RC Lasers – 15 June 2017

Morning Everyone,

We turned up for a nice winter sail - bright sunshine; but no wind apart from a few murmurs on the water. The water was glass.

The course was set in an east west direction, more in hope than anything else - there was a bit of west out there; and by the time we started to get serious about a race, the wind had switched through 180 deg.; so the course was reversed. And that is how it stayed for most of the day.

With the conditions, I didn't see much future for handicap racing; but was leant on fairly hard to put it on, so we had one race to shake out the cobwebs - that took about half the afternoon... the tide had more effect than the wind; but very pleasant on the deck sitting in the sun; discussing the world.

Then a bit of a breeze came up, and firmed in as the afternoon passed, to end up being a very nice A sail breeze on flat water.

It wasn't a good introduction the handicap sailing for the new sailors; but they took full advantage of the handicaps and ended well up on the score sheet.

Full credit to Phillip Page - it is good to see him take out the top place - it is about time. Brian Chapman also deserved his second place - he is the big improver at the moment; and David Moont and Geoff Lucas have now indicated there are bigger things to come in the near future. Robin Tickner and Stephen Deane battled it out all afternoon, and weren't to be separated on the score sheet, and Peter Close also joined the group on 20 points. Graham Brown was beaten by his handicap under the circumstances; but he is re-working his boat, so beware next time out. Ivan Schlederer sailed without much joy... I think he was looking after Robin's incidents too much. I couldn't get around the top marks all day -= kept cutting inside... have to fix that! Steve Crewes sat out most of the races - it was hard being on the water with little motion.

So, for a day that started out poorly for sailing, it ended on a good note. Looking forward to the next handicap series with a reasonable breeze!


Noel McPherson


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