Gator Survey feedback

Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.

Listed below is a summary of the feedback and club responses. The office is always open on a Sunday if your interested in how the club is run pop and have a chat or email

Fee Structure:

The club is looking to change the Fee structure to include Mid Week training. This would reduce the administration and collection of money weekly. Fee’s would then be paid in 3 instalments. Friday night costs would be reduced to the scoresheet only. Is this something your family would prefer?

Overall the feedback positively supported the increase to cover Mid-Week training costs. The plan will be to introduce the new fee for the 2019 season following a more detail review of the current costs.  There will be however, a small increase to the 2018 fees to cover GST. The Gators is now required to collect and pay GST. This season’s fees will be $400 inc GST Can be paid either in full or in 2 instalments :-

*1st Instalment $200 due 18th Nov 17 * 2nd Instalment $200 due 26th Jan 18 

Presentation Award Venue: 

We are trying to get a view of the format, venue and cost of Presentation Night for 2018 onwards. Did you & your family attend Presentation night last year?

Presentation night feedback was varied and will help us to build on the event. The challenge for a club our size is getting a venue that can accommodate all our teams together. Seaworks is one of the only venue’s that can accommodate the numbers and does not require you to use their caterer.  The being too cold was the main issue raised with Seaworks.  Well good news Seaworks will be renovating the shed this will include heating, new internal toilets, glass outlook to the pier and smooth out the floor. We will keep you updated and this should be ready for next year’s event!


A number of the Gator volunteers will be finishing up this year. We are now looking for new volunteers - Finance management, Mid Week Court Management, Uniform coordinator and Marketing, & Sponsorship and General Administration. Are you interested in volunteering

Volunteering - We didn’t get a great response with only a couple of people offering to help.  This is a big club with no full time administrator, volunteers are critical to keep the club running. If you indicated being able to volunteer can you please email

Sponsorship & Fundraising: 

Previous years Sponsorship campaigns & Fundraising events have now dried up and need to be topped up 2018 Target is $20,000 Funds are used for New Clash tops, updated training equipment, Education courses for coaches to name a few. It takes the whole club to FUNDRAISE.

Selling Chocolates and Bunnings BBQ were the most popular fundraising options. Taking this feedback we will arrange a variety of activities and events for 2018. There were also some questions about where the money is spent.  The club can confirm that these funds will be used for the Junior Gators: listed below are some of the  areas where we have the most need and are priorities for additional funds.

 1. Purchase Clash tops so each team has a set for the season
2. Pay for Coaches to attend courses with Australian and International  coaches
3. Provide educational sessions such as First Aid, and Dieticians
4. Training equipment & tools for coaches - i.e. Coaches boards, Access to on line training tools, Defensive mannequins, tackle bags


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