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Round 7 Report

                                     Round 7 vs Wilston Grange

Yes, I kicked a goal in this game. Obviously if I wanted to I could take this opportunity to waffle on about my scoring contribution in a thoroughly gratuitous fashion like some self-indulged wind bag…so I will, just to get it out of the way.

I can’t exactly say how many Wilston Grange players there were hanging off me at the time, there simply wasn’t time to count. I haven’t had that many large sweaty men hanging off me since I wandered into The Beat asking for directions.

A little of the credit for my ability to sneak through a tight space has to go to Yatala on this occasion. Having only just investigated the new showers in the change rooms beforehand, I found myself well prepared to find my way out of tight quarters.


Look, I’m not complaining. The new showers look great and Yats has clearly based his vision on the design favoured by the Turkish prison system. It just means that a couple of the larger boys will need to be hosed down and have the squeegee run over them in the carpark after the game.


The bottom line is I kicked a goal. No big deal, it’s my 31st for the club but who keeps count of these things anyway?

There were some important additions for this week. Princess came into the game carrying a suspected diploma (or degree or some other such form of honorary documentation). I’m envious of course. The fanciest paper I have at my place is 3ply and I’m only allowed to get that out when guests arrive. One way or the other, it loaned the change rooms an air of education it hasn’t had before (yes, I know Pipes wears a white coat in some tertiary capacity but just because he keeps offering free prostate checks after the game, doesn’t make him a doctor! I’m not falling for that a fifth time. It’s also great to welcome Kingy back from abroad with a slight accent and a curious penchant for baguettes and street mime.


Mousey, affecting an impressive homeless man routine, amused us all during the warm up, once we realised who he was. It was scary for a little while though. I see a dishevelled, destitute figure shuffling towards our ground, I immediately assume we’re looking at somebody who’s either invested their life savings into the Sharks phone app or bought a house from Haema.

During the warm up I find it hard not to notice that our field appears to be wearing a toupee. You know those really bad ones you see old guys wearing, with the chin strap and a tag turned up at the back? Either we’ve started growing rice mid-week to help offset registration fees or the ground is a work in progress. I can’t quite tell if it’s best to water our midfield or vacuum it. Our game plan will be simple, play the fairway and stay out of the rough and avoid the bunkers at all costs.

Presto finds himself in turbulent waters early. Usually the dispenser of physical discomfort, he himself wears a shirtfront to the jaw, which has him seeing stars for a while.

It’s exciting though as it allows Umpire Bobby the opportunity to peel the wrapping off his new coloured card system:

  • Green – A short spell on the bench to think about your actions.
  • Yellow - Off for the remainder of the game and
  • Pink – You are now required to play the rest of the game wearing Skull’s pre-game shorts…yes, they’re back!

Presto, plotting revenge the whole time he is off, sets his swinging forearm into motion as he leaves the bench, destined for the first non-Souths figure he sees, be it a player, somebody running water or just walking their dog too close to the boundary line at the time.

Some uncharacteristically fumbled marks to Tank have the coach recommending The Grippo we keep in the sheds for wet days but I advise strongly against it…that stuff is strong. If you go for a tinkle at half time and forget that it’s on…let’s just say that you’ll have a hard time explaining your situation to any police that pull up beside you at the lights on your way home.

     There is a curious delay to the start of the second half when Umpire Bobby wanders                                       off into the car park, largely unexplained. Was he meeting with his pimp, negotiating      with a Columbian drug cartel or merely searching under cars for Pokemon? The truth

     is, we may never know. What is known is that we now have to consider the logistical

     nightmare of having a child harness attached to Bobby for all future games.

Sadly, we don’t get the job done but there are highlights nonetheless. A wonderful banana goal to Maysie from a hit out on the run was pure delight and Burger was unmovable in the ruck, anchoring himself to the turf like he were front and centre at a Normie Rowe concert.

Rocket goaled from around from 34cm out, visibly pleased that it went through on the full and Docko, outstanding again, continues to punch the ball harder and further than many can kick.

Roy showed some great poise on debut, even helping set up one of our first goals but Wilston Grange’s full forward in particular was proving more than a handful for us. Despite giving the outward appearance of a librarian or chartered accountant his

footballing guile would see to him kicking 4 or 5 telling goals on us when it mattered most. I imagined he paused briefly after the win to write a short celebratory Haiku about it, such was his contemplative and sedate exterior.

Unfortunately, one of the too many goals we conceded came via a 50 metre penalty courtesy of Manny wandering amiably through the mark. The club will now be considering the purchase of a second child harness for him too.




The Supers set about redemption with some excellent early run and carry. Skull was lively from the outset and a first quarter shimmy from him followed by an unselfish Haema handpass into the goal square, resulted in a well worked goal for Chris.

The unseasonably warm winter’s day had heralded the return of Skull’s polarising “Fruit Salad” shorts to great fanfare. I personally have no issue with him wearing them provided he’s either: skippering a float at Mardi Gras or, at the very least, complementing the look with the correct accessories, in this a case…a coconut bra.

Consecutive posters to Dutchy saw the frustrated goal sneak on the end of a stern talking to…though mostly from himself.

Princess, now officially the most educated player on our list (and therefore the only likely person capable of accurately reading the list) took some towering pack grabs. Par for the course really, for a man already used to…impressive marks (see what I did there?!)

Campo worked hard but had a horror game by foot, butchering his kicks the way Burger does the English language on Awards Night.

Cramp and fatigue were starting to set in earlier than normal. Some blamed the warmer weather, some planetary alignment, others just seemed agitated when I listened in and opted to spray me with Mace. Speculative causes aside, it kept the sidelines busy.

Johnno, down in the middle for a short time, came in for some remedial yoga at the hands of a nurturing Michael. Another shout out to Mick on the sidelines, working away feverishly in the tight yellow jersey for this game, showing great commitment after his apparent win in the latest stage of the Tour de France.

Brendan was keen to stamp himself physically on as many contests as he could, clashing with a Grange big man in one of the biggest collisions since the Jurassic period. Not satisfied, he completely steam rolled much smaller opposition shortly after. A preliminary examination of the little fella showed signs of life although, having risen a little thinner from the encounter, rather than let him drive we felt it safer to fax him back home after the game.

With the contest still very much on the line it would be that man Skull, who would shift momentum with a lovely set shot from in front of the drinking patrons. He almost seemed embarrassed by the attention. Yes, he’s used to large crowds cheering for him but this might be the first time that it’s happened without handfuls of cash being stuffed down the front of his pants.

Croc crashed the pack in spectacular fashion in the dying stages of the game taking out enough players to set up an opportunistic goal for the ever lurking Haema. Sore, Crockie got up clutching his bum…in largely the same fashion the rest of the Supers will once they see how intimate the new showers are.

Dan was best for mine, covering the ground in impressive fashion in exactly the same way that his hairline does not.

A hard fought but nonetheless enjoyable 9 point win for the Supers.

Round 6 Report

Round 6 vs Bayside Bombers


This is my 14th season as a player with Souths Sharks (yeah, I know I received a 10 year badge at last year’s presentation night but I also received one back in 2011, so I figure we’ve just started handing them out like they were prawn crackers.)

In all that time I can’t remember a more bizarre set of circumstances culminating in the premature stoppage to a game like the one I witnessed in this encounter…but more on that later.



Ok, Ok I’m sorry I was away from you for so long but I’ve been a little busy. That 100 hours of Community Service doesn’t just complete itself you know. I want to thank so many of you for the campaign of verbal harassment, lead largely by Dutchy keen to read about his last minute heroics, in trying to extract the latest match report from me. Regardless, I’m back fresh out of Witness Protection and keen to shovel out another piping hot offering of my semi-literate observations, into the cyber trough for you to dip your ravenous snouts into once more.

There was talk of Nicko stepping in to try his hand but this never came to fruition. I get it, finding footballers with a solid grasp of both punctuation and grammar is ambitious at best. That said, I think our opponents for this round know a thing or two about sentences – no doubt having been on the receiving end from the local magistrate on more than a few occasions.

Arriving early for this one I take a pleasant stroll to the club rooms, enjoying the semi-rural setting as a banjo twangs ominously, somewhere off in the distance.

Steam billows through my trembling lips like an angry kettle. It’s cold, so cold some of the boys elect to hang their car keys on my nipples for safe keeping.

The locals assess me from behind cautious nods as I pass, clearly unnerved by my adherence to dental hygiene and regular bathing.

It becomes quickly apparent that today’s Sharks will need team spirit to act as the thread that binds this patchwork quilt of a team in the absence of much experience. Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in our attire. Arguments ensue as to whom exactly forgot to bring the team’s spare jerseys but regardless, some of us are forced to take to the field in t-shirts, singlets and other Shark emblazoned paraphernalia. Manny even offers to shave a number into his back if it will help create an extra jumper.

Team morale is quickly buoyed with our first glimpse of a different look Bayside to the outfit we played only weeks earlier. Relatively few appear to have needed driving to the ground by their parents this time around, which bodes well for our older bodies.

The Masters control things from the outset. Wizard, so named presumably for his mercurial footballing gifts rather than any predisposition he may have for taking long journeys with Hobbits, is an unstoppable force. He caps a dominant display with a long bomb goal from outside 50 in what many are hailing as the single greatest game by a man in a $15 training singlet in the club’s history.

It unfolds as a game of spirited thrust and parry, with our superior skill level giving us the edge for much of the first 3 quarters when, just prior to the 3rd quarter’s conclusion, the Archbishop of Bayside decided to stop proceedings to deliver a bizarrely timed sermon on footballing ethics.

What exactly was preached, I can’t quite say. My ears developed a callous after the initial 30 seconds and everything after that point became a dull drone.

What I can say, is that one of our club’s longest serving members had an unnecessary and thoroughly undeserved shadow cast over his reputation during this self-indulgent monologue.

Floater has been a part of most of my 14 seasons, depending on availability through either work or modelling commitments. In that time he has played the game as hard and, more importantly, as fairly as anybody I have played alongside. Granted, poise and grace are not his more prevailing physical attributes, such that he appears destined to give up on his Olympic Gymnastics dream but I would defy anyone to question the sprit in which he has ever played the game.

Let me close off on this unsolicited rant by making two final points.

For any player to go above and beyond their jurisdiction, as was witnessed this day, make damned sure you and your team have an impeccable, squeaky clean record to loan your statements some form of credibility. If we’d stopped the game every time somebody got hurt in a Bayside game, they’d turn into 5 day test matches. Some of those lads shake hands with their elbows. It was a little like being accused of vanity by a Kardashian.

Secondly, I found such misguided bravado to be nothing short of unprofessional and highly disrespectful. Disrespectful to the game, our captain, the officials and in particular the umpires on hand to officiate. Here endeth the rant.

With the recent drone of sanctimony still echoing in our ears there were fears that our focus may be challenged for the final quarter. Fortunately, Pete May was on hand to encourage us from the sidelines, upgrading the atmosphere from “tense” to “handsome”.

Corky & Docko’s continued dash from the back half was inspirational. Repelling the opposition’s forward thrust the way my personality does female advance.

Another honourable mention to Manny for another stellar performance. The chart mapping Manny’s progress as a player continues to rise steeply, assuming that I’m reading it the right way up of course.

Cam kicked 4 goals for the Sharks and was dangerous all day in what was a wonderful makeshift performance by the club.



Tension hung densely over this game and you could have carved it with a spoon if any of the locals knew how to use cutlery.

Looking to be inspired the Supers need look no further than the return of Johnny on the sidelines, reconfigured and re-built. More machine than man now with the only real inconvenience on his road to recovery being he has to have his oil checked every 3 months, which doesn’t sound too bad…until he shows you where the dipstick goes in.

It’s not an easy thing watching one of your own on the sidelines and listening to him explaining how he has essentially had to learn how to walk again. It’s even more confronting when it’s not Burger after the end of year road trip for a change.

This encounter had feeling from the very outset. Old favourite Torso clashed verbally throughout this contest with old sparring partners Hoops and Dutchy and the inevitable happened right on the tick of quarter time with feelings bubbling over into a heated skirmish on the boundary line. In the end two Bayside lads had to drag Torso away, half as many as it took to squeeze him into his helmet before the game started.

Dion was tackled fiercely, soon after the game’s recommencement by a bald, sweaty Bomber midfielder, clearly locked in a struggle with evolution, who became increasingly incensed by the ensuing “ball up!” decision by the umpire. Calls for him to cut back on red meat were ignored and he was only later placated by the offer of a free bunch of bananas after the game. It has since occurred to me that perhaps we should have stopped the game ourselves at this point, maybe lit some incense and crooned “Kumbaya” to each other in the hope of regaining control of proceedings once more. Perhaps something to consider for next season.

Despite our earlier dominance the Sharks started to lose ascendency as the mercury continued to plummet. With at least 5 Masters backing up for this game it became quickly apparent the older boys were struggling, with more than one of them signalling to the bench for slippers and a robe to be run out.

The first half of the last quarter was a rolling scrum. You could have thrown a blanket over both teams which, given the conditions, would have been warmly received by all involved at that point.

Wizard and Docko were both great in backing up, the latter punching everything that came his way in the air (which is also the reason he is kept away from the bouquet toss at weddings). Dave Gillette, another Master, provided a wonderful last quarter cameo that helped sway the game. Dave provided the most magnificent slow motion step after marking, ever seen at this level, which helped put the ball forward in the dying stages when scores were level. How slow are we talking? Let’s just say that as he turned two pigeons landed on him to rest.

This one was going down to the wire and it was hard not to be impressed with the desperation from the likes of Hotty, Hoops, Dutchy, Skull and co. but for me it was Caspar that provided the point of difference throughout. He shone all game, and that is in no way a reference to his pale complexion. A great game from the little Treasurer.

With precious seconds ticking away and with the lead now arrested from us by the Bombers, the game cried out for a hero. That hero would step forward in the unassuming form of Dutchy, reading the ball off the pack better than his Bomber opponent (but in fairness reading has never been their strong suit) and curling the kick across his body, subsequently stealing the game back in the dying embers of a memorable contest and in doing so, living out nearly every young boys dream. I say nearly every boy’s dream because mine was playing Nathan Detroit in a Broadway production of Guys and Dolls but hey…I had an overly nurtured childhood.

This will long remain a clash for the ages and certainly one that no doubt set the tongues of local onlookers wagging and their gums gnashing. An evening I will not forget anytime soon, I can only that hope wiser heads will prevail between now and our next encounter. Who knows, perhaps if we do have to stop next time around, we’ll stop to remember that the game we love is bigger than us all.

Round 3 Report

Sharks vs Redcliffe – Round 3

Straight into it this week lads, no mucking around though I do just want to put it out there that I will not be in attendance for our next game so if anybody wants to write a match report for the next game, you are more than welcome to do so.

We’re used to losing players prior to the commencement of a game at our level of competition, be it to injury, incarceration or just down the back of a couch (it could happen…Mary is only little) but the monotonous regularity with which we now lose Bones pre-game is becoming a cause for concern and ridicule.

With each new game, Bones’ withdrawal seems to come a little earlier. For this game he called an end to his fitness test one minute into his warm up. Be sure to watch for him next game driving his pre-game warm up laps instead of getting out of the car, just to save time.

Whilst we’re on the subject of the Huston brothers and their pre-game routines, I should point out that even just sitting next to one comes with its own set of hazards. In error I found myself drinking from Pedro’s pre-game Powerade, which either he’d already started using as an ashtray or they’ve introduced Winfield Red as a new flavour. I came away from the experience with a strange new set of cravings. I wonder if Powerade sell patches?

The Redcliffe ground is set against a lovely, semi-rural backdrop that is as sedate as it is welcoming. If I had to knit pick though it would probably be in reference to the enormous, seemingly genetically engineered mosquitos that engulf the ground. The standard repellents did nothing. Usually my personality acts as repellent enough to most living creatures but these were no ordinary insects. When you see a group of them (presumably teenagers) standing around, drinking from a can of Aeroguard, you know they’re tough.

It was by no means an aesthetically pleasing game but rather one played with great passion and desire. Even the perpetually smiling Brian got fired up at one stage. Not to be outdone Wolfie soon found himself in a little push and shove. Both combatants went toe to toe and eye to stomach until they could be passively restrained. The big guy had the last laugh though, responding shortly after with a strong contested mark before drilling Haema on a lead with a beautiful pass.

It wouldn’t be a match report without mentioning another bruising, bone jarring bump from Presto which raised the ire of the opposition. It should be mentioned that Presto doesn’t hit anybody outside the rules, he just hits them hard. This week’s victi…ummm…recipient, clearly nonplussed at the sudden bout of internal bleeding he had been administered, climbed slowly to his feet to begin remonstrating by hand. I dare say it had to be non-verbal communication. If he’d dared open his mouth I think the sudden outpouring of teeth might have had me yelling “Yahtzee!”

Among the individual highlights:

*Haema kicking 3 beautiful set shots for goal.

* What I suspect was Nicko’s finest game for the club, predominantly off a half-back flank.

* Micky “Mouse” Joyce maintaining a tightly run board as Sparksie continues to coach away games via correspondence. Joycie’s impassioned pleas, urging the team at half time not to be “Wallflowers” seemed to give us the required lift, perhaps fearing any further comparisons to other forms of decorative arrangement.

* The War Horse, the Old General himself, Burger pulling out a vintage display of ruckwork around the ground in what many are calling his best game in recent memory. There are records of him having better games than this one but those scrolls are presently on display at the Museum of Ancient History and can only be viewed by appointment.

* Chris (“Corky” last season but apparently “Buffet” this year) had his finest outing for the club, an absolute cracker.

* Which brings us to Cracker, he was given a licence to run and break tackles where possible, especially given the relative immobility of Beefy at full forward for Redcliffe. He took the honours on the day, holding the dangerous Beefy goalless, courtesy in part to a couple of air swings from big Beefy (one of which blew possums from trees two suburbs away and forced several planes into holding patterns over Brisbane airport.)

For the record, Cracker doesn’t need permission to take on tacklers. The people closest to him have been trying to hug him for years but he just instinctively puts out the “don’t argue” and is away. He just never stopped working…which, for an airline steward, is standard. At game’s end I saw him ushering both teams towards the exits before moving over to ensuring everybody on the bench was once again sitting up in the upright position (thanks Mel for this joke…I love you).

Great to see TD back in the Shark’s jersey and making an immediate impact. TD covered a lot of ground and some of it was even in the right direction which is always encouraging. The laws of the game state that there should be 4 changes of end per game. The ever efficient TD just decided to get all four end changes over in the one passage of play.

The last quarter played out as an enthralling arm wrestle with both sides scoring 1 point apiece, ensuring we held on for a stoic victory. An effort made even more wonderful given the absence of Mary, Peter May, Docko and Princess to name but a few of the several who remain clinging to life in the wake of our bruising home game two weeks earlier.

Thank you to the two lads from Morningside who graciously filled in due to their own club suffering a sudden lack of team. Great effort boys that had us singing the song with gusto.




The Supers game started at break neck speed with a Redcliffe goal in the first 60 seconds of play and Hoops responding shortly after with our first.

There was some initial difficulty with the electronic timer on the scoreboard which didn’t start counting down for the first quarter, causing some issues for all concerned. It was being run via a laptop computer, presumably running Windows 10 and even after consulting with the spectator with the thickest glasses, who it was assumed would know about computers, it was left to simply reboot before the second quarter in order to fix the problem.

This game, for me, produced some of the finest transitional football we’ve seen from the club this year. Usually starting with some pack bursting runs from Simmo, Pipes or Tank. The irony should not be lost on anyone that Tank’s graceful bursts of speed and mobility come in precisely the same way that a tank does not. To be able to witness, first hand, this incongruous cocktail of girth and grace, like a Blue Whale on roller blades (which, I’m lead to believe, is truly one of nature’s great sights.) was nothing short of an honour.

Closing out the backline, newer guys Dan and Gus had impressive games across half back and have blended seamlessly into the Shark’s culture and structure and Pipe’s clearance work is better than National Tiles and Rugs a Million combined.

The insurgence of mozzies continued well into the second game and had us all scratching like Lindsay Lohan at an intervention.

As with the earlier encounter, there was no shortage of feeling in this game, teetering several times on a melee. Far be it from me to throw around French terminology indiscriminately but I believe as far as physical disputes go (as measured on the newly introduced Presto scale of intensity) and in order to give you some scope, are ranked as follows:

* kerfuffle

* brouhaha

* melee

* brawl

* party at Burger’s place

Jar Head will be on injury watch this week after he was sent crashing to the deck and limping off in a dramatic slow motion not seen since the early days of Baywatch.

By the closing stages of the 3rd quarter the boys looked spent and that they would be denied again courtesy of some fundamental skill errors that belied their efforts. However an early, last quarter snap around the body from Nicko (and getting anything around that body, other than satellites, is no easy order let me tell you), would prove to be the catalyst that would wrest momentum back in favour of the Sharks. A feat of individual greatness that we will all no doubt read about on Facebook for many weeks to come.

Despite some indifferent form throughout the early stages of the game from Skull, it would be the handsome one who would stand up and be counted for when it mattered most. With only a couple of points in arrears, Skull picked up a loose ball and, displaying the sort of calmness he normally reserves for hiding in the bushes outside other people’s homes, he slotted an absolute beauty from hard against the boundary line.

With the game now in the balance, a minute remaining on the clock and the ball deep in our forward fifty, President Haema showed admirable desperation on all fours and under extreme physical pressure, as though having dropped a dim sim in a mosh pit, to farm out a handpass to the omnipresent Skull who then kicked the sealer.

A huge shout out to the raucous cheer squad of Pedro, Bones, Burger and Yats on hand to offer advice to anyone in earshot and who never stopped believing the boys could do it. Their sledging of the opposition was sometimes informed, often personal and largely incoherent to the point where it must have helped wear the opposition down.

On the subject of drinking we’d also like to thank the good people at Liquorland for supplying this week’s umpire whose passion for 50 metre penalties should keep the liquor franchise in business for many months to come.

Well done lads, inspired stuff.

Round 3

Round 2 Report

                                             Round 2 – vs. Sunshine Coast

I’m not sure there are enough words to describe the depths of physical and emotional torment I was witness to this weekend. It will forever stand as a testament to the frailty of the human condition as unrelenting scenes of soul destroying carnage played out before me. Rest assured that’s the last episode of Daryl Somers’ You’re back in the Room I’ll be watching anytime soon but enough about that, we’re here to talk about football.

For our first ever home game in the more affluent suburb of Kenmore I elected to arrive early and take in the ambience. Sprawling estate homes and majestic foliage cloak the ground. I think I even saw a bird wearing a monocle but that might have more to do with that bottle of cough mixture I drank for breakfast.

Junior Rugby Union matches provided a festive atmosphere and had chauffers winding the windows down on their limousines and Bentleys just long enough to have their occupants offer the dignified cries of “Jolly good effort Master Edward!” And “Wash your hands after tackling the poorer children, darling!” before the whirring of tinted glass had them withdrawing once more from contact with the standing peasantry. It’s the first time I can remember drinks being run out to players on a serving tray accompanied by hors d’oeuvres …but I digress.

Naturally, we are all quite keen to put the Shark’s indelible stamp on our new surroundings and in the process make it feel like home. Whether that be through positive social engagement or a campaign of mindless graffiti, remains to be seen.

The slightly smaller change rooms will take a little getting used to and let’s just say that I hope our opposition provide more pressure than the showers do.

I found some of the line markings a little hard to see so spare a thought for more weather beaten Master’s eyes like poor old Floater who had to break out the prescription safety glasses just to read the sign on sheet (to say nothing of him trying to tackle an unsuspecting jogger mid game). At least he wouldn’t need them to locate the outrageously bright boots he was loaned for this game (Sparksy’s I think). When you need to recharge them at half time and wear a welder’s mask to put them on, I’d suggest they’re a little too flamboyant.

It was around this time we discovered that our playing shorts had an internal pocket. Theories vary as to their purpose from safe storage of reading glasses to somewhere to tuck a hernia into (Docko’s suggestion). I just think it’s a nice little alcove for Master’s players to keep their ID bracelets in the event of wandering off and finding themselves tired and confused in someone else’s backyard, 3 suburbs away.



Bounce down and it wasn’t long before hopeful optimism turned to thoughts of self-preservation. We started dropping like flies from the virtual outset of the game. I was myself, the first among a long list of injuries for the day. Nevertheless, I courageously went back to the field of play once numbers began to thin on the bench, before courageously buying a pie after the game and later, reading a book before bed…in courageous fashion. A thank you to all for the concern but the thumb does not appear to be broken, though my burgeoning music career will need to be put on hold (I play glockenspiel in a Susan Boyle cover band).

Sadly, where losing my input would normally lift the team’s spirits this only served as a catalyst to invoke further injuries.

Most worryingly the suspected broken collarbone suffered by Princess. He soldiered on for as long as he could under obvious duress but won’t be able to perform a number of overhead duties for quite sometime, whether that be standing up on a moving train, hanging out the washing or spelling out YMCA on any upcoming trips to The Beat.

Poor Pete May was belted from pillar to post with little love from the umpire. The Rolls Royce that is Pete was left to running like Leyland P76 by game’s end.

Kingy and Mary battled endlessly against insurmountable odds. Kingy did well to return to the playing field after being unceremoniously poleaxed from behind in a challenge that was both late and high and still didn’t receive a free kick. I find it a little suspect when you ask an umpire what you have to do to get a free kick and they immediately quote you their BSB and Account number.

Presto continues to impress with his physical signature. Rumour has it that there are no doors in Presto’s house, preferring instead to run through the wall in order to change rooms.

Pedro played well, in particular his tackling (or aggressive cuddling as he prefers to call it) was a highlight of his game.

Roger and Docko stood tall down back. Some experts have likened the unforgiving regularity with which they stood under constant bombardment, to that which we’ve come to expect from Brian’s E-mail updates. Nugget never stopped trying also.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Rocket slotted a nice goal from the pocket that even the Sunshine Coast boys celebrated.

Watching big Kev and Burger try to chase down an opponent at speeds approaching glacial allowed me to consider firstly, how much more impressive it would look in time lapse but importantly, just how concerted an effort the boys made under trying circumstances.

A disappointing loss but a game played in good spirit nonetheless.


Conversely, the Supers jumped out of the gates early and looked to be building on their efforts from game 1.

 Hoops worked hard as ever, reaping the benefits by kicking some nice early goals. For one of his goals he literally kicked the air out of the football but the real tragedy lies not in a deflated football but more in Sparksy kicking the offending footy from the ground, into the interchange area and directly into his carefully positioned beer. I’m not sure exactly how much beer he spilt but I do know that Burger spent an unusually long time in that exact same spot shortly after, on all fours, with a straw and claiming to be looking for a lost contact lense…so probably a significant amount.

Wizard and Deethy (I hope I pronounced that correctly given I’ve been provided guesses of Beefy, Teethy and Fifi since his arrival) joined the cavalcade of injured by doing hamstrings within minutes of each other. What ensued was a desperate campaign of dragging in last minute replacements from the bar, like poor old Kingy who was at least 2 knuckles deep into a bucket of heavily sauced chips when he answered the call. Docko would soon be forced to reappear as would a spritely Haema (understood to be in training for something he’s calling The Fridge to Brisbane), who soon found himself at full forward.

Alas, the carnage continued with Brendan leaving the playing arena with a hand injury and Kingy, feeling left out as one of the few uninjured Masters, wasted no time in dislocating his finger.

Pipes played well. There’s no story in that but he harassed me at training about not mentioning him last time and frankly, I don’t need the hassle, so let’s just say that he covered the ground majestically, with all the poise and balance of an ice skater, minus the sequined tights.

Tank was also among the Super’s best and nearly took a screamer before crashing heavily to the deck with a sickening thud felt by many on the sidelines, the impact of which caused Nicko to drop several of his pies.

The bruising nature of this contest left me to postulate that this may in fact be the most heavy, physical contact that any Shark player has been subjected to since the last time that Skull tried speed dating.

It didn’t end there unfortunately. Dutchy was soon coming from the ground, dribbling from the mouth…only with blood this time and Senior Constable Smartie did either an ankle or hamstring in the fading embers of the contest.

Not even the goodwill and encouragement of the injured masses, lead cheering from the sidelines by a conspicuous Mousey, sporting an impressive beard that now serves as home to a troupe of endangered gibbons, would prove to be enough to get the boys over the line.

A 10 point loss would be all the lads would have to show for their toil, against a quality opposition, that was further restricted by the early departures of Hoops, Murph and others due to external commitments.

In all this carnage, spare a thought for young Michael who thought he’d signed on to apply a little strapping here and squirt a little liniment there but nothing quite of this magnitude.

Remember that scene in Gone with the Wind where the camera pans out to show thousands of infantry in need of medical attention? It’s just like that, only with fewer moustaches and whale bone corsets.It’s right before that scene where the cheerleaders have that pillow fight…actually…I might be confusing that with a different film.

Nevertheless, he was confronted by the full spectrum of injuries from this game. Whether it be breaks or sprains, hamstrings, collarbones or thrush. You name it, he was repulsed by it. Let this be a lesson to the young man though. This is what happens when you don’t properly read a contract written by Haema. You should always demand to know exactly what demands are being stipulated, especially the ones covered by gravy stains.

That said, if the measure of a club’s character is how it plays under adversity then I’d say we’re in pretty good shape…figuratively speaking of course. A bold and determined effort by all involved. It makes me proud to be a Shark.

Round 2

Round 1 Report

                                                  Round 1 - vs. Sandgate


It's been a while guys so bear with me. Ideally what I will try and do is make the match reports different to the ones I've done in the past, starting by making them interesting, informative and grammatically correct.

Footy's back and as a collective we kicked things off with the majority of us playing Sandgate and Peter May deciding to take on Aspley instead, at least until a timely phone call was able to properly synchronise Pete with the club's official fixture.

Everybody knew Round 1 would be a tough assignment with unseasonably warm weather greeting our arrival to the ground. But, as mature aged athletes, we all know that there are times when we will need to endure. Whether that be the onset of regular injury, joint related stiffness or just having to sit through one of Burger's speeches at The Awards Night.

Things started the way they normally do when you play at Sandgate, with the boys really struggling to find space. Something really needs to be done about those change rooms.

Nerves and inaccuracy meant we were hopelessly inadequate at capitalising on the numerous opportunities we were able to create but fortunately our backline remained largely impermeable throughout.

Simply put, Docko spoiled everything: Long kicks, short kicks, the plot points to the upcoming series of Game of Thrones, you name it...he spoiled it. I tried passing on some feedback to Mary at half time but Docko intercepted that too and punched it out of bounds.

A huge thank you to Skull for lightening the mood at half time by wearing a pair of shorts that he must have purchased on either a Senior's Cruise or at a Beach Boys Reunion concert.

Amongst the many impressive debuts for us, allow me to single out Manny who was exceedingly busy, finding space with regularity and Yatala Pete, sidelined because he now boasts a pair of heel spurs so pronounced that he can now sleep upside down in a cupboard...if he wanted to."Yats" performed extremely well given the restrictions of a limited bench, swinging the rotations and ensuring that blokes were rested whenever feasible and that Haema and Nicko were moving predominantly downhill.

Mary was tireless in work rate and reigning Skipper/Best and Fairest Kingy (long may he reign) lead by example slotting 4 goals. Princess provided a reliable target up forward and the physical brand of football that Presto brings to the club deserves special mention. Sure, his aggression might look to be restrained a little at times (I did see him trying to pick a fight with his shadow at one point) but there can be no doubt that he has genuine presence when he's out there.

Wolfie took some impressive contested grabs from long bombs in a display that had him turning back the clock (only by a few minutes perhaps) but any display where the big man gets off the ground without assistance from either hydraulics or special effects, should be embraced and celebrated.

Our kicking (3.8 at one point) was enough to keep Sandgate in the contest but it would be a steadying kick from Bones that heralded a change in kicking fortunes for us. The sight of Haema methodically walking Bones through the finer points of set shots as he went back to line up, was a personal highlight for me, though Bones tells me that Haema lost interest half way through the tutorial and just wanted to know what time the canteen opened.

A great effort by the olds to overcome some tardy, early season football to steady and run out comfortable winners in the end.




There were equally oppressive conditions for the Supers lads in their game, further exacerbated by a chronic lack of water being run on the day, which had most of the boys screaming for water. I say "most" because I'm fairly certain I heard Jarred calling out for gelati instead but I could be wrong.

Rest assured that the club is looking into ways of ensuring the boys are suitably hydrated going forward. Whether that's via a campaign of helicopter water bombing or a wet t-shirt competition at half time, I'm not sure but watch this space.

The Supers jumped out of the gates with some nice early transitions but whether through the conditions or opposition pressure, Sandgate soon pulled back the advantage and took the lead.

The usually reliable kicking boot of Hottie went on sabatical for this game as spectators in both pockets  had to be hurriedly ushered to safety behind the goals. Reasons and excuses may vary but my own initial thoughts on the matter were that the issue might be that he appeared to have decided to play this year in his socks. First glimpses proved deceiving however as the socks in question in fact turned out to be what's left of his beloved boots.

With most of the stitching in an advanced state of decomposition, said boots are now largely held together via a combination of strategically placed tape and collective prayer. Hottie is now officially the only player at the club who has to have his boots painstakingly removed by Archaeologists.

There was much to like about the boy's first up performance though. From several telling marks in defence by the ever improving Chucky to Jar Head (Jarred) providing first use of the ball, or failing that, enough shade to cool the midfielders between ball-ups.

Brendan had a mixed outing with the umpires, though few will ever question his intensity. Using one Sandgate player as a toboggan in one clumsy tackle he was subsequently penalised but later offered to go halves in the hiring of a Bobcat to help extricate the player. Only minutes later he once again ran afoul of officialdom for head butting another Sandgate player in the chest, whilst trying to free himself from a tackle. No charges were laid after it was agreed by all that there is no accepted penalty for attempting to wear another player as a hat.

Hoops hit the contest with regular vigour and the scoreboard on multiple occasions whilst Skull, putting the earlier disappointment in his choice of shorts behind him, took some impressive grabs on the day.

The Shark's Mosquito Fleet showed some exciting glimpses, with Dutchy kicking a nice goal and proudly taking to the skies once more in celebration whilst Caspar ran tirelessly despite his delicate Celtic complexion enduring obvious duress, prompting calls for him to become the first Sharks player to take the field in a burqa.

Although the Supers didn't come away with the 4 points first up, it was an altogether pleasing performance that will give the players heart coming into their first home game.

Kudos to the likes of Sass, Kingy, Princess, Tank, Pipes and any others I may have missed for putting their bodies through physical torment on the weekend by playing both games. Top stuff boys and a huge shout out to our strapper Michael, who we had to run water to at regular intervals between strapping Wolfie and erecting scaffolding around Haema but never once waivered in his duties, although I did overhear him talking to the good people at Elastoplast, trying to ascertain as to whether they can provide tape that comes on a hose reel.

Good luck with that. Go Sharks!

Love always, Igor.


Round 1

Charity Game Sponsors

Thanks to all our supporters of this event.
Flight Centre
Boss money
Place Graceville
Rolscar Smash Repairs
Indoor Climate Solutions
Williams Civil Services
Andrews Quality Meats
Snelleman Tom
Ergonomic Workstations
Allclear Print & Signs
Brennan Civil & Environmental
Reclaim Health & Rehabilitation.

2016 AFL Masters Charity Day

We are very happy to be playing in the 2016 Charity Football Day at Redcliffe AFC on March 19th with our game against Aspley starting at 4:30pm after the Bombers and Redcliffe/Sandgate at 3pm..

The Souths Sharks are supporting Beyond Blue and we would like to field a strong combined team of 35's & 45's.

Aspley are supporting Love Me Love You, Redcliffe/Sandgate are supporting Cervical Cancer and the Bayside Bombers are supporting Breast Cancer.

These are all very worthy and important charities and everyone of us has been or will be, touched by a loved one, close friend or workmate that has been in need of these charities amazing work and support.

Entry is $45 per player which will also provide you with a special game day Guernsey to keep.

Welcome to the 2016 Season

Hi All,
as was raised at the AGM, we have been in discussions with Kenmore Districts Junior AFC regarding the use of their facilities as the new home of the Souths Sharks.
On behalf of the Committee, I am very pleased to confirm that an agreement has been reached and we will now relocate to the facilities at 67 Hepworth Street, Chapel Hill effective immediately.

We have made this decision purely for the future security of our great Club. We now have a home for the next 3 years with a further option on another 3 years. This was not achievable at Chelmer and in all likelihood, 2016 would have been the last year for us with the growth of Ambrose Treacy College.
We are also going to be training & playing on a ground in fantastic condition have been completely resurfaced recently. This will make playing for everyone even more enjoyable.
I appreciate that this will cause some travel inconvenience to some members and also be a benefit to others. This was the case for many when we moved from Jindalee to Chelmer 6 years ago. We became stronger then and will become stronger now.

We are also looking forward to building a strong relationship with the Kenmore Juniors Footy Club as they are with us.

2015 Awards Night

The Souths Sharks night of nights will be held on the 31st October 2015.

I what is promising to be a spectacular night, we want to see all Sharks and their partners at this most auspicious occassion.

Round 12

This weeks games have been confirmed with a small change to the start times.
Game 1 kicks off at 9am with the 35's taking on our mates at Kenmore.

Game 2 will be a blockbuster at 11am against the boys from Coolangatta.

Round 11

This week we are hosting the Northern Stars on Sunday and I am sure the 35's would like to get one back on them after our loss earlier in the year.

All players should be at training this week to give ourselves the best chance of 2 more Sharks wins. Numbers have been pretty low on training nights so we need you to make an effort to get there. 

We will also be having a BBQ after training!

45's are on first at 9am with the 35's on at 11am.

Round 10

Round 10 has us travelling for our games however they are on different days, at different locations.

Game 1 is the 35's taking on Ipswich at Ipswich, Saturday at 5pm.

Game 2 has the 45's up against the Gold Coast at Labrador, Sunday at 10am.

Please be at your game 1 hour before.

Round 9

Round 9 unfortunately has us playing on 2 different weekends with the 35's playing Sandgate on Sunday the 9th August and the 45's playing Sandgate the following Sunday the 16th August.

On a positive note, we welcome back some Sunday footy!

Round 8

2 great games of footy against Bayside with the 45's having a strong win and the 35's going down in a nailbiter by a point.

Yatala is icing his foot after injuring it kicking 6 goals!

Round 7

Fantastic effort by the Sharks 35's last night taking on a strong Moorooka outfit in perfect conditions under lights. Right from the first bounce it was tough footy for 4 quarters with the younger Sharks able to regularly put the score on the board to claim a hard fought win.

An even better effort was for most of the 35's backing up to take on the Sharks 45's in a Grudge match due to the Gold Coast not putting a side together to take us on.
The niggle all over the field and the boys didn't hold back, going goal for goal in the first quarter. The 45's knew we had them and after a bit of a lapse in the 2nd quarter, kept the pressure on the younger, tired 35's, claiming an amazing, underdog, upset win by 4 points. The apparent siren malfunctioning at what appeared to be crucial moments at the end of most quarters and the 35's about to score has been reviewed and dismissed. 
Grudge match win by the 45's and now 1 all, head to head.
In an emotional end to the night, we were very grateful that Bruce 'Jack' Steele was there to watch both games. In the changeroons, with some of his Moorooka teammates, we presented Jack with a signed Souths Sharks guernsey paying tribute to everything he did for our Club whilst a player and Coach.

Very proud of everyone tonight and to be a Souths Shark.

Souths Sharks Golf Day 2015

Farewell Bic

Round 5 saw us send off a chapion of our Club, Robert 'BIC' Schaeffer.

Bic has been a chapion for the Sharks for close to 7 years and always played tough, fearless footy, mostly in defence.

Bic is a champion bloke and the Souths Sharks will certainly miss him both onfield and off.

Good luck mate to you and your family.

Round 6

Bruce Steele Charity Day

We have a very close connection with Moorooka in our mutual mate, Bruce 'Jack' Steele who is a past player and Coach of the Souths Sharks.

The games are not full contact and based on the current 9 a side competition.

There is a small cost per player of $10 and the Souths Sharks will also match the amount raised.

Round 5

Round 5 see us playing at different locations on Sunday so we will need everyone available at their games.
Sideline duties, scoring/timekeeping, running water etc, will need to be arranged prior so if any partners or injured players are attending their assistance would be greatly appreciated. 
Travel time could be 1.5hrs for the over 45's so please allow enough time to get there.
Nice & early for the 35's, be at Morningside at 8am for a 9am game.

The 'Improved' Burger

Burger has apparently also been 'baptised' as a Sikh (Burger Singh) in the holy waters surrounding the Golden Temple at Amritsar the most holy place of the Sikhs.


Round 4

Round 4 sees us travelling up the Bruce Highway to take on the Northern Stars in a Saturday Night Blockbuster!

45's up first at 5:30pm with the 35's on at 7:30pm.

Try and get along to support your teammates by being there for both games!

Round 3


Fantastic effort from every Shark that turned up tonight for 2 real good games of footy against the Sandgate Hawks. Both games were played in tough masters spirit with nothing left on the field from both clubs.
The 45's had a hard fought but dominating win and the 35's went down in a thriller by a few points.
Everyone can be proud of what we displayed tonight.
Brilliant effort.

Thanks to the coaches, Sparksy and Hotty and thanks to Shaz, Slim Mary and Mousey helping on the sidelines. A big Thanks to Baz for stepping in and umpiring the 35's.

Injuries. Matty -  Knee, possible ACL, Bocky - Hamstring, Chriso - double dislocated finger

Go the Sharks!!!


Round 2

Great turn out to training

Well done to all the boys that turned up for a great training run tonight. Close to 40 boys were certainly pushed hard by Hotty and I'm sure it will pay off in our 2 matches this weekend. Thanks to Mousey for his culinary expertise with the bbq.

Round 1

And so it begins! ....

The Sharks 2015 Season commenced today with two cracking games against Wilston Grange. 

The Masters started their season in dewy conditions with both sides clambering to get their hands on a very slippery pill. Despite the difficult start the Masters kicked 3.3 to Wilston Grange's 2.0 to lead at the first break .

Finding some composure and form in the second quarter the Sharks added another 4 goals to the Gorillas 1 to take a healthy half time break.

A tight third quarter saw the Sharks maintain their lead, with an arm wrestle in the last quarter saw both the Sharks and Gorilla's split the big sticks 3 times apiece.

Sharks over the Gorillas: 12.10.82 to 7.17.59

Leading Goal kickers for the Sharks included Princess and Ado with 3 each, whilst Kingy, Pricey, Maysey, Rodge, Haema and Rocket also opening their season accounts. Special mention and a big welcome back to a couple of Sharks stalwarts, Igor & Kanga, great to be playing with you again!

New Sponsor for 2015

The Souths Sharks are very pleased to announce a new Sponsor for 2015.
Anstead Acreage, owned by Jamie Andriske, have all your landscaping and home maintenance needs covered.

Souths Sharks Training

The Souths Sharks 2015 season is off to a great start with close to 40 blokes turining up to training the last 2 weeks. Welcome to all the new boys, it is great to so many new faces at the club and we are sure that you will be around for many years to come.

Round 1 is coming up, over 35's on the 11/12 April and the over 45's on the April.

We also have the charity bash this Sunday which is a combined Sharks team so we want to see everyone out on the track this Wednesday at 6:30pm.

2015 National Carnival Dates Confirmed

The 2015 AFL Masters National Carnival will be held in Hobart and Launceston.

  • Game 1 Sunday October 4 in Launceston
  • Game 2 Wednesday October 7 in Hobart
  • Game 3 Saturday October 10 in Hobart

Players are advised to fly into Launceston no later than Friday October 2 to settle in for the AFL Grand Final the next day. We have organised an AFL Masters Grand Final function at the Launceston Country Club.

Game 1 will be held at Aurora Stadium and at the Launceston Football Club, Windsor Park. We plan to have busses take us to the grounds, but more of that later one accommodation deals have been finalised.

The not-to-be-missed QLD night will also be held at the Launceston Country Club on Monday October 5 where we will continue the tradition of naming the QLD Superman of the Year.

On Tuesday, we have organised busses to transport us from Launceston to Hobart, stopping via a winery/hotel for a nice lunch on the way.

Games 2 and 3 will be held at North Hobart, Gielston Bay and Lindisfarne AFL clubs, and once again we plan to have busses to take us from our hotel to the grounds.

On Thursday October 8, the Wrest Point Casino will run the first ever AFL Masters National Texas Hold'Em Poker Tournament. Each State will provide 8 players for a knockout tournament to determine the best poker player in the land. And if this happens to be a Queenslander, pressure will be put on the Treasurer to celebrate in style. There will also be other free to play poker tables for all other players wanting to get involved, along with a band, cheap drinks and food to make a great night out.

The presentation will be held at Salamanca Wharf on Saturday October 10 and will be a silver service 3 course dinner and drinks included.

Depart for home or further travels in Tasmania from Sunday October 11.

ACTION: If you are planning to go, book your flights now!! There is 1 direct Jetstar flight Brisbane to Launceston, currently at $169, 1 flight via Sydney and 1 flight via Melbourne. Virgin only has 1 flight via Sydney and one via Melbourne. With this being the Grand Final week, flights via Melbourne will become ridiculously expensive, so get in early. Don't worry about accommodation or transport at this stage, just get your flights organised.

More details and the carnival form will be made available shortly once all details are known.

We are also planning a special QLD commemorative scarf as part of the carnival uniform to honour the Mitchells and Wolfie and this will become a must have collector's item.

2015 Pre Season Charity Challenge

The mighty Souths Sharks will have their first run of 2015 in the Charity Challenge being held at Tibold Park, Victoria Point on the 22nd March, 2015

We will be fielding a combined Sharks side comprising players from both the 35's & 45's.

The games will be 20 minute halves and the current start time is 10am.

Please CLICK HERE if you will be playing as we need to know numbers asap.

2015 Sharks Membership & AFLMQ Registration

Please complete your MAFQ and Souths Sharks 2015 Registration. You must be registered
and paid your 2015 annual membership fees ($350) prior to any players
gear is distributed and before the first game of the year.

As we are incorporated we need to offer non-playing membership
categories, so there are a few options of membership.
All 2015 Full Membership (Playing) applicants MUST read the CODE OF CONDUCT 
prior to completing your membership application.
This includes new players.

Please complete your relevant membership option.

2015 Sharks Full Membership (Playing) 2015 Sharks Non-Playing Membership
2015 Sharks Supporter Membership

All players must also complete their 2015 MAFLQ (Masters AFL Qld) Registration online (click on below link). Masters AFL Qld sent an email to all current registered players
in December, 2014 advising that enrolment is open for the 2015 season.
Use your email address (the one we use to email you) to login in and request your password
(your emails have already been entered onto the site).
If there is a problem with your email address or password, please email Nicko at

Registration Page
NEW PLAYERS PLEASE NOTE - Players new to the club in 2015 must also complete
the online 2015 Souths Sharks membership (playing) link above in addition to the new member
inquiry form to provide us with all of your information and the MAFLQ online registration.

New Players should see Nicko or Haema at training to discuss options if you register and pay
for full membership and do not continue to play after 2nd round.
New players
will not be issued with playing gear if no fees are received.

Payment of fees.
The preferred payment method for 2015 fees is by bank transfer
to the following:
"Souths Superules"
Bank of Queensland
BSB: 124 017
Account: 10327491

If anyone has any issues of queries regarding the registration, please see Nicko
at training, or contact him via email at:

New Life Member in 2014

The Souths Sharks are very proud of our history and our heritage and we like to honour players that have helped shape the club and create a culture that we can hopefully pass on to the new generations of players coming through.

Our most prestigious and highest honour is to become a life member. This is not an annual award, it is awarded to a player that has given their service to the club for a minimum of 10 years and who has shown exceptional  leadership qualities and simply been a fantastic team mate to all those around him.

In 2014, we are very proud to induct Peter 'YATALA' Brennan as a Life Member of the Souths Sharks Masters AFL Club.

Presentation Night and 2014 Season

The 2014 Souths Sharks Presentation Night was a fantastic way to finish a very successful season

This is the 30 year anniversary of the Souths Sharks and we felt that this prestigious night deserved a bit more glitz and glam and the new location for this years awards night, the Sherwood Services Club, certainly provided that.

The entertainment on the night was brilliant and everyone looked fantastic.

There were some very desrving award recipients along with a couple of surprises! 

2014 has really been a fantastic year for the Sharks.

We had a minor shuffling of the Committee and were strengthened with some new members with some great new ideas. Ideas designed to bring us together more outside of footy and also raising some much needed cash for the Club along the way.

The Mothers Day barefoot bowls and Sharks Golf Day were great events and Croc and the newly formed Social Committee did an amazing amount of hard work throughout the year and I know we are all looking forward to next years events which I am sure will be even more successful.

2014 really was a big year.

We welcomed many new faces to the club, which is vital for our future so don’t stop asking your mates or workmates to come out for a run.

We introduced our new playing strip, going back to our previous colours of Blue & white after 5 great seasons in the blue, blue and grey.

We also had to adapt to the new age groups of Masters footy. Supers changing from over 33’s to over 35’s and the masters from over 38’s to over 45’s. This saw a bit of a reshuffle of the playing group with some Masters having to go back to the Supers.

We were also very lucky this year to appoint of two new coaches. Sparksy did a fantastic job this year, guiding the Masters to 11 straight wins with only 2 losses, one of which was to Hotty’s Supers in the Inaugural Grudge match.

A big thankyou to the entire committee, we have made some big decisions over the last year and every one of those decisions were thought through carefully and discussed openly. We look forward to the coming season and welcoming some new faces to the Committee.

There are a couple of players stepping down from their roles on the Committee and they desrve a massive thankyou from every Sharks player for their dedication and passion to the Souths Sharks.

Matt 'CHIEF' Clanchy has been our Delegate & Registrar for over 4 years now however whenever there was something that needed to be done, Chief would take on the role and get it done. Great work Chief!

Daniel 'CROC' Ivinson headed up the newly formed Social Committee and has laid the foundations for the coming years ahead. Well done Croc!

So well done to everyone, it has certainly been a fantastic year at the Sharks and I know that 2015 is going to be stronger and importantly, more fun for all of us.

Go the Sharks!

Matt 'Haema' Goode



Last training run for 2014

Well done to all the Sharks that turned up for our last training run last night. Hotty & Sparksy have done a fantastic job coaching us this year and our results on the field are testiment to their hard work and dedication to that.
Thanks, again to Mousey for getting the tongs out and manning the BBQ, with some special snags from Andrews Quality Meats at Mt Ommaney. The Rindfleisch, Poulet and Smokey Swine were delicious and cooked to perfection.
We all want to finish the 2014 season on winning note so lets see all available players out at the game on Sunday. 
Remember, it is our annual Family Day so bring the kids and wives along for a day of fun.


The Inaugural Masters v Supers game is on!
Lets see every Shark out there to support your team and help raise some money for a very worthy cause!

Round 12, Last Game & Family Day

This Sunday is our last official game of the season and our Family Day!

2014 has been a great year for the Mighty Souths Sharks and we want to say a small thank you to all the wives and kids for putting up with a long season of footy and looking after us with all of our injuries, aches and pains. 

We will have a jumping castle to keep the kids busy along with a colouring in competition.

Fot the ladies we have a complimentary glass of wine, beer, soft drink, tea or coffee.

So lets see everyone out at training and at the game.

Presentation Night

The Presentation night is locked in for Friday 19th Sept, at Sherwood RSL.

This will be a formal event this year with full buffet and dessert bar (menu at bottom of email) and entertainment. There is a cost of $15 per person (full financial players & partners and life members) and $30 per person (part financial players & partners and past players). With each ticket you will receive 4 free drinks (beer, wine, spirits or soft drinks), and then there is a cash bar with the RSL having some of the cheapest drink prices in the Southside. 

Sherwood RSL also has a free courtesy bus for members ($2 for year membership) which collects from the suburbs listed at the bottom of this email. Members also have access to the snooker room next to our room with 3 full sized tables. Go on the Sherwood RSL website to sign up ( The club is open till 1am with live entertainment on downstairs after we have finished for those who want to carry on. If you have any questions or are attending but need a vegetarian meal organised, please email me directly.

Round 11

Last night saw both Sharks teams travel north to Burpengary to take on the Northern Stars.

The Masters were up first and took on a determined Stars outfit, it was a dour affair in absolutely dismal conditions, with torrential rain falling for the majority of the match. 

The Sharks got off to good start and managed to stay ahead of the Stars for the game running out winners by three goals.

The Supers were up next and battled hard against the deteriorating conditions and fast finishing Stars side, there was not much more in it than kick for most of the game, a great third quarter by the the Sharks saw them game the ascendency but a last quarter arm wrestle saw the Stars get home by 5 points.

Both side performed well and we're never disgraced.

It was also great to see Cuddles return and play for both sides, with new player Jezza running out for the masters.

Thanks again for those masters players who backed up to help out the supers in their game and for Mousey for running water for both games.

Go Sharks!

Fundraising for Chloe Sells

The Jindalee Jags held an awards night/fundraiser for Chloe Sells (Sharks player Corey "Cuddles" Sells daughter) last weekend, where they raised very close to $5,000 for the family who have been a little blown away and are very appreciative of everyone’s kind thoughts, words and donations. 

For those of you that would like to continue your support, Cuddles and his family at this time; Rachel Strong from the Jindalee Jags will be convening a “Cookies and Cakes” stall at the Jags ground on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August. Please let Rachel know if you are able to bake or if you would like to donate ingredients, Rachel can be contacted by email on or mobile 0402593942. 

Round 10

This week sees us taking on the Sandgate Hawks, a team we have had an unbeaten record over. We want to keep that going this weekend so lets all get out there for two tough games of footy.

We are not playing on our 'Home' ground unfortunately as the oval just isn't up to scatch so we are moving next door to the Sherwood footy club oval which should not prove a problem for us.

See you all out there on Sunday!

Souths Sharks Inaugural Golf Day

What a great day.
Perfect weather, great mates, lots of laughs and some pretty good golf.

Thanks to everyone who participated in what will definitely be a permanent fixture on the Sharks calender and a big thanks to the social club for organising a great event. 
Congrats goes to Ezy & Warwick for taking out the prize for best on the day and to Burger & Kerrie for not.
Well done and thankyou to Sparksy and Sharon for opening up the batcave and putting on a fantastic feed for everyone that could come back. 
Check out some of the action on the day with some clearly showing a bit of style.


Round 8

Round 8 sees a rematch against Morningside. We last played them in Round 5 which saw the Souths Sharks win the Burchill Trophy for the combined totals of both games. Mornigside will be trying to return the favour so we need to see everyone out at training this week in preparation.

There will be the usual BBQ after so stick around for a drink and a laugh.


Round 7

This week we are up against our old foes of the last few seasons, Wilston Grange.
We lost both games at home to them last time we played so we want to turn that around this week.
We want to see a big turn out to training this week, there will be the usual BBQ after so stick around for a drink and a laugh.

Golf Day Fundraiser

Get your teams together boys and support the club and have a cracker of a time doing it. Already have 3 teams confirmed so only 17 spots (teams of 2) left. If you want to play but don’t have a mate to play with, just see me and I’ll try and organise the single entries into teams. 

Round 6 Report

Out we came, out we came, out we came to play!

Congratulations to both the Souths Sharks over 35's & over 45's for winning 2 hard games of footy at home today.
The 45's were up first against a Coolangatta side that gave us everything they had for 4 quarters. They didn't count on our boys having stand out performances across the ground, which resulted in a gutsy and well deserved 13 point win.
Souths Sharks 11.6.72 def Coolangatta 8.11.59
The 35's took on last years form side of the competition, Palm Beach, and it was good hard footy from the first bounce. 
Vern came out and had an absolute cracking game, the best he's played, and was rewarded with lots of the ball and 3 nice goals. 
We also had Dutchy back for his first game of the season and Danny returned after his first game head clash with a second game head clash, evening up the face with a cut to his other eyebrow. He was able to return to the field and had a great game.
Souths Sharks 13.12.96 def Palm Beach 9.3.57
Thanks to our 2 Super Coaches, Sparksy & Hotty for getting us up and over the line, our first aid /physio of the day Suth who did a fantastic job, everyone that assisted both on and off the field and to our umpires of the day, Pipes, Croc & Gerrard.
Go the Sharks!

2014 National Carnival

The carnival form is now available below for the Adelaide carnival. Please download (you will need to download as you can't print directly from the website), complete and return both pages as directed on the form. The first game will be on Sunday September 28 and the last game and presentation function on Saturday October 4. We are planning to field teams in all five age categories: 35s, 40s, 45s, 50s and 55s.

The carnival will be held at Westminster College, Marion and we have booked limited accommodation on site. This will be allocated on a "first in" basis so be quick as it is very cheap and very convenient.

There will also be a brand new QLD jumper and dress shirt as well as a special commemorative Wolfie hoodie (pictured).

The coaches for each age group are as follows:

If you have any questions about the teams or want to let the coach know that you are interested, please contact them asap so you can get on their email list.

Any other queries please contact your club delegate or email

Rnd 6 v Coolangatta & Palm Beach @ Home Sunday 1 June 2014

Round 6 has us playing at home against Coolangatta & Palm Beach.
Over the years we have always had very tough games against both these sides, the last being a home ground win over the previously undefeated Palm Beach. They will be out to turn that around and with both Cooly and Palm beach shuffling their players around, they will have two very strong teams on the field. 
The games will be on Sunday 1st June with over 45's at 10am and the over 35's at 12pm. 
Please make every effort to get to training this Wednesday night and to definitely be there for your game.
We will need ALL HANDS ON DECK this week!


Training Shirts have arrived!

If you have ordered one, come and see me at training to collect and or pay.
If you haven't ordered one yet then be quick.
These are Limited Edition Sharks Training shirts with only about 10 remaining in various sizes.

Rnd 5 v Morningside @ M'side Sunday 18 May 2014

We will be playing for The Burchill / Morssinkhof Cups and Shield  which is awarded to the team with the biggest aggregate score over the 2 games. Click the link for more info.

The games will be on Sunday 18th May with over 45's at 2pm and the over 35's at 4pm. 

Please make every effort to get to training this Wednesday night and to be there for your game. 

This round is very important to our club and there is nothing better than beating Morningside on their home turf..

Souths Sharks Breakfast Bowls

Thanks to Croc, Simmo and Dion for organising an enjoyable Breakfast and Barefoot Bowls day, today at Oxley Bowls Club.

The guys couldn't have picked a more beautiful morning for a sumptuous breakfast followed by a competitive game of lawn bowls.

The Sharks players and their families feasted on croissants, sausages, scrambled eggs, toast, fresh fruit and juice with plenty of tea and coffee to go around for all - there was even a few cold beers for those who like to wash down their breakfast with their favourite brew!

The ladies were treated to champagne and each one was given a fresh tulip for mother's day.

Well done everyone for a great morning - we look forward to the next Sharks Social event!

Rnd 4 v Sandgate @ Sandgate Sunday 4 May 2014

First up the over 45's took on a side full of determination but lacking our speed and skills. We did not let up for 4 quarters running out big winners 18.10. 118   to 1.1.7 

It really was a team effort with every player stepping up and putting in strong performances. Great to have our old mate Gazza (plays for Ipswich now) playing with us for the game and thanks to those that turned up to assist on the sidelines. Thanks also to our umpire of the day, Pipes, great job blowing the whistle.


The over 35's had a tough game against a very determined and well drilled Hawks outfit. We tried all game but struggled to get the ball past the tall defensive line. There was still a lot of brilliance from our boys with gutsy performances by all on the field.

The result is one we will want to turn around when we play them later in the season.

Sangate winners, 9.10.64  to 1.3.9


Thanks to the over 45's boys that backed up for the Supers game, those that helped on the sidelines, and to Slim for blowing the whistle as umpire.


So rest up, ice up and see you all out at training Wednesday night to run out the sore muscles.

Rnd 3 v Northern Stars @ Home Sunday 27 April 2014

The over 45's dominated from the first quarter in their game against a determined Northern Stars.

The Sharks ran hard all day and were strong in every position across the ground, with plenty of selfless play and multiple goal scorers the Sharks thumped the Northern Stars by 100 points.

A great team effort across the boa...rd with everyone stepping up and playing their best in their individual roles.

Final score: Souths: 21 9 135 def Northern Stars: 5 5 35

In the second game, the Souths over 35's had a real arm wrestle on their hands from the get go with the Northern Stars over 35's.

Goal for goal was exchanged across the first three quarters in a very tight contest.

Northern Stars took a comfortable 3 goal lead into the last quarter but an excellent and inspired team effort by the Sharks soon saw the deficit erode and the Sharks hit the front.

In what was a thrilling last quarter of football by both teams the Sharks fought hard to come away with the choccies!

Final score: Souths: 8 10 58 def Northern Stars: 7 11 53.

Well done to both teams and to all those who supported, especially Andrea "Mrs Haema" Goode for filling as first aid officer.

Well coached today by both Sparksie and Hottie as it was pleasing to see that what we have practiced at training is starting to pay dividends on game day!

Go Sharks!

Rnd 2 v Burleigh & Gold Coast @ Ormeau - Sunday 6 April 2014


Played in what seemed like SCORCHING conditions the Supers took on the form team over the last couple of years, Burliegh Heads. We fought hard and were only a couple of goals down at half time however we couldn't keep up with a very good side with the Bombers running out winners, 5.6. 36 to 13.11. 89

The Masters, with quite a few backing up, took on the Gold Coast for the second game. We have never beaten the Gold Coast in over 12 years and we knew we had the team to do it today. It was tough footy all game but we were able to make the most of every opportunity and ran away with a great win. 19.5. 119 to 6.4. 40

Thanks to both Hotty and Sparksy for their coaching brilliance and to all of the support people and family who turned up to help us play our best on the field.

Great jobs also done by our umpires for the day, Gerard & Pipes, you both had great games. It was also nice to have Bert back working his magic and keeping us in the game. We now have a 3 week break before our round 3 home games against Northern Stars but training will of course continue, so rest up, ice up and see you at training Wednesday night.

GO the SHARKS!!! 

Can’t play for Sharks?   CLICK HERE


Friday Night Fundraiser for Chloe

Over the past few months our community has come together for a very special girl. We have outbid each other in many auctions, pushed ourselves to the limit in bootcamps, and many different events held by family and friends as we watched Chloe progress in overcoming this illness.

This is a chance for all family and friends to get together for a night of fun, footy, drinks and to pay tribute to Chloe as she embarks on final stages of her treatment. 

There will be a game of football on with the Kenmore 3rds, starring Chloe's dad Cuddles taking on the Woodsmen at 7:30pm.

There will also be live music, some last auctions, hopefully some fun for the kids, and the Kenmore Club will be donating $1 from every drink sold.

It would be great if we could get as many Sharks people as possible to come and support the night. Everyone attending is requested to wear blue or aqua as this is Choloe's favourite colour.

Please invite your family and friends, everyone is welcome.

Rnd 1 v Aspley at Aspley Saturday 22 March 2014

Souths Sharks Training T-Shirt

You must order and pay for your Sharks Training T-shirt now. Send an email to with your size and quantity. Time is running out.



2014 Sharks AGM

The 2014 Committee was elected on 5 March 2014. Click on the 'Club Committee and Rules' page to find out more information. The coaches for this season are:

Mark 'Sparksy' Stummer
• Scott 'Hotty' Matthews

Charity Event - Mystery Bus Tour

New Sponsors for 2014

Sharks welcome Flight Centre (major sponsor) and The Vet Shed on board for the 2014 season and beyond. Thanks to Campo for helping out with Flight Centre and Cam (coach) for The Vet Shed.

As a result we are able to purchase new Jerseys for 2014 aswell as shorts and socks.

Please support the businesses that support us. Without their contibutions fees go up. See 'Our sponsors' page for more details.

Chloe (Squirt) Sells Fundraising Event

You may or may not know that, Corey (Cuddles) Sells (Sharks Life Member) 13 year old daughter Chloe has been diagnosed with a lymphoma (ALK Positive Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphpma). It is a very aggressive type, but one of the most treatable. In saying this, it is still a long process for Chloe and her family. Corey has said that Chloe is being so strong and positive.

Corey played Thirds last season with the Kenmore Bears and has also done a lot with junior footy over the years. He has also played many years with Sharks and is a Sharks Life Member.

The Kenmore Thirds coach (Mark Gilbert) has set up a Facebook event, the "Chloe (Squirt) Sells Fundraising Event".

What he is trying to do here is start some fundraising events and auction off some weekly items, and then late Feb/ early March hold a fundraising day and try and have an Allstar Footy match, all in the aid of Chloe.

We ask that you all get behind this event, please add as many of your friends to the Facebook event as you can, and help put a smile on a young girl's face. If you can get a hold of any auction items, they would be greatly appreciated. 
Mark is hoping to have the first auction up for grabs starting the week of the 1st of December.
Cuddles is a top bloke and we should support him and his family as much as we can and if you can help with anything with regards to this fundraising event please contact:
Mark Gilbert 0403206951.
Or Mumf 0403327126.

2014 Training commencement date

Presentation Night 2013

Well the crowd gathered on the red carpet as the players and their guests arrived in their limousines to the biggest gala event of 2013, known as the Souths Sharks Presentation Night. The paparazzi (Mrs Jenko) were out in force on the red carpet to get a glimpse of what the WAGS were wearing. They will feature in The Sunday Mail’s U Magazine next weekend. This night is a great opportunity for the players to show how drunk they can get.

The night commenced with an appreciation of Sharks Sponsors and helpers throughout the year, which included Bert (First Aid) and Bob (Umpiring), both couldn’t be with us tonight and Mrs Jenko for taken the awesome photos you see on the Facebook page and website. Although they are mostly of Jenko, when he is playing of course. This was followed by various player awards given out during the night.

All the winners have been uploaded to the Sharks Website under 'More Menus' 'Honour Role & History', but the major award winners, the Best and Fairest Awards were won by Chris ‘Big Chris’ Grocoe (Supers) and Jamie ‘Muttly’ Andriske (Masters), unfortunately they had previous commitments and couldn’t attend the night, well deserved guys, you both had a great year. It was also fantastic to see Peter ‘The Poet – (the player formerly known as Yatala)’ Brennan take home the Masters Players Player of the Year Award. This award is won by the player voted by Sharks players to be judged the player of the year. You are a worthy winner Poet and it is a pleasure to play with such a top bloke!!!

Corey ‘Cuddles’ Sells was inducted as a Souths Sharks Life Member for recognition of the work he has done for the club since joining in 2003 including President from 2008-2011. Well done Cuddles, you are a true champion and have certainly contributed immensely to how strong the Sharks are in the competition today.

There was a huge amount of laughter and frivolity going on all night with lots of food eaten and alcohol consumed. The Sharks Academy Awards were a big hit with Haema being nominated for a number of awards, of which he received two.

The Perfect Partners was a cracker with 3 players ambushed on the night thanks to Haema and their partners. Up were, Spinky (the player formerly known as Pipes, The Poet (the player formerly known as Yatala) and Jenko (the knick name his wife calls him wasn’t worth changing his current knick name – well according to the author of this anyway (Jenko)).

There was also a visual presentation of what the Sharks players have been up too in the offseason. Learning Korean, Tribute to Fruit, Old Man Rapping, Hawaiian hula dancing and the Chippendales made an appearance. This was a crowd pleaser and featured some well known Sharks Stars. These have been uploaded to the Sharks Facebook page for all to see.

Chief highlighted that since he didn't receive any B&F votes that there should be a new award for the Masters Player who consistently doesn't receive any votes so he can at least receive an award. Perhaps next year Chief! Plus a little sibling rivalry between Chris and Jimmy Garrard. Chris received 2 awards and Jimmy missed out. Jimmy reckons there should be a mark of the year award so he can also receive an award. But Jimmy, even though the mark was paid by the umpire, you can’t use your knees to slam into the back of a player, the committee needs to play by the rules!

The spectacular night ended with a performance by Tina Turner (Crocs girlfriend Fi) and her backup dancers. Wow, what a performance this was. The dance floor was soon full of dancers and at one stage there was Sparksy and a bunch of chicks doing the nut bush city limits. I remember that dance from school. Thanks Fi and Croc.

The food was fantastic, so thanks to Sheryl and Wests.

Thanks for everyone who helped out leading up to and on the night. See you all when we commence training in January 2014.

Presentation Night RSVP - 16 November 2013

There will be some special entertainment on the night so RSVP Now to let us know you are coming.

RSVP Here!!!!!!

2013 Masters BBQ - Sign Up Now! 13 October 2013

We have the opportunity to run a BBQ at Masters, Springfield to again raise funds for the club into 2014. The BBQs do contribute considerably to the Club's finances, so your assistance would be greatly appreciated

Please select 2 preferences for the time/s that best suit you. We need 4 - 5  people per session, and wives / partners are always welcome too. (just tell us in the "Other Availability" section if you think you will bring a second person!)

If you can only do 1 or 2 hours, please select the best fit option and tell us what time you can do in the "Other Availability"!

Sunday - 9.00am - 2.30pm (Masters require that set up starts at 9am on the day)
BBQ Selling from 11am - 2pm (Setup 9.00am & Breakdown from 2pm)
Masters Springfield Central - Cnr Main St and Southern Cross Circuit, Springfield

Please wear your Sharks Team Shirt, Sharks Cap (if you have one), and enclosed shoes - we will provide everything else!

Sign up to help your team HERE!!!

Round 12 v Sandgate and Labrador - 7 Sept 2013


Thanks to all players and supporters for your efforts at last night's games.

A great way to finish the playing season with two strong team wins by the Masters and Supers.

Jenko proved that time on the sideline hasn't affected his skills with a strong return to the masters side!

Another great team game from the Masters saw them down a well drilled Sandgate side 59 to 42.

Whilst the Supers easily accounted for an under strength Labrador side who only brought 7 players and therefore forfeited the game. Thanks especially to the Masters players who backed up to help out both teams.

Thanks also to the great efforts of our coaches; Ant, Princess and Cam who all put in a Stella performance this season to guide our Sharks through each game. Many thanks fellas!

Also sincere thanks to our support team of Bert, Mrs Jenko, the ever present Sparksie, Hottie, Carol Joyce and everyone else who has scored, kept time and run water to make games more enjoyable for all.

Lastly, well done Mousey on his last official game in Sharks colours. You will be missed.

Go Sharks!


Round 11 v Kedron and Ormeau - 25 August 2013

Can't Play for Sharks


Sharks Raffle Results

The Support Our Sharks Raffle was drawn shortly after the Supers Game today. Barbara Holland from our Sponsor QT Mutual Bank drew out the tickets. The results are:

1st Prize $1000 - Ticket No. 01990 - Jamie 'Igor' Simmons

2nd Prize $500 - Ticket No. 00102 - Robert 'Bic' Schaeffer

3rd Price $250 - Ticket No. 03347 - Brett 'Pricey' Price

4th Prize $150 - Ticket No. 04243 - Mrs C Clanchy - Chief's Mum

5th Prize $100 - Ticket No. 04836 - G & L - mate of Rockets

Umbrellas x 2 supplied QT Mutual Bank

6th Prize - Daniel 'Croc' Ivinson

7th Prize - Brett 'Pricey' Price

Round 10 v Morningside and Burleigh 11 August 2013

A couple of good games played today in what felt like a summers day. The Masters were first up  to fight it out for the Barry Morssinkhof Cup and the Burchill/Morssinkhof Shield. The boys were expecting a tough match as always against the Panthers but wanted to come away with a win to make up for the loss in round 4. The Sharks were all fired up and Morningside kicked a goal within the first 30 seconds. The Sharks hit back and ending up playing a great game to come out on top Souths 12.12 84  Morningside 8.8 56. This meant that the Sharks boys won the Barry Morssinkhof Cup and the Burchill/Morssinkhof Shield. Great win guys. Thanks to the Morningside boys for giving the Sharks a good game played in good spirits.

The Supers were up next against an undefeated Burleigh Heads. It was a tough game and the boys fought it out until the end going down to Burleigh 8 4 52 to 18 10 118. Great effort guys.  Thanks to the Burleigh boys for travelling from the Coast and playing the game in good spirits.


Sharks Family Fun Day - Round 10 - 11 August 2013

Ipswich Trial Game - 4 August 2013

This is a game to showcase Masters AFL Footy for 38+ players. The game will be held at the Ipswich Cats Home ground at Whyte Family Clubhouse, Mark Marsh Oval in Limestone Park, Selwyn Edwards Drive (off Lion Street), Ipswich (enter off Salisbury Road).

Complete this form if you can play. Ipswich Exhibition Game 4 August 2013


Round 9 v Palm Beach and Labrador 28 July 2013

2013 Bunnings BBQ - Sign Up Now!

The Footy Almanac

Igor and Billy are keen wordsmiths whose prose has been selected and included in the 2012 Footy Alamanac

The Almanac commissions two writers for each game of the normal home and away AFL season to ensure both clubs are represented in our coverage. These reports are then posted on the Alamanac's website.  

Game reports can be submitted from everybody else (whether supporters of the participating clubs or neutrals) and then posted on the site for all to enjoyOne report is then chosen for the Footy Almanac for that Season – a decision that is judged, among other things, on the story itself (of course), reader response, the winning side, the moment in the season etc.

Well done fellas for your work and dedication in sharing your often humorous views on a watching an AFL match.

For further details on the Alamanac go to:

Round 8 v Bribie and Broadbeach - 13 July 2013

The night was chilly and the masters commenced with Igor celebrating his 100th game and a banner was in place for him to run through. Souths came out of the blocks with 5 goals to Bribie 1 in the first quarter. The remaining 3/4's were close and some good footy was played by both teams. Souths came out on top winning the game 61-40. Thanks to Bribie Island for travelling to our home game and to Burger and Pipes for assisting Bribie with the numbers.

Broadbeach travelled with only 17 players and Souths need a few Masters players to back up (Scooter, Ant). Broadbeach came out on top in the first quarter with a 2 goal lead. Souths played a great team game with some fantastic footy that resulted in the boys coming from behind to stun Broadbeach with a win 54-37. Thanks to Broadbeach. 

Round 7 v Robina and Burleigh - 30 June 2013-CANCELLED

Round 6 v Wilston Grange - 16 June 2013

It was a great day for footy and the masters boys were keen to get out onto the field. The first quarter saw Wilston Grange playing good footy and seemed to be in all the holes to receive the footy. It was a tough remaing 3/4 that resulted in Masters going down to Grange by a big score 100-24. Gazza played a great game.

The Supers were short this week and some Masters had to back up. It was a seasawing game with some good plays by Big Chris, Stubbsy and Chris Garrard. It was great game with good skills by both sides with Wilston Grange taking out the game by 3 points. Sharks 50-53.

Thanks to Mary, Maysy, Igor, Scooter, Yatala and Haema for backing up.

Kenmore Bears Heritage Match - 29 June 2013

Kenmore Bears are staging a tribute match to the Centenary Jaguars at Wongaburra St Jindalee on Saturday the 29th June against Caboolture.

After the Centenary Jags folded in 1996, approximately 15 Jags made their way over to Kenmore for the 1997 season. Their contribution was immediate and in conjunction with some great Kenmore talent resulted in back to back premierships in Division 3 in the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

Sponsors have been sourced to cover the cost of heritage Centenary style jerseys which will be worn by the Seniors on the day. Former Centenary/Jindalee Jags have been invited to attend. Ben Williamson will play some acoustic guitar/singing in an informal post match function.

The day will kick off with the Reserves up against Caboolture at 12pm and the Seniors Heritage Match against Caboolture will kick off at 2.15pm.

South Sharks players/supporters are encouraged to attend this event which should be a fun nostalgic day out. Please get behind this important fundraiser as beer/canteen revenue will be largely apportioned to Kenmore.

Round 5 v Moorooka and Labrador 2 June 2013

Today served up another two great Sharks home games. Firstly, the Masters took on a free running Moorooka side in a real arm wrestle. It seemed that every time the Masters kicked ahead a determined Moorooka pegged them back.Souths need to talk more and kick straight which was the difference in the end. Some good patches of play and Skull, Bic, Princess, Igor, Pricey, Ant, Mary, Scooter and Snooker had good games. The tight battle continued right up to the final siren with Moorooka taking the spoils, 48 to the Sharks 39. Thanks to the Moorooka boys for a well fought tough game.

The Moorooka boys were short so thanks to the Supers, Croc, Gazza and Kracka for making up the numbers. You guys made the difference.

In the second game the Souths Supers again showed their dominance with a skilful and free flowing game against Labrador. The Supers were expecting a tough game against Labrador but they travelled light and a number of Souths Masters players had to back up to make up the numbers. The Souths boys were also short and first gamer for Sharks ‘Hoops’ had a great first half kicking 6 goals. Rumour has it that Hotty was running the team on the sideline and moved ‘Hoops’ down the backline so that ‘Hoops’ could not threaten ‘Hotty’s’ Goal Kicker of The Year Award. Jimmy was a pure marking machine up forward taking a spectacular mark of the year and kicking 4 goals. The players were moved around abit to give all players a touch and it was a good team game. Chris Garrard had a blinder as always and Pipes, Campo, Casper, Dutchy and The Axe (Fledmo) had good games (hard to pick in a great team effort). Teddy also had a good game for his first game of the year. The Supers were never really threatened by Labrador and ran away with the game - 97 points to 20.

Thanks for Maysy and Scooter for playing with the Supers. Thanks also to Big Dave, Haema, Igor, Rocket and Chief for throwing on a Labrador jersey to give them a hand. Haema kicked 1 goal for the Tigers…. Doesn’t count mate.

Burger actually helped Bob and umpired. How does it feel to be on the other side Burger? Thanks again to Bert for strapping. Thanks also to Nobbsy who ran water for both games and cant even play for Sharks as he is underage...

Round 4 v Morningside and Ormeau 18 May 2013

The Masters were first up against Morningside at 5pm. The Panthers were hot from the first bounce and took the lead in the first quarter. The sun was fading and the lights were on but the boys couldn't get on the board for the first quarter. Haema arrived at the game and the crowd couldn't contain themselves and erupted into a roar as he stumbled onto the ground. The Sharks knew that the game would now change course with the leadership of Haema. We gave Morningside a red hot go for the last 3 quarters and had a great game but came up short with the Masters boys going down 52-26. Princess, Mary, Skull and Fabio (Pierre) had Brownlow Medal winning performances as usual.

Thanks to the Supers boys for running water and Burger for scoring, not that he was troubled keeping tally of the goal kickers for Sharks.

The Supers were next up at 7pm against Ormeau Bulldogs. The Supers knew they were in for a tough game based on the experiences of round 2. The Supers were redhot and blasted out of the centre and kept the Bulldogs scoreless for 2 quarters. Poor old Igor finally got his chance in the Supers and was sent on by Hotty to the forward line, pity he ran to the backline but after he ran back it took about 20 seconds to be shirt fronted by a gutless Ormeau player and he came off. It was a pretty rough game with Ormeau giving Sharks a run for our money and the final score doesn't give a true indication of how tough it was. The Supers continued to show their dominance over a spiteful and undisciplined Ormeau and ended up kicking 20 goals to win the game 131-15. Big Chris, Stubbsy, Chris Garrard and Ezy displayed Rising Star performances.

Thanks to the Pierre, Scooter, Haema and Mary for backing up as the Supers were short.

Thanks to the past players, Cuddles and Cashy for running water and Longy for helping out and Jenko for scoring who was troubled by keeping tally of the goal kickers, whom on occasion had to get Cuddles to run out and see who kicked the goal as he couldn't see that far even with his specs on.

Take a punt at old masters!!!

AUSTRALIAN RULES: Blokes who think they are over the hill can take a mark and have a kick with AFL Masters Queensland looking to bolster its ranks.

Picture: ADAM ARMSTRONG STILL KICKING: Paul Newbury, Scott Edwards and Matthew Goode are players in the AFL Masters, with the competition looking to boost their profile with night fixtures at Chelmer.

The Souths Sharks Masters AFC are hosting night fixtures on Saturday at Sherwood Districts AFL club for families, former players and amateurs alike to see the competition in action.

There is a Supers division catering for players over the age of 33 and a Masters division for players aged 38 and older.

Sharks vice-captain and Masters committee member Matthew Goode said it was footy for fun and nobody was too old to play.

‘‘We get a lot of guys who turn up who have not played since they were teenagers and they come down and find they’ve still got some skill,’’ he said.

‘‘Then there’s the family side of things where the wives come along and the kids are there supporting their dads.

‘‘Masters is Australia-wide, but a lot of people don’t know that people in their 30s and above can play. We’ve got players as old as 50 in the Masters.

‘‘You don’t have to be supremely fit at all. It’s full tackle, but everybody loves it and there’s great camaraderie and a great sense of team spirit.’’

The first match is a Masters clash between Souths and Morningside at 5pm with the Supers match between Souths and Ormeau kicking off at 7pm. For more information, contact

Round 3 v Robina and Surfers 5 May 2013

The Masters boys were keen for a game and unfortunately Robina didn't have the numbers so the game was forfeited. We agreed to supply Robina with enough masters and supers players to fill a team so we all didn't travel to Robina for nothing.
The game was played in good spirits and it went our way with Heama kicking 4 goals followed by Jenko who was kept to 3 by new first gamer for us, Docko who played fullback. Great games had by Ant, Mary and Pricey. Souths 11-8-74 to Robina 7-3-45. 
Thanks go to Vern, Pipes, Bic, Gazza, Big Chris, Igor, Robbo, Flipper who played for Robina.
The Supers were up against Surfers who were short again and the game forfeited but some of our Masters helped out so the Supers could have a run. Supers had a good game which ended up with a win. Souths 14-11-95 to Surfers 7-2-44. 
Thanks to Maysy, Scooter who played for Surfers.. No 'mouse trap' today for Scooter...

Players fees and raffle tickets

New players were given until round 3 to decide whether they want to continue playing or not before paying fees. Round 3 was on 5 May 2013. So to be fair to all those who have paid their fees, the new players who have not paid must pay at least $150 before next game. Bank details are on this website... In addition, part of your fees is you selling or buying $200 worth of raffle tickets. Raffles tickets are in the process of being handed out by Pipes. If you haven't received yours to sell, contact Pipes asap. Any tickets that you don't sell are yours to buy. You need to pay your fees to play. 

This applies to returning players also.

If you have difficulties paying please contact members of the committee to discuss a payment plan.

Round 2 v Wynnum and Ormeau 21 April 2013

Two fantastic games today and two great wins by both teams.

The Masters really gelled with a strong team win against Wynnum. Souths Masters 17 16 118, Wynnum 3 7 25.

The goal scoring was shared amongst a number of players including Jenko 5, Haema 3, Robbo's first goal, Nicko with 2, Maysey and Pricey were also troubling the scorers!

The Supers also ran away with their game, in what was a times ...a fiery encounter with a determined Ormeau.

Souths Supers 12 14 86 def Ormeau 3 3 21.

Once again, a top team effort with a rampant midfield including pipes, Stubbsy, Jimmy and Chris delivered strongly to Hottie, Dutchy, Vern and Ezy in a dominant forward line.

Well done everyone today and those guys that supported in off field roles. Thanks again Sparkesy!

I would remiss also not to mention the top effort from Bob Cotton who single handedly umpired both games!

Go Sharks!

Round 1 v Wilston Grange 7 April 2013

Two cracking games of football this morning from the Supers and Masters.

The Masters had a 23 point win over a determined Wilston Grange.

While the Supers fought hard all day to just fall short to the Wilston Grange Supers. Some heavy rain made the last quarter end with Wilston Grange kicking 4 goals to win the game by 16 points.

Some great efforts and passages of play from both sides with plenty to build upon for the next games.

Congratulations to all first time players for the Sharks; Campo, Robbo and Flipper (who kicked a great goal in his first game!) for the Masters. And for the Supers; Casper, Chris and Aka, who All had great games!

Thanks to the Masters players who backed up to also play for the Supers as they were short - Scooter, Maysy, Ant and Jenko.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in support roles today especially Sparksie our beloved runner and Burger for scoring.

23 March 2013 - Preseason Carnival

A great, albeit, hot day today for the pre-season "Be a Man Carnival" at Sandgate. The afternoon consisted of 2 games with 2 x 15minute halves against Wilston Grange first up and then Kedron.

All games were played in a fantastic and competitive spirit. Congrats to Robbo and Campo who played their first games in Sharks Colours and also put on a Kedron jersey as they were short. Big Chris also helped Kedron out and always plays his best game against us.....

All Sharkies boys had a real red hot go in red hot conditions with a win against Kedron and a fighting loss to Wilston Grange.

Thanks to everyone who also turned up and supported in various roles; Aga, Mousey, Zulu, Vern, Robbie, Chris and Troy - great effort guys!

Preseason Carnivals - let us know if you can play

There are 2 pre season carnivals that Souths Sharks have been invited to submit teams. It will be a combined supers/masters team for each carnival and we will only be nominating to attend the Sandgate Carnival.

Sandgate - 23 March 2013 - Sandgate AFL Club - Raising funds for Qld Prostate Cancer Council and the fees/donations are $5 per player.

Sandgate Hawks Sporting Club, 120 Lemke Road, Taigum 4018

Can everyone please click HERE to respond if you can or can’t playing at either or both of these carnivals so that we can get an idea of numbers!

You MUST be registered as a player and paid with Sharks and Masters AFL Qld to play in these carnivals.

Click HERE to register with Masters AFL Qld

Click HERE to register with Souths Sharks (player)

If you are not registered, you will not be allowed to run on.

2013 Committee Announced

The 2013 Committee can be found here:


Wednesday night training off to a cracking start!!!!

The first training night for Wednesday 6th February 2013 started with a good turn up of both new and old members. Great to see. Poor new guy Aga had to go to hospital to have his finger put back in but he is ok and will be back on the paddock next week... good on you Aga!!!!

Coaches announced:

Masters - Anthony 'Ant' de Stefani and Paul 'Princess' Newbury

Supers - Cam (Little) Withers

Training moved to Wednesday Nights

Presentation Night!!

For those of you have have RSVP'd to Presentation Night - here are the details - make sure you read all the way!! If you haven't RSVP'd, please call BC and we should be able to squeeze you in! At the moment we have 80+ attending

Arrive 7.00pm for drinks and mingling
7.30pm - Festivities Start
Dinner 8.00pm
10.30pm - Festivities Finish

The night is free for all fully financial playing members, which includes drinks, except for pre-mix spirits - which will be a cost of $2 payable at the bar when ordering.

Child Minding will be setup in the Dressing Room, where we will have a TV/DVD. Bridgette will be looking after the kids! We ask that you have the kids fed and that they bring any snacks or requirements with them. Please ensure that the have a sleeping bag/blanket/pillow, plus any books or games they might want to use.

Dress Code is Smart Casual - no need to wear your Sharks Polo!

50 Meter Penalties & Send Off's
As per last year - those of you who haven't paid up for your "indiscretions" need to pay up on or before the night. Cost for a carton is $40 and this money will be put on the bar on Saturday night - if you aren't coming please let me know how you want to pay up! Those who owe us are:

NAME / Date

Bic x 1 (15/4)
Longy x 1 (15/4)
Pricey x 1 (8/7)
Jenko x 1 (8/7)
Cam (little) x 1 (8/7)
Dutchy x 1 (22/7)

Floater x 1 (19/8)
Jai x 1 (19/8) PAID!
Stubbsy x 1 (19/8)
Dion x 1 (19/8)

Any questions - please give BC a call 0424 842 321

Important End of Year - To Do List!!

A couple of very important things for you to action ASAP:

RSVP for the Presentation Night - Saturday 17th November at 7.00pm

RSVP for the End of year Bus Trip - any questions contact Haema -


To help with the running of the club, you DO NOT need to be on the committee, but the more hands the easier everything is.

Next year may see some changes in when games are played, including the possibility that Supers and Masters may not play at the same location on the same day, so if you would be willing to help out with some of these jobs, especially some of the game day duties, please go to the online form: Souths Sharks 2013 Club Management and nominate either for the committee, or to assist in Game Day Duties.

When you go to the home page at the moment, you will see that it is different - when we aren't training or playing, we will have this new page which encourages new recruits - we have already had a number of enquiries and applications for new players in 2013 - to go to our regular page, just click on the big blue text!

If you are interested in putting up your hand to coach either or both teams in 2013 - please reply email me back at . Each year we take the opportunity to ask our members if this is something that interests them - so don't think this is anything against Ant or Al!!

If there is anything else you want to raise or discuss, please email BC or Yatala

End of Year - What's Planned!

Here you will find all the information and links to RSVP for the various end of year activities!

Presentation Night - 17th November

Bus Trip - 9th December


RSVP for the presentation night here!

A night of fun for all playing members and their partners with games, Brownlow Style B&F Count and all the awards and joviality that comes from a group of beered up Footy Players!


Cost for Playing Members AND their Partners - FREE

(Meal and all standard drinks included)

Additional attendees and others $40 each

NOTE: We are planning on organising some accredited Child Minding for the night (bsed in the dressing rooms), so if you would like to available yourself of them, please indicate on the RSVP Form how many children you have and what ages they are. 


RSVP for the End of Year Bus Trip here!

The club is covering the cost of a bus to have a day of fun with paint ball, great meals, activities, and barefoot bowls. Just $30 to put towards the cost of the activities. Players and Support Staff only!




Sportsman's Night - Tuesday 14th August

Kenmore Bears and Souths Sharks are hosting a Sportsman's Night on Tuesday 14th of August from 7pm to raise money for the clubs. We have exceeded all expectations, and are expecting between 90 & 100 people!

If you are planning to go, please make sure you register for your tickets here Reserve your tickets here, NOW!

If you haven't paid for your tickets as yet, you can do so on the night at the front door!

For more information or questions, please email BC at

Sportsman’s Night

Tuesday 14th August 7.00pm till late at

Western Districts Community & Sporting Club

Cnr Oxley Road & Queenscroft Street, Chelmer

Price : $30 (includes first basic drink and finger foods)

Bookings Essential! To book email


Guest Speakers

Duncan Armstrong 

(Commonwealth & Olympic Gold Medallist)





Peter “Spida” Everitt

(Saints, Hawks & Swans)




All funds raised assist Kenmore Bears AFC &

Souths Sharks Masters AFC

Raffle - $5 each or 3 for $10 (including signed AFL club memorabilia & footballs, and other great prizes)

Last Man Standing - $20 per ticket (1st Prize $500 with many other prizes)

Silent Auction

Exclusive Memrobillia Auction

More Substantial Food will be available from the Bistro!

End of Year Training - Dates & Locations


Sunday 12th August - 2.30pm - 4.00pm - Western Districts Community & Sporting Club

No Training on Tuesday 14th -Sportsman's Night

Sunday 19th August - Game Day - HOME

Wednesday 22nd August - 6.30pm - 8.00pm - Jindalee - Wongaburra Street Jindalee

Tuesday 28th - Pizza & Beer 7.00pm - 8.30pm - Western Districts Community & Sporting Club

Sunday 2nd Sept - Game Day - Morningside

WINNERS - Support Our Sharks Raffle

Thank you to everyone who supported our raffle, with tickets spread well across our team mates, family, friends and work colleagues.

Drawn today 22nd july 2012 at Western District Community & Sporting Club following our matches against Sunshine Coast, the winners are:


First Prize of $1000

Ticket Number 03873 - Scott Jenkin "Jenko"


Second Prize of $500

Ticket Number 06276 - Bill Ellis "Billy"


Third Prize of $250

Ticket Number 00758 - Paul Murphy "Murf"


Fourt Prize of $150

Ticket Number 00817 - Libby Connolly


Fifth Prize of $100

Ticket Number 02358 - Peter May "Pierre"


Monthly Tuesday Meals - July 3rd

Western Districts along with Souths Sharks and Kenmore Bears are offering a meal post-training on one Tuesday a month.

Meals will be $10 per head, and everyone is welcome! We need about 20 people per night for it to be financially viable - but of course, everyone is welcome to stay for a beer or other beverage!

The club's recovery post-floods has been slow, and now with a new kitchen, time has come for everyone to support the club to get things back up and running to better than pre-flood levels.

The Souths MAFL Club will hold a sausage sizzle on the other Tuesdays, and all are welcome to have a sausage and a beer on those nights too! Souths will also run a raffle on Meal Nights.

The dates that meals are planned are as follows: Tuesdays from 7.30pm 3 July & 31 July


Use the link below to RSVP if you would like a $10 meal after trainingon the 3rd July.

Monthly Tuesday Night Meal RSVP

If you do RSVP, please make sure you pay and collect your meal - otherwise it defeats the whole purpose, and this option might not be viable for Wests.

2012 Membership & MAFQ Registration

This is the 2012 Souths Sharks Membership Page, for all old, new and non-playing members

As we will become incorporated in 2012, we need to offer non-playing membership categories, so there are a few options of membership. Please complete your relevant membership option.

All 2012 Full Membership (Playing) applicants MUST read the CODE OF CONDUCT prior to completing your membership application.


2012 Souths Sharks Full Membership (Playing)

2012 Souths Sharks Non-Playing Membership

2012 Souths Sharks Supporter Membership


All returning 2011 players must now complete their 2012 MAFQ Registration online (as per the link below). Use your email address (the one we use to email you) to login in and request your password. If there is a problem with your email address or password, please email BC at southssharks @

MAFQ Registration Page


Click on Membership in the menu and select Player Login

CLICK ON: I'd like to request my username and password

Enter your email address.

It will email you your username and password

Once you have your username and password go back to MAFQ

Now click on : I have played in this club before and have my username and password

Login with your details

Click on Souths AFL Masters

Confirm that STEP 2 is you (we hope so!)

Complete/Update your information at Step 3 & read the Disclaimer and check the box, and click Confirm.

You are now done!

Players new to the club in 2012 should now use the first link to the playing membership form, as time is getting short. You should nominate the new player option when it comes to the Members Fees Question! We give new members the option of until after the third round before they pay.

National Carnival Nominations NOW OPEN!

Players are advised that the nomination form is now available from MAFLQ

All the details on dates etc can also be found here.

Please be advised that Souths Sharks Personal Injury Insurance DOES NOT apply to representative games.


Masters AFL Queensland - Carnival Nomination Form



Pan Pacific Masters Games

Details for the Pan Pacific Masters Games are now available. Competitions for both 18 a side and AFL 9's are planned. See info below for more details on dates and costs.


AFL 9's

Indoor Rowing

Anyone interested in Indoor rowing - have a chat to BC about maybe putting a team together.



Team Wear & Supporter Gear Now Available

Through Foxy Promotions, we are offering our players, family and supporters the chance to order some wonderful gear. All orders must be received, with payment, by Tuesday May 15th.

Please use the forms below to make your orders and return the form and payment to BC at training or the next match on the 13th May.

Sorry - to allow time for production and delivery, we cannot extend the order period.

All orders will be available for collection at Training, or at games once manufacture haas been completed.

Foxy Promotions are responsible for all orders, as we are just a middle man, so any further product enquiries, should be directed to Ann at or phone Ann on 3818 6411. Ann can do custom orders for you of just about anything, so if we are not offering something, please give her a call to see what is possible!

Caps ($10) and Stubby Coolers ($5) are available directly from BC

Jersey Numbers Allocated!

Our jerseys are numbered in accordance with their actual size, so while we do attempt to accomodate people's requested, we are limited. The 2012 Game Day Sign On Sheet is attached so you can check your jersey number.

Join Western Districts Community & Sporting Club!

Souths Sharks playing members automatically get a Sporting Membership (non-voting) of Western Districts, but for just $20, you can joint the organisation that provides our facilities and become a voting member.

See Lofty at training for more details, and support the future of Western Districts and Souths Sharks!


This Week at the Sharks!

Key Information for your urgent action!


  • Kenmore Reserves are looking to have a trial game on Saturday 3rd March at Kedron. If you feel up to a run, please contact Mumfy at


  • Don't forget we are having a working bee this Sunday at the ground (Rain or Shine) to patch the field with some turf. If you can come, please arrive at 8am with spades, shovels, mattocks and wheelbarrows. We will have a sausage sizzle and some beers afterwards!


  • Next TUESDAY, after training - we will have a Sausage Sizzle at the club, so please hang around for some beers!


  • GOLD COAST Mini-Carnival - There are plans for a mini carnival on Saturday 17th March (St Patrick's Day) at either Labrador or Southport. We would put forward 1 mixed team of Supers and Masters to have a few matches (15 minute quarters) , a few beers, and a great time! If you can make it, please use this link to let us know!


  • Key Dates for the end of year
    • Whitsunday Carnival - 12 a side Competition - 5/5 - 7/5/2012
    • Souths Sharks Family Day (DATE TBC) 23/9/2012 (to include a Masters Vs Supers 20/20 Cricket game)
    • National Carnival - Townsville 8/10 - 16/10/2012
    • Pan Pacific Games - Gold Coast 3/11 - 11/11/2012


  • SHARKS MEMBERSHIP - Please use the links on the website to complete your membership application NOW. We need to have everyone who is planning on playing this year all sorted over the next week. We can't issue you with gear, or allow you to play any games unless you have completed this application. Don't forget to read the Code of Conduct first!


  • Masters AFL Qld Registration - Please do this at the same time as your Sharks Membership. You are not allowed to play any games (pre-season or otherwise) unless you complete this!


  • SHARKS TIPPING COMPETITION - Attached is a pdf file for all the instructions - so please take a little time to join for some season long fun, and the chance to win some cash!

2012 Sharks Player Profile Information

This survey will take about 5 - 10minutes, and will allow us to prepare a player profile that we can share it with the team via the website. The profiles will get posted with a photo (of our choice).

We ask that all existing players complete their info ASAP so that the new guys can get to know a bit about all the other Old Fellas in the team. Life Members aren't exempt - you guys will be first!

If you don't fill out the survey, we might end up filling it out for you, so don't delay!

 Click on this link to go to the Player Profile Survey

South's Night of Nights goes off with the Titanic

For those who couldn't make it, you missed another classic Sharks Presentation Night.

The photos are in the gallery now, but they do not do justice to the many jokes, faux pars and down right alcohol driven comments that kept everyone in stickes throughout the night.

The award recipients are also updated on the webiste in the Honour Role!


Classic Comments:

Far to many to mention, but some are impossible not to post here!


Teddy doing "Perfect Partners" was asked what his pet name "TT" stood for. Whilst he was procrastinating, Haema piped up with "Titanic Testicles, but they have sunk"


Cuddles doing his final speech of the night, and well onto his upteenth drink - well lets just say that he is no long in the running for the PPP (Positive Presidenting Program) Award! Cuddles - You other speeches were GOLD!



The club bestowed two Life Memberships this year, on past members who clearly needed to be recognised. Mick & Jenny Seaton were instrumental in ensuring the survival of Souths for many years, and both have also been recognised by MAFLQ for their service to the club and to the league. Congratulation Mick & Jenny!


Igor had great pelase in giving a Roast of both Big Al and Burger, which kept us all in stitches, even though he truly took 6 hours to make a papier mache caveman club, though the playing strip for Big Al (pictured) came straight from his wardrobe! Roasts are now available in "Igors Facts, Figures & Fables"!

Igor also took great pleasure in Roasting our outgoing President, Cuddles, which at the end of the night, rounded off another awesome night of team bonding. Amanda held in a headlock by Sass saying - "Your hair smells sooooo good!" whislt sniffing uncontrolably, has left her scared for life!


If you missed the night, don't miss next year's!!

Thanks for the memories - Al & Burger!

The final matches of the 2011 season were held on Sunday 4th September against Wilston Grange at Gaythorne.


The Masters team farewelled "Big Al" Alex McRae and "Burger" Lynden Burgess after 26 & 20 years in the club respectively. A copy of the article as printed in the South-West news can be found below!


The fired up Masters took it to Wilston Grange, who had been languishing all year with a less than impressive record, though the wise South's boys knew that they would be dangerous, and they were! Souths found themselves down a goal after the first quarter, though the breeze had picked up to be a force 6 gale!

Kicking with the wind in the second quarter, Souths Showed what advantage should be made of the breeze, outscoring WG 4 goals to 1. BC's opponent for the second quarter was extracted from the soil with a backend loader after being pounded into the ground after failing to take a simple mark. The same opponent thought he might take a running go at BC later in the quarter, and without BC batting an eyelid, found himself bouncing about 6 metres in the opposite direction. BC later gave away a 50 metre penalty in an uncharacteristic show of aggression! Tut Tut BC!!

The team was on fire, and continued to outscore, and outrun Wilston Grange, and to finish the best season in ten years, to farewell Al and Burger in style. A superb game from many players, including Pierre, Jenko, Yatala Pete, Mary, Spresser, Ado (who barely could hold onto the ball all day!) and not to mention the old boys Burger and Big Al taking all the ruck duties!

Souths 13.10  88 to Wilston Grange 10.7 67


Wilston Grange Supers were before today labelled the best Brisbane side, losing only 1 match out of 11, but the boys from Souths were not going to let that label intimidate them.

The breeze was still blowing from the earlier match, which provided some assistance, but it was clear that the ball was not going to spend too much time in the sky, as it was in the aim of both sides. Mumfy played hard against his opponent, causing a number of concentration lapses, and allowing Souths to be up by 5 points at the first change.

Now the Souths boys showed why they were a real force in the competition, taking control in the second quarter to lead by 20 points at half time. Whilst Wilston Grange took some advantage from the wind in the third quarter, they ran out of legs with Souths outrunning them around the ground to score 5 goals to nil in the final quarter to win convincingly!

A huge game by the whole team, with standouts being Teddy (with a severely broken collar bone) Lazzo, Mutley, Pipes, Skull (looking very well tanned), Ezy and Ant. Vern showed some brilliance with some set moves adding to the complete team effort for one of the best wins the team has ever had.


Souths  11.5  71 to Wilston Grange 4.12  36



A huge year for the whole team, with sincere thanks to everyone for contributing to the most successful year in the club for many years. May 2012 be even better!


Comment Guidelines: The SportsTG Network is made up of players, families and passionate sports followers like you who have a strong opinion about sport. That's great - we want you to have your say and share your thoughts with the world. However, we have a few rules that you must follow to keep it fun for all. Please don't be rude, abusive, swear or vilify others. Apart from some pretty serious sport sanctions, we also can ban you and report you if things get out of hand. So play fair and have fun, and thanks for your contribution.

Sharks Notice Board

Can't Play For Sharks

Use the above link to let us know you can't play!

2017 Membership & AFLMQ Registration is now open.

Click here for further details - you must be registered and paid your fees to play!!!

Training - Wednesday nights 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Club Location: Akuna Oval

Address: 67 Hepworth Street, Chapel Hill. QLD 4069

Come and try us out, keep fit, and have a pile of fun! Old and new players welcome.

2017 - 50 METRE TALLY (or other indiscretion as determined by the committee/players)

Round 1: 

Round 2: 

Round 3: 

Round 4: 

Round 5: 

Round 6: 

PAYABLE AS A BOTTLE OF SPIRITS FOR USE IN A RAFFLE ON THE TRAINING NIGHT BEFORE THE GAME - $40 per infringement OR on presentation night if not on offer at training night.


Photo Gallery