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Round 9 Summary Mid Gippsland Football League

Thorpdale v YYN

Some of the Mid-Gippsland Football League games have produced some nail biting results for fans over the past few weeks and the matchup between top teams Thorpdale and Yallourn/
Yallourn North at Thorpdale’s home ground did not disappoint. In a highly competitive game between the teams, it looked like Thorpdale had the home advantage by two goals ten minutes into the fourth quarter. However, not wanting to come out second best, the Bombers came fighting back to score two goals and a point to take home the victory with a narrow one point margin. 

Stand-in Player/Coach Barrie Burnett took over the reins from a sick Adam Bailey on Saturday. Barrie couldn’t have been more pleased with the team’s performance. He said: “We dug deep and we were down two goals there at one stage but after that we put Tom Hutton forward and there was a bit more tackling pressure and people just stood up when they had to. We’re very pleased with the result as it now puts us at number two on the ladder and the aim is to finish top three at the end of the season. This is a good win to help us get there.”

The first quarter started with plenty of pressure being put on by both teams. A quick turnaround from and early missed opportunity by Thorpdale resulted in an opening goal by Mitchell Luck for Yallourn/Yallourn North. The Bombers then followed up with goal number two by Tim Phillips. Mitchell Gorman took a great mark in the Thorpdale forward line and he quickly passed it off to Thomas McDermott who put the first goal on the scoreboard for the Blues. Around 15 minutes in the first quarter, Thorpdale just started to open up on the forward line. Scores at the whistle Thorpdale 2 4 16 to YYN 2 1 13.

The Bombers come out firing in second term with two quick goals. Mitchell Gorman had a shot at goal to score Thorpdale’s first of the quarter but it veered off to the left for a point. Too much mucking around with the footy in the middle of the ground by Yallourn/Yallourn North gave Matthew Power a chance at goal, which he secured putting Thorpdale back within a point. Good pressure was being applied by both teams again in this quarter. Mitchell Luck got within range for the Bombers from 35 metres to add another 6 points to the score, then Tyler Brown kicked his first of the game. Thorpdale were looking good when they get the ball but just not converting their opportunities The end of the second quarter saw the Bombers out in front. Thorpdale 3 6 24 YYN 6 2 38,

Good pressure was being applied once again by both teams who were pretty evenly match up at the start of the third term. Only two points to Thorpdale and no goals for either teams after ten minutes. Then an opportunity was given to Josh Collie who scored a fantastic goal for Thorpdale giving him is second for the afternoon and a much needed goal for Thorpdale in the 14th minute. Thorpdale scored a second goal to put the game even and the Bombers were yet to produce a single point. A third late goal at the end of the third term for Thorpdale put them in front. The scores showing that Thorpdale dominated this quarter more with Yallourn/Yallourn North failing to put any points on the board. Thorpdale 6 6 44 YYN 6 2 38.

The fourth quarter produced some highly-contested football between the two teams. Kayne O’Connell got a chance at an open goal to take the first goal in this quarter for Thorpdale to increase their lead by 12 points over the Bombers. Yallourn/Yallourn North were just not keeping up the same pressure as they did in the first half of the game. But then Dean McDonald Kicked a goal directly in front of the centre posts and took his third for the afternoon, and a much need goal for Yallourn/Yallourn North. Thorpdale needed to be careful not to squander their opportunities to remain ahead. Thorpdale scored another and then the Bombers kicked it up a notch and started applying the pressure. Tom Hutton, for Yallourn/Yallourn North, closing the gap then a quick follow up point made the scores all even in the 18th minute. The game was down to the wire. The Bombers managed to score a point, to get them out of jail, and take the victory. Final scores, Thorpdale 8 8 56 to YYN 8 9 57.

Thorpdale Player/Coach Nick Brown was disappointed with the result. He said: “We were in front in the last quarter and we should have hung on. Yallourn/Yallourn North came back at us and gained the win. We didn’t play particularly well today and if we want to win against the top sides we need to play our best footy. It’s only our second loss this season so we are still looking to be in the top three spots and not too worried about our position on the ladder at the moment.”

Boolarra v Morwell East

Boolarra remain the ‘Wooden Spooners’ with another loss at home to Morwell East on Saturday. The Hawks did not have any issues getting over their crushing one point defeat against Trafalgar last week and kicked 18 goals against the struggling Demons. Boolarra continue to struggle and did not put any points on the scoreboard during the first quarter giving Morwell East a 33 point advantage. The second quarter proved to be a little more entertaining with both teams finding the middle of the posts at both ends and Boolarra’s Chase Saunders kicked four goals. Morwell East dominated the second half of the game and scores at the final whistle were Boolara 5 7 37 to Morwell East 18 5 113.

Newborough v Hill End

It looked like Newborough would dominate this match up with Hill End but it was a slow start by both teams in the first quarter with Newborough only in front by two goals. This early lead for the Bulldogs was their saving grace as Hill End put in a great performance during the rest of the game and really made Newborough work for their win. The fourth quarter produced some great work by the Hill’s men as they fought hard to get in front, but the early advantage for Newborough worked in their favour. Luke Mulqueen kicked 8 for Newborough and Mark Santo kicked six for Hill End, adding to their tally on the goal scoring ladder. Final scores Newborough 14 8 92 Thorpdale 12 7 79

Trafalgar v Yinnar

It was a very slow start for Trafalgar in their matchup at home to Yinnar. The side seem to have lost a bit of their earlier form and had little chances at goal in the first half of the game, only managing two points. Yinnar also started off a bit sluggish in the first quarter scoring only two goals to put them in front. The Magpies dominated the second quarter and gave the home team little chance at goal and stretched their lead to 33 points. Both teams then looked like they were getting into gear during the second half and Trafalgar found a bit of form with both teams getting forward and finding the posts. However, Yinnar were the better side on the day and took home the victory moving Yinnar into third on the ladder at the end of Round 9. Trafalgar 5 7 37 to Yinnar 11 8 74.

Mirboo North v Yarragon

The Panthers gave the home team Mirboo North a bit of a shake during the first quarter coming out on top 19 points to Mirboo North’s 14. The Tigers than took it up a notch scoring five goals in the second quarter to take the lead over the Panthers. Both teams worked hard to keep the play from the forward line during the third term and the Tigers missed a few opportunities to take a bigger lead. Mirboo North came out and completely dominated in the fourth quarter and scored five goals to the Panthers none with plenty of opportunities between the posts. The home team taking out a great victory at the end of the final whistle. Mirboo North 13 15 93 to Yarragon 7 7 49.

Next Meeting

The next Directors meeting will be held on Wednesday, 14 June 2017 in the Morwell RSL Boardroom, commencing at 7.30pm.


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2017 Seniors
1 Yinnar 32
2 Yallourn/Yallourn North 32
3 Newborough 32
4 Thorpdale 28
5 Trafalgar 24
6 Morwell East 20
7 Mirboo North 20
8 Hill End 8
9 Yarragon 4
10 Boolarra 0