RC Lasers – 3 September 2017

Please find below the race results for sailing Sunday – a day that provided interesting sailing for the 8 attendees.

We had a Kiwi friend, Graham Watson, join our fleet yesterday, following on from his sail with us on Thursday, and proving to be a very capable RClaser sailor.

The breeze began from the NE at around 8-10 knots – not as predicted, but eventually found its way to the North and a bit fresher, causing some interesting and spectacular ‘B’ sail dives.

The course was moved from the normal NE configuration to the unusual North South direction making the sailing a little tricky, but all sailors adapted quickly although everyone experienced a period of “northerly” fickleness, where the breeze, either dropped totally, or swung through 90 degrees.

A special mention for a couple of our sailors – firstly Graham, from NZ, sailed consistently, as his results showed, and his reason for joining us was to get some valuable experience in the lead up to the Championship of Nations, in November.

Secondly, Peter Close arrived with his right arm in plaster (broken wrist) – the result of a fall he had on Friday. 

Peter battled through the day, despite his steering hand reduced to only his thumb, and still managed some very credible results – well done Peter.

Everyone had a tale of woe on the day, and for those who were able to sacrifice Father’s Day, for a sail, all agreed it was fun day.

Just a quick observation – when there is an infringement and you believe you may be in the wrong, saying sorry is polite, but please do the required penalty.

See everyone on Thursday.


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