SATURDAY the 23rd June, Newlands West Reserve


Each team will be playing 5 rounds with 1 game per round. It will consist of a single quarter of 10 minutes only. There will be no half time and therefore no changing of the ends. The Ovals will be setup in preperation for the arrival of any players, and a match football will be supplied. 

There will be First Aid in attendance in case of any injuries, and both a fundraiser BBQ and coffee van will be ready bright an early in the morning to help wake up all those sleepy parents and spectators.

At the end of each match players and coaches are to clear their way off the oval quickly, as the next game will be commencing immediately. Please make sure you are ready on the outskirts of your next oval immediately at the ten minute mark, as umpires have been instructed to start the games on time, even if the players are not in their allocated positions and ready to commence play. 

The first named teams within the fixture will be kicking to the western end of the oval at the commencement of the match. 

The ovals are colour coded as follows; 

North Oval: Orange Boundary Markers

South Oval: Green Boundary Markers 

The fixtures for the carnival can be accessed via the link on the side, and and below.

2018 Sturt Zone 4/5 Division One Lightning Carnival Fixtures & Results

2018 Sturt Zone 4/5 Division Two Lightning Carnival Fixtures & Results

***Coaches/Team Managers are required to report to to Jo (Zone Convenor) on arrival.*** 

Each team will be expected to have one volunteer Goal Umpire and to provide a set of flags. All Scorecards will need to be returned to the officials at the completion of the matches.  

Coaches pleases equate player numbers to a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12. 

Players not playing are ask to refrain from kicking footballs near or on the central ovals and BBQ whilst other teams are playing for safety reasons. There is plenty of room away from the main ovals. Players please not play with the goal posts anywhere on the oval.  

There are bathrooms available for use in the CBC clubrooms.  

We do ask that each team supplies four volunteer parents and spectators to assist for a short 15-20 minute shift on the fundraising BBQ. All proceeds from the BBQ go towards assiting teams with equipment purchases, and keeping the yearly fees down. 

Please note that parking during the Carnival is not permitted in the carpark of the Newlands West Reserve, you will need to park along the road. 


DIVISION ONE 08.30am-10.30am

8.15am (Setup) - 

8.45am   -  

9.05am   - 

9.25am   - 

9.45am   - 

10.05am - 

DIVISION TWO - 10.30am - 12.30pm

10.30am - 

10.45am - 

11.00am -


11.30am - 

11.45am - 

12.00pm -

12.15pm -  

12.30pm (Pack UP) - St Johns Grammar/Belair


***For a scheduled printable calendar for the entire season   please click the link below. ***

SANFL Schools Sturt Zone 2018 Calendar 


If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact your School Delegate as shown in the School Zone & Delegate Details tab, or please don't hesitate to email. 


Please return to this page regularly for updates as the season progresses. 

Notice Board


Lightning Carnivals for the Year 2, 2/3, 4/5 will be held for each team during the Season.  

Fundraising barbeque and coffee facilities available on the day. 

Notice Board

June Long Weekend

Saturday the 9th

Year 6/7 Premiers Cup

Year 2, 2/3, and 4/5 no matches