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08/03/2017 Friday Night Social Sailing – March 10
30/05/2016 Port Phillip Women's Series Presentation 2016
26/05/2016 A Sea Change for Victorian Sailors of all Abilities
22/05/2016 SYC Inaugural Commodore’s Challenge interrupted by strong northerlies
17/05/2016 PPWCS & PPWPS 2016 Awards Presentation
15/05/2016 Port Phillip Women’s Teams up for SYC Inaugural Commodore’s Challenge
07/05/2016 Sun Theatre Trophy Lady Skippers Passage Race to complete Port Phillip Women's Passage Series 2016
04/05/2016 Wild Melbourne weather cuts BLiSS short
02/05/2016 2016 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series finishes on a high!
30/04/2016 Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta returns bigger than ever!
26/04/2016 Women and Girls’ Discover Sailing at Loch Sport, Gippsland Lakes
20/04/2016 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series 2016 steaming to a BLiSSful finale
18/04/2016 Race four makes history for 2016 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series
13/04/2016 Rolling home with Race 4 for Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series 2016
06/04/2016 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series 2016 – on a Roll for Race 4
05/04/2016 BLiSS Training final day – not to be missed!
04/04/2016 Race 3 of Port Phillip Women's Championship Series Boasts Record Numbers
01/04/2016 ‘The Heat is On’ for Race 3 of Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series 2016
24/03/2016 PPWCS 2016 goes Bollywood at Hobbo’s for Round 3
19/03/2016 Yachting Victoria’s Women ‘in Step’ on pathway for Gender Equality
14/03/2016 BLiSS – Make it a Class Act!
08/03/2016 WGIS celebrates International Women's Day!
06/03/2016 BLiSS – How to get the ‘Wind beneath your Wings’
02/03/2016 Port Phillip Women’s Passage Series Race 4 – A long weekend in Blairgowrie
28/02/2016 BLiSS Coaching leads off BLiSS Regatta 2016
26/02/2016 Sailing is forever
24/02/2016 Securite! Securite! Important Weather Information follows…..
22/02/2016 Race 2 of series showcases women's sailing in perfect conditions
18/02/2016 Celebrating Women and Girls in Sailing
18/02/2016 Women on Windsurfers
16/02/2016 Val Hodge Trophy Round 2 of Port Phillip Women's Championship Series 2016
08/02/2016 WISC shines bright as first race of the PPWCS
05/02/2016 Women and Girls in Sailing launch annual event
29/01/2016 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series back for 2016
27/01/2016 Two girls who have done incredibly well!
25/01/2016 Countdown to Women in Sail Challenge is on!
24/01/2016 Port Phillip Women's Passage Series Race 3 off to Mornington
22/01/2016 QLYC Inaugral Pink Lady Regatta a double success
20/01/2016 Festival of Sails beckons Audacious Sue
12/11/2015 Elwood Sailing Club Ladies Night - register now!
07/10/2015 Learn from Laura!
29/04/2015 PPWCS Notice to Competitors #2 posted
20/03/2015 Women on Windsurfers
22/12/2014 Female performances at ISAF Sailing World Cup
10/09/2014 2014 ORCV Women Skippers &Navigators Race set to sparkle
10/09/2014 Vic Laser Association Women & Girls Coaching Sessions
19/08/2014 Girls Night Out
11/08/2014 2014 Winter series race to Geelong and Women’s race to Melbourne
11/08/2014 Vic Laser Association Women & Girls Coaching Sessions
08/08/2014 VIODA Girls Only Weekend
08/08/2014 Sailing Shorts for our wonderful Broads
18/07/2014 Volvo Ocean Race Team SCA
15/07/2014 Opening of the Victorian Women's Governance Scholarships - please note earlier opening date 4 July
11/07/2014 MTYC Lady Skippers Series
11/07/2014 Women and Girls in Sailing Youth Leadership Camp
10/07/2014 Victorian Youth Sailors of the Year - Michelle Bursa, Chelsea Haynes, and Anna Phillip
08/07/2014 Victorian Female Sailor of the Year – Pip Pietromonaco
25/10/2016 All-star line up for Montalto WoW Regatta
08/01/2016 Women in Sailing Challenge - Entries Now Open
12/10/2016 First Female President for Yachting Victoria – Cherry Birch
01/12/2015 Inaugural Pink Lady Regatta - a double for Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club
25/06/2014 OTB Marine Yachting Victoria Awards Evening 2014
23/11/2016 Friday Night WGIS Social Sail
12/09/2016 WOW!! Montalto Coaching Regatta
17/12/2015 Sports Community interview with Sarah Blanck
08/07/2015 Victorian Sailors Excel at Queensland Youth Week
20/06/2014 AWKR 2014 - Flying Tigris catches the Phantom on Port Phillip
27/09/2016 Enter now for the 2016/17 Club Marine Series!
15/12/2015 Jenni Maclean joins Yachting Australia Board
21/05/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series Awards Presentation Night
06/10/2017 Montalto WoW Regatta back for 2017
30/08/2016 New Port Phillip Passage Series for Victorian keelboat sailors launches with ORCV Geelong weekend
11/12/2015 Women in Sailing Challenge 2016 @ SYC
11/11/2014 Sarah Blanck Regatta - Results are In
12/05/2014 Aspiring Navigators Needed - Stars and Compass Trophy
14/09/2016 WGIS Club Representative Forum: September 2016
30/11/2015 ‘Can do Dale’ takes up the Women in Sailing Challenge for 2016
12/11/2015 Sarah Blanck Regatta - A Celebration for Women
26/05/2014 A First for Frankston Yacht Club -Meaghan Densley is First Female Commodore
12/09/2016 No Flies on Us – the 2016 Women Skippers & Navigators Race!
19/07/2016 CitySail Coaching and Racing Regatta 2016 - entries now open!
12/11/2015 Port Phillip Women's Passage Series Race 2 - Come fly with me...
17/08/2015 VIODA Girls Only Weekend
08/07/2015 Ten new MPIO's in Victoria
01/08/2017 Fiji Calling!
11/09/2016 Cruise into Spring with Queenscliff Ladies Discover Cruising 2016 weekend
05/09/2016 2016 ORCV Melbourne to Geelong Yacht Race and Women Skippers & Navigators Race 10-11 Sept
20/10/2015 It looks beautiful, and it is.
10/08/2015 Worlds success for Warren-Myers and the Aussie Hobie girls
08/07/2015 Six more female leaders at yacht clubs
12/01/2015 Bottom of the Bay Regatta
26/05/2014 BLiSSful finale for Port Phillip Women's Championship 2014
23/09/2016 Postcards from SV Tenacious
16/10/2015 Queenscliff Ladies Discover Cruising weekend a pearler
18/09/2015 Getting back onto the water after a lazy winter…
23/01/2015 Victorians doing well across Various Nationals!
22/05/2014 WOW! Podiums and Pumpkin soup at Hobson's Bay Lady Skippers Race
28/04/2014 BRING IT ON – BLiSS FOR OTB 24-25 May 2014
26/08/2016 Tenacious joins the Melbourne Regatta and Blessing of the Fleet
09/10/2015 2015/16 season of Girls School Sailing
08/10/2015 Friday night out with the girls… Catch up over cocktails at Elwood Sailing Club
17/09/2015 Community Sport and Recreation Awards
10/06/2015 The Silver Lining for 25th Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta
19/02/2015 GirlSail 2015
20/10/2014 Serious Fun! - Girl's School Sailing
24/09/2014 WGIS Club Representative Forum Meet and Greet
13/05/2014 Run to the Finish for Port Phillip Women's Championship Series
22/04/2014 Developing Future Female Leaders Program - a great success
11/08/2016 Unique Tall Ship with a Social Inclusion Mission Sails into Port Phillip
08/10/2015 St Leonards the top Aussie Girls Team at Interdominions
02/10/2015 Sarah Blanck Perpetual Trophy - 7 - 8 November
09/06/2015 Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta ticks off full series on last day
18/02/2015 The Val Hodge Trophy - this Sunday!
29/09/2014 Youth leadership day
29/08/2014 2014 Ocean Girls- The Business of Sailing
17/04/2014 Women & Girls in Sailing on Couta Boats
04/04/2014 WISC’hing the Day Away for PPWCS Race Day 3
31/08/2016 SYC to host Woodstock Victorian Open, Women & Youth Match Racing State Championships
16/09/2015 Hobson’s Bay Double Winners for Women Skippers & Navigators Race 2015
16/09/2015 Fancy a social sail at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron?
07/06/2015 Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta day 2 blown out by gale warning
29/08/2014 2014 Women Skippers and Navigators Race-Custom Yacht Covers comes onboard.
17/04/2014 Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron’s Women and Girls in Sailing Evenings
03/08/2016 Sandringham Yacht Club takes out Inaugural Commodore’s Challenge
16/07/2016 ‘Take Two’ for Sandringham Yacht Club’s Inaugural Commodore’s Challenge
12/07/2016 Brace Yourselves from the Winter Weather with a Girls Night In
12/06/2016 AWKR delivers only the best
11/09/2015 Queenscliff Ladies Discover Cruising Quest – Y-knot!
07/06/2015 Three races ahead of strong wind warning at Women’s Keelboat Regatta
26/07/2016 Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta 2016 showcases female talent across the board
01/07/2016 Commodore Jill Golland takes the lead in WGIS Local Hero Award 2015-16
11/06/2016 AWKR kicks off tomorrow
11/09/2015 AUS Etchells – Talk is over. Now it’s time to enter.
30/06/2015 Victoran Hobie girls getting ready for world stage
01/06/2015 Record Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta jubilee fleet
11/02/2015 Take the helm at Port Melbourne thanks to Magic Marine Australia
31/01/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series - the Almighty Bullet!
19/11/2014 Beyond the Bay' gives Nicole Latitude
17/09/2014 VIODA Girls Only Opti Weekend
25/03/2014 Communication and marketing position available on Women and Girls in Sailing Committee
21/06/2016 Women & Girls shine bright at YV Awards 2015-16
06/06/2016 AWKR countdown begins!
10/09/2015 Keep it up!
01/06/2015 Third Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series a Winner
01/04/2015 OTB Invited to Join Keelboats for BLiSS 2015
06/12/2014 Pearls from the Wild Side
12/11/2014 Sarah Blanck Regatta - A Great Step for Women & Girls in Sailing
21/03/2014 Sailing a New World – as I see it.
14/06/2016 Community spirit unites AWKR for finish
10/09/2015 New Passage Racing opportunities for Female Keelboat Sailors
22/06/2015 Women and Girls Shine at 2015 Yachting Victoria Awards
27/05/2015 PPWCS Presentations - With serious clout!
19/02/2015 Last Chance to attend Laser Women & Girls Coaching for Summer 2015
12/02/2015 Make It Happen for Women & Girls in Sailing on 8 March 2015!
24/11/2014 Take A ‘Virtual’ Walk on the Wild Side
08/11/2014 Sarah Blanck Regatta is Here!
21/03/2014 Victorian Women Get the Results at Hobie Worlds
09/09/2015 Women & Girls Lake Challenge taken out by a ‘Purple Haze’
09/09/2015 Mischa cracks top 10 at world titles
19/06/2015 Women & Girls in Sailing Club Reps meet for Winter Solstice
02/06/2015 Eight new Female Leaders developed
19/04/2015 Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta Lecture Series leads the Way
23/01/2015 Women & Girls Coaching Sessions
26/11/2014 Women Take the Lead ‘Beyond the Bay’
18/09/2014 Champion Sailors to Headline All-Female Regatta
21/03/2014 Ronstan WGIS Invitation Race and Dinner at Mordialloc Sailing Club
03/09/2015 Early Bird Entries now Open for the Sarah Blanck Regatta
26/05/2015 BLiSSful weekend as Audacious blitzes yet again
26/02/2015 Girlsail 2015
12/02/2015 PPWCS 2015 Notice to Competitors #1 posted
15/10/2014 WGIS seeking Volunteer Copywriters
21/03/2014 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Race 3 joins Women in Sailing Challenge
24/05/2017 Sandringham sailors rise to Commodore’s Challenge 2017
31/08/2015 ORCV Women Skippers & Navigators Race 2015 leads off new Passage Series
25/05/2015 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – L and V
15/10/2014 WGIS Committee seeking new member
02/04/2014 Albert Sailing Club Girls & Women Dinghy Challenge
14/03/2014 Women's Sailing at BYS
05/08/2015 Women & Girls Lake Challenge - Albert Park unites for a 'Sail in the City
19/05/2015 Sailing in Support of Survivors - Children of Phoenix
16/02/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series - Love a Southerly
03/02/2015 Albert Sailing Club launches 'Women and Girls Lake Challenge'
27/02/2014 Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta (AWKR)
28/08/2015 Thinking of trying something new or getting more involved this season?
03/08/2015 Women Skippers & Navigators Race 2015 female Race Management Team
20/05/2015 Long wait over for BLiSS skipper
29/03/2015 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – Bump n’ Grind
13/10/2014 All invited to Children of Phoenix Movie Night
27/02/2014 The Val Hodge Trophy - Sailing in Sunshine... and Don’t it Feel Good!
24/08/2015 Women & Girls Lake Challenge – Welcome Aboard!
02/08/2015 From a Midlife Crisis to the Experience of a Lifetime
16/05/2015 Golden Girls Gearing Up for BLiSS
23/03/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series back for Race Day 3
24/09/2014 Creating a Culture of the 'Token Bloke' - Part 2
23/09/2014 Calling all female Laser sailors!
25/02/2014 GirlSail 2014
18/07/2015 ORCV Women Skippers & Navigators Race - Jobs for the Girls!
06/05/2015 Sailing is BLiSS - How Sailing Saved My Life
18/03/2015 Sophie and Thomas Alexander named Victorian Junior Sports Team of the Year
18/09/2014 Creating a Culture of the 'Token Bloke' - Part 1
19/02/2014 Jennifer Goldsmith Trophy leads off PPWCS
17/07/2015 Once upon a time...
29/04/2015 Even when its Bad its Good
10/04/2015 BLiSS Coaching a Bonus for the Early Birds
29/03/2015 Victorian Sailors test the water at NZ Women's Keelboat Regatta
04/03/2015 Australian Sailing Team celebrates International Womens Day
15/08/2014 Leanne Thomson - 2014 Victorian Sailing Instructor of the Year
12/02/2014 Mordialloc Sailing Club - OTB Ladies & Girls Invitation Day
21/04/2015 Sydney 38 Bow Woman at the helm for BLiSS Regatta
25/03/2015 NZ Women’s Keelboat Regatta attracts RBYC Entry
23/01/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series 2015
14/08/2014 Victorian Motor Yachtsperson of the Year 2014 – Sue Bowes!
07/02/2014 Wanted - Women seeking a new racing challenge!
13/05/2015 Women & Girls Lake Challenge – Heat Two is here
11/03/2015 Magic Racing at Port Melbourne
05/08/2014 Victorian Junior Sailors of the Year - Sophie and Thomas Alexander
07/02/2014 Jennifer Goldsmith Trophy leads off PPWCS 2014
24/06/2015 ORCV Women Skippers & Navigators Race 2015 returns for Spring
20/05/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series - Race 4 Resail
23/02/2015 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series - Ladies v ships, barges and tugs
23/12/2014 Launch of Port Phillip Women's Championship Series 2015
03/07/2014 Ocean Girls on their Way to Vanuatu
04/02/2014 It's never too late!
27/04/2015 Take Two for Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series Race 4
19/04/2015 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – Prince Charming
21/12/2014 Gen Z Challengers for Latitude Ocean Race
16/06/2014 Australian Women’s Keelboat 2014 Hits a High Note
03/02/2014 Discover sailing at Loch Sport
08/04/2015 Areeba! for Port Phillip Women's Championship Series Race 4
03/03/2015 Fast Track your Laser Racing Skills with the Krystal Coaching Program
05/06/2014 Winners are Grinners at second Port Phillip Women’s Championship Awards
03/02/2014 Women and Girls in Sailing at SSCBC
02/04/2014 Victorian Girls attend ASC Women and Leadership in Sailing Project
31/01/2014 Girls Night Out
23/01/2014 2014 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series Lifts Off!
15/01/2014 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series Launch this Friday January 17th
20/12/2013 Club Marine promoting Women in Sailing
20/12/2013 The Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series (PPWCS) is back for 2014!
12/12/2013 WGIS Club Representatives welcomed aboard
12/12/2013 Yachting Victoria: Developing Future Female Leadership
05/12/2013 Somers’ female sailors hit the high spots
05/12/2013 Latitude leads Deb to Sailing the World
28/11/2013 Women in sailing is the norm. They fill a range of sailing roles.
28/11/2013 Leadership grant places Danielle on the world stage
19/11/2013 A First For Ballaarat Yacht Club
12/11/2013 Volvo Ocean Race - Mason named shore manager for all-female crew
31/10/2013 Women Officials, Girl Sailors - Girls Sailing Series at Albert Park
30/10/2013 Mordialloc Sailing Club's first ever Halloween party and family dinner
25/10/2013 ORCV invites everyone to join the Latitude Series!
25/10/2013 Norma the Navigator
08/11/2016 Tandem Ride for Round 2 of Port Phillip Passage and Port Phillip Women’s Passage Series
25/10/2013 WOW! What A Birthday
20/12/2016 FREE Women's Race Official Course
18/10/2013 Women make waves - Bayside Leader Article
28/11/2016 Tenacious Captain Barbara Campbell takes up the helm in Australia
14/10/2013 Women on Water 1st Birthday
03/10/2013 Yachting Australia - Women & Leadership Program
03/10/2013 Warren-Myers takes out 3rd at Hobie14 World Champs
03/10/2013 Victorian Women Set to Dominate the World Champion
02/10/2013 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! VIODA Girl's Weekend
17/09/2013 ORCV Women Skippers and Navigators Race
27/08/2013 M2G joins G2M with Women Sailors Getting on Board
12/08/2013 Girls just want to have fun!
06/08/2013 Women in Sailing at Beaumaris Yacht Club
02/08/2013 Meet a 'Women and Girls in Sailing' local hero - Nora Livesey
26/07/2013 Applications for the 2013/14 Women in Sport Leadership Grants are now open.
09/07/2013 Chelsey 'Discovers Sailing'
09/07/2013 Women and girls shine at YV awards night 2013
09/07/2013 ORCV announces new Women Skippers & Navigators Race
02/07/2013 Do you know a local sailing hero?
04/06/2013 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series presentation night results
28/05/2013 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series wraps up in style
28/05/2013 The 23rd Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta
27/05/2013 Join us to celebrate!
27/05/2013 BLiSS victory despite weather gods failure
17/05/2013 Learn how to be 'in contention' at the top mark
15/05/2013 BLiSS crews invited for spinnaker training
09/05/2013 Learn the secrets of starting from one of the best!
03/05/2013 AWKR kicks off lecture series with Jessica Watson
02/05/2013 The Brighton Ladies Skipper Series (BLiSS) is this weekend
22/04/2013 Wind at last for the Port Phillip Women's Championship Series!
14/04/2013 HBYC Lady Skippers Trophy Race celebrates 30th anniversary
08/04/2013 Well done to the WISC winners!
01/04/2013 Will the third race in PPWCS be a game changer?
19/03/2013 Women on Windsurfers at Inverloch
19/03/2013 Racing to the Top - Victoria's Female Sailors Have Success at States
14/03/2013 Get your entries in for race 3 of the Port Phillip Women's Championship Series
28/02/2013 Are you ready for the Women in Sailing Challenge, Sunday 3rd March?
25/02/2013 Team Nouannie takes the Val Hodge Trophy in clean sweep
19/02/2013 Entries invited for the Val Hodge Trophy Race, Sunday 24th February
19/02/2013 PMYC Women's Regatta - Supporting White Ribbon
18/02/2013 Twenty six boats in the Port Phillip Women's Championship get off to a very light start!
11/02/2013 Women grind smarter at the TP52s
01/02/2013 Entries invited for the Jennifer Goldsmith Perpetual Trophy
29/01/2013 Women in Sailing at Beaumaris Yacht Club
24/01/2013 Photos from the Launch of the PPWCS
21/12/2012 Learn to helm a catamaran
21/12/2012 New championship series for female sailors gets the thumbs up!
21/12/2012 Welcome to the new Women and Girls in Sailing website!
21/12/2012 Take the helm at the Port Melbourne Women's Regatta

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