RC Lasers – 15 October 2017

Evening Everyone,

It was an interesting day’s racing today – difficult conditions, great finishes, and new faces in the top results.

The day started out rather quietly – an up and down course was set with the wind coming out of the east.  A sail conditions we thought.  The first boats went on the water with the A sail on, but quickly came back on for a change down to the B sail. There were darker patches out there as well.  The problem was there were holes in between the darkies, so it was all go; or all stop.  Added to that, there was a lot of the hairy weed around; so it was a difficult day for everyone.

Stephen Deane, Peter Close and Robin Tickner made the most of the conditions and stamped their authority on the day, with top results in the first few races.  Graham Brown did not start until the 5th race so there was a lot of opportunity early on to consolidate your position.  Robin started running into gear problem, and missed a couple of races…. this damaged his final result.

Robin also decided to put the A sail on for one race, but quickly changed back after surviving  some unfriendly winds.

I have to compliment everyone on the better starts we had, together with the better top mark roundings.  If we all think about these aspects of sailing, we all will enjoy the sailing that much more.

So, Stephen survived the terrors of the day and took home the honours for the day; with Peter and Robin in hot pursuit.  Well done to you all.  I think we as a Club are getting more competitive sailing every day we go on the water.  Every place is now contested; and we are all better for it.

I came 4th and didn’t have one of my better days; Brian Chapman sailed really well into 5th place – he is really starting to shake up the establishment.  Graham Brown dropped straight into the groove when he arrived, clawing his way up to 6thplace.  Tony Platt, Peter Lee and David Moont each sailed without luck, taking the final three places.

The run up to the end of the year is going to be very interesting with State, National, and International competitions coming up over the October/November period.

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Noel McPherson

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