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12/09/2017 membership forms are available
19/09/2016 AUS NACRA 17 Team @ WILDCAT
08/09/2016 Goodall Design G14
08/09/2016 Sunday is start of the Season
10/06/2016 Launch Sober- Norwegian style
03/06/2016 Wildcat Mentions
03/06/2016 NEW NEWS and don't forget to check Club News
03/09/2015 So it begins on Sunday
18/08/2015 Pre Season
11/08/2015 Membership forms
06/08/2015 THE 2015 WILDCAT
06/08/2015 Club News is Active
06/08/2015 Season Starts 6th September
15/07/2015 Looking for Meeting Minutes?
15/07/2015 Club Presentation
15/06/2015 We're back
21/10/2014 Hobie States 29-30 November are on our webpage
07/10/2014 The Wildcat is over and the results are in
18/09/2014 Sensational Sunday 21st
17/09/2014 Great turnout for the Wildcat planning meeting
12/09/2014 Sunday 7th and Sunday 14th September
05/09/2014 Season Starter
29/08/2014 Yachting Australia Report an Incident
20/08/2014 Membership forms available
14/08/2014 We are on the Web again
16/06/2014 AGM for 2014
17/03/2014 Sunday 16th March
19/02/2014 Sunday Sailing 16-2-14
19/02/2014 Hobie Worlds Jervis Bay
12/12/2013 Booti Booti Cup Date Moved
03/12/2013 Report from the NSW Hobie States. See Club News
30/11/2013 New Weather
26/11/2013 Check out the Site
19/11/2013 White Lightning
14/11/2013 More Pics Please
13/11/2013 New Website is up and running
18/09/2013 28 Day Rain forecast- Nice
18/09/2013 28 Day Rain forecast- Nice
18/09/2013 Wildcat Sailing Instructions are available here
10/09/2013 Ocean Dreaming Series Opens the Season
10/09/2013 Sunday Laser Sailing
28/08/2013 Season Starter- Fathers Day
19/08/2013 D R S A B C D Not a course you'd want to sail.
23/07/2013 Bic News Update
19/07/2013 Want to register for the WILDCAT
18/07/2013 2013 - 2014 Season Fees are payable
17/07/2013 Trial of Online Entry for the Wildcat
17/07/2013 More club Meeting minutes added to archive
19/06/2013 Buoy o' Buoy o' Buoy...
18/06/2013 Yachting NSW Insurance
17/06/2013 Loving the AC
17/06/2013 Presidents report and Membership application forms now available
17/06/2013 New Committee for 13-14
19/03/2013 Capricorn Video
04/03/2013 Lake full
12/02/2013 NSW Laser Masters a Huge Success
12/02/2013 Nautilas Insurance with YNSW
26/09/2012 Great weather ahead for the WILDCAT
17/09/2012 Power boat course a great success
11/09/2012 Live Feed of F18 Worlds here
03/09/2012 The Open Bic States are Coming. Avalon SC
02/09/2012 Wonderful day to start the season
19/08/2012 Working Bee a big success
08/08/2012 WILDCAT 2012 The Wildcat is online
26/07/2012 Yachting NSW Courses
26/07/2012 Australian Sailing Team Site
25/07/2012 Tuesday July Meeting
24/07/2012 2012 - 13 Race Calendar Now available
24/07/2012 A July Update
16/05/2012 NSW Learn to Sail and Junior sailing visit
23/03/2012 ISAF World Sailing on Facebook
23/03/2012 Tornado involved in trials
16/03/2012 Multi Hull Trials soon
16/03/2012 Sailing Report
15/03/2012 Teamer Software for SMS and Email Notifications
15/03/2012 March President Report
12/03/2012 Booti Booti Cup Success
27/02/2012 Kingsley's News
24/02/2012 Great weather
20/02/2012 Presidents Report February 2012
20/02/2012 Formula Bic Spotted
31/01/2012 Manning Marathon a great success.
31/01/2012 Open Bic States at Port Stephens
10/01/2012 The Booti Booti Cup IS ON February 16-17 2013
22/11/2011 A few Video updates on the Other Stuff page
21/11/2011 Sunday 20th November
24/10/2011 Bic Racing Season Pointscore
24/10/2011 Sunday 23rd October Results and pointscore.
24/10/2011 Bic Racing Sunday results
17/10/2011 The Presidents Report
12/10/2011 Life Members
10/10/2011 Three out of Three for Annaliese
06/10/2011 Huge Thanks to Everyone
20/09/2011 Sunday Magic
14/09/2011 Sunday Sailing for Bics and Off the Beach Cats
12/09/2011 Check out the America's Cup action on Youtube
11/09/2011 Sept 11 Season Starter with plenty of wind
31/08/2011 SHIK again supporting the Wildcat
31/08/2011 Powerboat Handling Course
18/08/2011 A Class Worlds
12/08/2011 weather
10/08/2011 Wildcat is ON
04/08/2011 We NEED two more 'Likes' on our facebook page...
02/08/2011 Kitchen Makeover
02/08/2011 Boat Updates
01/08/2011 Teamer Software for SMS and Email Notifications
20/07/2011 Season Fees Details
20/07/2011 Working bee at the Club
20/07/2011 Trial of Teamer software
28/06/2011 PFD- Life Jacket information
24/05/2011 Sailing Success at Combined High Schools Regatta
31/03/2011 Open Bic National titles 2011
31/03/2011 Adventure Racing during the Bic Cup
29/03/2011 Open Bic National titles 2011 A HUGE SUCCESS
19/01/2011 Kingsley and Lisa Pursch return to Great Lakes
18/10/2010 Wildcat regatta attracts over 70 boats from around Australia
07/09/2010 Meeting Minutes from 1st September 2010
30/08/2010 Racing Begins this weekend in Forster

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