Select the Roster, Results or Ladder of the Competition you are interested in:

City U6 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U6 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U6 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U6 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
City U6 Div 5RosterResultsLadder
Southern U6 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
Southern U6 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
Girls U6 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
Girls U6 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U7 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U7 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U7 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U7 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
City U7 Div 5RosterResultsLadder
Southern U7 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
Southern U7 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
Girls U7RosterResultsLadder
City U8 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U8 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U8 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U8 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
Southern U8RosterResultsLadder
Girls U8 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
Girls U8 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U9 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U9 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U9 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U9 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
Girls U9 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
Girls U9 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U10 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U10 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U10 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U10 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
Girls U10RosterResultsLadder
City U11 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U11 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U11 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U11 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
Girls U11RosterResultsLadder
City U12 Div 1RosterResultsLadder
City U12 Div 2RosterResultsLadder
City U12 Div 3RosterResultsLadder
City U12 Div 4RosterResultsLadder
City U12 Div 5RosterResultsLadder
Girls U12RosterResultsLadder

Notice Board

Rosters for 2018 Grading rounds will be issued by the end of April.

The first Grading Round will be played on May 6.