Enjoyed being a Duty Referee? Complete a Referee Course!

Completing a Referee Course is not just great for those who want to officiate games, they can also give you a greater understanding of your own game, and help you to become a better player. We will even pay you to referee for us! What's not to like about becoming a referee?

We run a number of courses throughout the year, and provide ongoing coaching to help you improve your skills and your understanding. As you progress through the ranks, you can take charge of games at Park compeitions, affiliate cups, our VT League, and ultimately State Representative games such as Alliance Cup and the National Touch League,

We are running several Level 1 referee courses throughout 2018, as well as Level 2 and Level 3. The Level 1 course takes you therough the basics of the laws of the game, signalling, as well as positioning, and the importance of warming up before a match.

The Level 1 course takes about 4 hours to complete, as well as an online component hosted by the Australian Sports Commission. However, if you complete the course and referee three games for us, we will return the $55 fee to you! And from that point, we will pay you for every game you referee. The higher level referee you become, the more we wil pay you!

Even if you can referee 1 game a week, we'd love to have a chat to you about helping us out! That will help pay your fees for the season too!

If you are interested in completing the course, click on this link, email chris.riddell@touchfootball.com.au, or call our off of 03 9681 3000.

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