RC Lasers – 23 July 2017

Evening Everyone,

I turned up early at Dobroyd today, and couldn’t believe some of you were there ahead of me. I now know you are all dead keen; and perhaps need to get a life!

The day looked to be a replica of Thursday’s sail – westerly breeze, up and down course in front of the deck; and shortened up a little to try and keep away from the sun.  C/D sail strength of breeze; and when we started sailing the wind swung around to the north west; so we changed the course again.  I think we changed again before the afternoon was out; but the wind strength more or less remained.

Whether we like it or not, Graham Brown is a very hard man to nail; and whether he likes it or not, he has a target on his back.  Unfortunately for us, that is usually the only view we get!  He sails intelligently and fairly; and if you can pick up a win against him, you have really earned it.  I just hope we are providing enough competition for him to train for the upcoming competitive season.  Having said that, Peter Close had an excellent day out – really taking it up to Graham all day; taking three wins off him.

So, to the results…..  Graham had a consistently good day again, and deserved to take out the honours.  Peter had a really good day, and well deserved second place.  I wasn’t consistent enough, getting into trouble and missing marks – didn’t deserve third place.  Stephen Deane is now sailing more consistently and earned fourth place.  Robin Tickner didn’t sail as consistently as he can and scored fifth place.  Brian Chapman is still trying to sort his boat out – he has a fast boat and can score highly, so that is encouragement for him.  Peter Lee returned to sailing after a short absence, and had a sail servo play up on him, so that limited his scores.  Ivan Schlederer missed the first four races, so that reflected in his score.  Geoff Lucas and David Moont are still trying to sort themselves out, but have shown they will be dangerous in the future.

I know that whenever we turn up for a day’s sailing now, I am in for a big examination of my boat and how I sail… I cannot take anyone for granted, and it is a joy to be heading up to the line in the final countdown to the start.  Thanks guys.

The score sheet is enclosed.


Noel McPherson


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