball
07/08/2009 IOC's Values program
06/08/2009 Oceania well represented at ICECP
27/07/2009 PINA journalists briefed on Sport Education in the region
14/07/2009 PNG sports - OSEP a tool to prepare for national games
30/06/2009 FASANOC Sec Gen is the Managing Marketing expert
30/06/2009 Robert Graham Facilitates at Oceania MOSO 1 session
27/04/2009 Betio Community Club in Kiribati
06/04/2009 2nd Edition of the ICECP launched
25/03/2009 Queenstown welcomes Pacific Islanders
05/03/2009 IEA TAFE in PNG prepares for first OSEP course
05/03/2009 Oceania MOSO Session 2 in Queenstown
18/11/2008 Netball Fiji Coach keen on...
30/10/2008 Review of 2008
30/10/2008 MOSO Pilot begins for Oceania Administrators
17/10/2008 Historical Video Conferencing meeting
25/09/2008 Minikin Begins his MEMOS XII Journey
10/09/2008 FORU Tests Appropriateness of OSEP
23/08/2008 Oceania Women in Sport keen on OSEP
09/07/2008 Recipient of ICECP and IOC scholarship
20/06/2008 Management Committee hold their first meeting
13/05/2008 USOC Provides Island coaches with an opportunity
03/05/2008 Wan Smol Bag set up 11 futsal and 3 hockey clubs
03/05/2008 Evaluation of the Taloa Village pilot course
29/04/2008 Nabanga Sport Program adopts community courses
25/04/2008 Good Management and Accountability encouraged
24/04/2008 OSEP meets with PNG's IEA and Sports Foundation
15/03/2008 OSEP Presents at OSFO General Assembly
14/03/2008 ONOC General Assembly in Progress
14/03/2008 OSFO and ONOC workshops begin in Radisson, Denarau
12/03/2008 Mike McLaughlin expert at first trainers Course
06/03/2008 Inaugural OSEP Instructors Course
29/02/2008 Community courses takes off in Funafuti
14/02/2008 Advanced Sport Management Course
05/02/2008 Hockey Association Begins administrator courses
14/01/2008 Tuvalu NOC to conduct course
18/12/2007 Interested in becoming an OSEP Provider
10/12/2007 Promoting OSEP to Sport & Education Stakeholders
22/11/2007 Greg Urwin to open OSEP Talanoa
21/11/2007 Advanced Sport Management Course
02/11/2007 Annual meeting of Secretary General
02/11/2007 Management Committee meet in Sydney
11/10/2007 Australia Sports funds OSEP in Fiji
02/10/2007 Evaluation of Kadavu Pilot in October
10/08/2007 OSEP session with Secretary Generals
24/07/2007 Community level Pilot Project - Kadavu, Fiji
08/05/2007 Pacific Based Coordinator starts at ONOC
22/12/2006 Sports Administration in Taloa Village Vanuatu
21/12/2006 OSEP On Track

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