Pepes Team Profile & Results

2008 Nations Cup

L-R:  Richanda Kassman, Lydia David, Yvonne Magutau, Nisha Omi, Gewa Raula, Maleta Roberts, Nettie Sau, Ravu Raula, Freda Bual, Raka Nope (VC), Dianne Kala, Mona-Lisa Leka (C)

Coach: Pole Kassman, Asst Coach: Mike Petrides, Manageress: Salote Doko

The Pepes competed in the 2008 Nations Cup in August 2008 going through the tournament undefeated after beating Botswana 55-53 in the cup final.  The Pepes had wins against Bostwana 57-49, Sri Lanka 69-64, Singapore 67-48 and Samoa A 54-49.  As a result of the Pepes success at the tournament the Pepes improved their world ranking from 14th to 11th position.  Impressive were the Pepes wins against Botswana who had finished 10th at the 2007 World Netball Championships in NZ. 

As a result of the Pepes Nations Cup performance in 2008 and their world ranking of 11, the Pepes were crowned the PNG Team of the Year at the 2009 SP Sports Awards in Port Moresby, the first such award for the Pepes.