RC Lasers – 9 July 2017

Morning Everyone,

Yesterday was a day that started out with great promise, but it fizzed out into the typical winter pattern.

The wind was straight out of the west, and to start with, was on the edge of the B sail... some thought about starting with the C, but it did not happen. Through the day the wind progressively died, and by the last race we were bouncing around between puffs. The wind had also swung round to the north, and this made it difficult to figure out what was happening at times.

In spite of the conditions, there were many close finishes - you could not drop your guard in the run up to the finish line or you would be run over.

Graham Brown walked away with the brownie points once again; but he is still not happy with his setup - not a good sign. Robin Tickner deserved his second place, sialing consistently through the day - he was always up there. Ivan Schlederer also sailed well, but probably a little less consistently. Peter Close is the man to watch out for, and has been giving everyone hurryup of late. It was not one of my better days. I am trying different starting positions, but just got into trouble all day... there is a lesson there! Geoff Lucas is really coming on well - he was trying out a new transmitter and radio yesterday, and it really made a difference. He was a happy lad at the end of the day. Steve Crewes sailed really well, and kept the leaders honest for most of the day. Brian Chapman also showed that when he gets his act together, he is as good as anyone else. Stephen Deane didn't have a happy day - we need to see if we can help him to get his poat going better. David Moont is still coming to grips with sailing the Laser, but he had a 4 in one race, so that is really encouraging.

All up, a varied day on the water. Each of us has some work to do!

Enclosed are the results from the day.


Noel McPherson

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