The Year So Far…..

What a year it has been for Kilsyth, we have had referee’s representing themselves and Kilsyth at the highest levels across varying competitions.

We have had Barry Spicer involved with and achieving great things in Wheelchair basketball, Brad Henshaw delivering Gold on numerous occasions. Nick Tomazic getting a gold medal match in QLD. Numerous nominations for National Championships from U/14’s through 20s. We have had 6 referees represent us on the National Wheelchair Basketball panel, Raoul Kirsten doing an excellent job on the NBL panel. Riley Brown reffing SEABL and soo many more to mention.


But as we count down to the business end of the higher leagues, we can see the prolific season Kilsyth has had. Within the Big V competition we have had appointments of Kilsyth refs to the following divisions:

Victorian Youth Championship Women

Brad Henshaw


Division 1 Men

Ken Spratt

Jordan Andreola

Casey Couche


Division 1 Women

Andrew Proctor


Division 2 Men

Mitchell Pratt

Brittany Andreola


State Youth League Women

Nicholas Tomazic



Well done to all who refereed this league and put in the hard work traveling to Mildura, Warrnambool, Shepparton and all across Victoria. It appears the hard work as a group you have put in has paid off. Good luck through each respective series!

Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League Appointments

Over the weekend of the 29th of July Kilsyth held the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League. This weekend showcased some of the greatest Australian wheelchair sports talent, with numerous players currently or previously involved within the Paralympic teams.

At Kilsyth we are lucky enough to have many non-active and active National league referees. Before this weekend we have Barry Spicer, Glenn Hall, and Kenji McFarlane on the Men’s and Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball Panel. But over this weekend we had new referee additions to the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League Panel. Nicholas Tomazic, Shannae Gaudion and Mitchell Pratt all had their first taste of National league basketball and loved it.

These three referees have been around Kilsyth for many years and it was great to see them on court learning and perfecting this specific art of refereeing wheelchair basketball after months of work at domestic level. At Kilsyth we are lucky enough to host a local domestic competition on Thursday nights where you will find all 6 of our active referees on court from week to week. If you want to know more about the sport or are interested in giving it a go then speak to one of these six!

Congratulations to all our active national wheelchair panel referees for their appointments over the weekend. A special well done and congratulations to the three rookie referees Shannae, Nick and Mitch.

Goodluck for the future.

Gold Rush - National Championship

Brad Henshaw has once again done Kilsyth proud!

Brad just weeks after being appointed to the Gold medal match at the Junior Classic Championship in Victoria was appointed to the Gold medal match at the U/16 National Championships. Brad was awarded the gold medal match after an exceptional week on the court. His professional appearance and attitude on and off the court has helped him secure the top spot as number 1 referee of the tournament.

This is not spomething that happens everyday, but for Brad reffing gold medal games appear to be a regualar occasion! Well done, Congratulation Brad on this achievement! You are where many young refs aspire to get too, truly a credit to our association and yourself. Good luck on your upcoming Big V finals series!

U/18 Mens Gold Medal Match Umpire

Brad Henshaw is once again having a stand out year with his refereeing! Brad represented Kilsyth over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend at the U/18 Classic and managed to earn himself the appointment of umpire 2 on the Men’s U/18 Gold Medal Match.
Brad has had a standout year reffing the top VJBL games most Friday nights and making a semi-regular appearance on Men's and Women's State Championship matches throughout the Big V season. Being only his 4th year on the senior panel this is an outstanding achievement.
If this achievement wasn’t good enough, Brad has had an amazing year and keeps getting top appointments and invites to tournaments such as the U/16 National Championship taking place at Kilsyth next week. If you get a chance to see him in action this week get to Kilsth. Brad could teach you a thing or 2 about reffing and is a great referee to aspire to be! 
Goodluck Brad next week and keep doing Kilsyth proud. 

U/18 Mens Bronze Medal Match Umpire

Congratulations to Patrick Spratt on being appointed as Umpire 1 on the Men's U/18 Bronze medal match at the classic over the Queen's birthday weekend. Referee on the game was Paul Locke and Umpire 2 was Sophie Porter.
After starting in 2009 Patrick has only excelled; Moving through the Kilsyth ranks and completing his level 2A in 2014. Patrick has had a great year on Junior Panel and Big V refereeing the at a very high standard. This season he has officiated his fair share of Victorian Youth State championships as well as the occasional Womens State Championship match.
Well done Patrick.

NWBL Grand Final Appointment

Barry Spicer gets gold!  Kilsyth is proud to announce that Barry Spicer has been appointed as the crew chief on the National Wheelchair Basketball League’s men’s grand final match between Perth and Kilsyth on Sunday 26th of June. Other officials on the match are Matt Wells (NSW) and Phil Haines (SA). 
Barry has refereed wheelchair basketball since 1992 and was elevated to the national league in 1994!  Since then he has only continued on the path to be the best. In 2000 he was recognised and accredited an international licence and refereed the Athens Paralympics in 2004. Over the 16 years he has also refereed international tournaments such as the Asia/Oceania qualifying tournament for Rio in 2015. 
Although Barry is refereeing such an elite level he continues to give back to kilsyth. Every Thursday you will find him on crt 2 at Kilsyth helping out on the domestic wheelchair basketball games and teaching anyone who wants to learn the craft of refereeing this exciting game.
Good Luck Barry with the game, you are a credit to yourself and Kilsyth and a great role model for the up and coming referees.
If anyone is interested in tuning in the game can be live streamed at


Kevin Coombs Cup Gold Medal Official

Well done to adopted Kilsyth referee Kenji Macfarlane! Kenji was appointed to referee the Gold Medal game of the Kevin Coombs Cup. This is an Australian National Championship for Wheelchair Basketball and is a great achievement for Kenji! Kenji has refereed wheelchair basketball over the last couple of years at Kilsyth and is always happy to help anyone who wants to learn! Kenji is a very humble, dedicated referee who never stops working hard! Well done Kenji, we hope to see you refereeing the NWBL very soon! Good luck

Les Dick Award Winner 2016 - Brad Henshaw

Congratulations Brad Henshaw on being awarded the Les Dick Award for U/23 Victorian Metro Male Referee of the Year. Brad represented Kilsyth at the 2015 U/14 National Championships where he was awarded the Boys Gold Medal game after a great week! Brad started refereeing at Kilsyth in 2010 and is currently working up the ranks of Big V quickly! He has had successful years on the Junior panel refereeing the Victorian Junior Championship games with confidence and precision. Brad is always ready to help where he can and has made us very proud to say he is a Kilsyth referee! Congratulations and Good luck for the future Brad!

Golden Whistle Winner earns Gold Medal Match - Nick Tomazic

A massive congratulations to Kilsyth referees own "Golden Whistle" winner of 2015 Nick Tomazic! Nick was appointed as Referee on the Gold Medal Match at the Ivor Burge Nation Championship in Ipswich QLD during March of 2016.


Well done Nick on making us all proud!

RILEY BROWN Refs Gold Medal game

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kilsyth Referee Riley Brown on her appointment to the GOLD MEDAL men's game at the Australian Under 20 Championships at Dandenong Stadium.

The game will be played at 7.00pm on Saturday Night February 28.

The Technical Official's Committee and all Kilsyth Referees are very proud of Riley's achievement.
We know you will do a great job Riley.
Enjoy the game.



When you are given your pay packet, count the contents in front of the staff member who gave it to you. If you do not agree with the total, if it is not correct, either under or over paid, inquire with the Supervisor.

NEVER abuse or belittle anyone in public. Do not argue in front of the general public. If you need to discuss the total, please be discreet.

When you sign for your pay you are confirming the amount reflects the number of games you have officiated, the correct pay rate for your grade and there are no extra amounts that you are not entitled to.

If you choose not to count your pay in front of the staff member and discover later that it is short, do not return expecting to be given more money.





When you are given your pay packet, count the contents in front of the staff member who gave it to you. If you do not agree with the total, enquire with the Supervisor.

NEVER abuse or belittle anyone in public. Do not argue in front of the general public. If you need to discuss the total, please be discreet.

When you sign for your pay you are confirming the amount reflects the number of games you have officiated, the correct pay rate for your grade and there are no extra amounts that you are not entitled to.

If you choose not to count your pay in front of the staff member and discover later that it is incorrect, do not return asking for it to be corrected.




At the recent Technical Officials meeting on May 8th. the committee decided that any referee arriving out of uniform in any way WILL BE SENT HOME. All referees are aware of what the are required to wear when officiating and have done a great job since the Winter change over.

The current winter uniform consists of Striped Referee Shirt, Black Trousers and Black Shoes and Sock. Championship Mens competition referees must wear the relevant Championship Mens Referee shirt when provided.

If referees fail to turn up to their rostered appointments after the roster has been issued because they do not have the correct unbiform or any other unacceptable reason, they may incur demerit points.

I know the efforts from all Kilsyth referees will continue and everyone will arrive looking like the most proffessional referees in Victoria.







  1. Size 7 basketballs are to be used.
  2. At the start of the game a team must be represented by at least two (2) female and two (2) male players on the court.  The fifth (5th) player can be either male or female.
  3. Four (4) players may start the game -two (2) females and two (2) males.
  4. No more than three (3) of either sex may be on the court any one time.
  5.  If prior to the commencement of the game, a team cannot field the required players, normal late start penalties are to be applied.  If after ten (10) minutes has elapsed a team is still unable to fulfil this requirement then normal walkover penalties are to be applied.
  6. Male players (first half) and female players (second half) shall alternate halves to allow access in the restricted (key) area at either end of the court.  Penalty – Violation side ball to the opposing team.
  7. Any intentional defensive key violation by players is to be treated as goal tending; ie. Automatic 2 (two) points to the opposing team.
  8. After the first warning by the referee further intentional infringements of the above rule will be penalised by a technical foul (for unsportsmanlike conduct) on the offending player.
  9. 10 point rule – no player is allowed to score more than 10 points.
  10. When all players left in the game and registered on the scoresheet have scored 10 points, then all players are allowed to score a further 4 points, and a team score may advance in increments of 4 points per player until time.
  11. Prior to all eligible players scoring 10 points the following will apply –

                     11.1            If a player on 9 points scores a field goal, only 1 point is allowed.

                     11.2            If a player on 10 points is fouled and his/her team is in the bonus situation, then the player may nominate another player in their team who is eligible to shoot, the free or bonus shots and all points will count. (The nominated player must not have points which will then place them over 10 points if the free/bonus shots are successful, unless they are the last eligible player in the team to reach 10 points, in which case all points will count).

                     11.3            If a player on 9 points or less is fouled in the act of shooting, all points will count if shot is successful and they shall take any bonus shots and if successful the points will count (even if this takes the player over 10 points.)  They are not permitted any more points until all other eligible players left in game have reached 10 points.

                     11.4            If a player on 10 points (or more due to 11.3) shoots and the basket is good, then VIOLATION, NO SCORE and side ball to the opposition as a result.

                     11.5            If a player on 10 points (or more due to 11.3) is fouled whilst shooting, and is not eligible to shoot, then a side ball will result to their team (even if in bonus situation).

12.       The above rules also apply to players who are on 3 or 4 points when their team is in the increment situation.




All Referees are advised that any roster enquiries are to be directed to the appropriate Referee Manager Administrator.

Junior Competition Referee Manager Administrator is Beau Bentley - Ph 0488 202 168

Senior Competition Referee Manager Administrator is Gaye Punton - Ph 0488 023 281

Do not call the Administrators at unreasonable times of the day.

Ref Mgr Administrators are not on call 24hrs a day.  Please show some respect before contacting them. Please make every effort to resolve your issue yourself before calling them. 

Both Administrators can be contacted by text but by regular phone call is preferred.

Please enter both of these phone numbers in your phone books.

They are both company phone numbers, not their personal telephones.

Referee Availability on Sessions

Thank you to referees who make themselves available to officiate on multiple sessions, especially Sunday through Thursday.

While referees may request to officiate at a particular venue, on occasion they may be asked to officiate at another venue due to referee numbers. The priority is to ensure all association games are officiated by two referees. So far in 2013 this process has worked well and thanks go to those referees who have co operated in this manner. If a referee is not prepared to travel to another venue, as most will do when playing, they may be left off the roster for that particular night.

Equally, referees may request to have the last game of a session off. We all like an early night but to be fair on all fellow referees on our session, it will not be possible to meet that request every week. As with the favourite venue request, if referees are not prepared to do their fair share of "last games", they may be left off the roster for that week all together.

Kilsyth Basketball's competitions run from early evening into the night. We all know that. The last time slot is generally 9.30 with an occasional 9.40 start. These games are completed before 10.20 so even a postie who starts work at 5.30am can manage the last game occasionally. If you are prepared to referee, you must be prepared to officiate the last game at times.

Your fellow referees look forward to sharing the sessions fairly with you.


Roster Compilation

Referees who make themselves available for the full session on a regular basis will be given first priority when compiling rosters. Clicking "regular" for a couple of weeks then withdrawing from that session will not be considered in the same priority. Our Referee Manager Administrators know who is a regular referee, regardless of whether you select regular or not.

Referees who make a commitment to Kilsyth Basketball will be given priority over the following referees.

Referees who make themselves available only on the session where they are playing, will be rostered when possible. Playing on a session does not guarantee any referee 3-4 games. They may be rostered to two games or more if possible.

Referees who place conditions on their availability are not guaranteed to be rostered on. They will be rostered to the session if it is possible. If a referee can only referee at one venue or must be finished by a particular time, may be left off the roster on that session if their conditions cannot be met, in the best interests of the basketball competition.

As referees, we are there to provide our services to the Kilsyth Basketball competition. If we cannot provide those services when they are required, we may be left off the rosters on that session.

You Tube Instruction Video

There are no sessions to select. You select the times you are available.

Eg: if you had Thursday night before Christmas, now the Ref Mgr shows the entire day.You select the times instead, 1830 - 2130 (24 hr time). If you only wish to ref the "After School Session" select 1630 - 1829.

Similarly on Saturday. the old am session was from 0830 - 1259. If you wish, you can make yourself available for longer, simply enter the time you decide you are available for. If you enter 0830 - 1300, you may be rostered to referee at 1300. Please roster carefully. If you need help, call Barry

Also remember to include your prefered venue but from this season going forward, if there are too many referees at a venue in that week, you may be rostered to a venue that is short staffed.

Your option may be that you have a week off if you are not prepared to move on that night.

It is vital that all games are officiated by two referees.

Working With Childrens Checks


ADVANCING THE BALL RULE - to be applied to Junior Competition and Championship Men

17.2.4      During the last two (2) minutes of the game and during the last two (2) minutes of each overtime, after a time-out taken by the team that is entitled to possession of the ball in its backcourt, the throw-in shall be taken at the throw-in line opposite the score table in the team’s frontcourt.

(This throw in line, if not already marked, will be equal to the top of the three point line in the front court, opposite the score table)


7. The clock stops for all whistles in the last three minutes of the last half for all grades U12 to U21inclusive, except when the game is in a 45 minute time slot.

Barry Spicer

Director of Referees




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Working With Children Checks

Do you have a current Working With Children's Card ????

All referees who are 18 years old or over MUST HAVE a current Working With Children's check to be able to referee at Kilsyth Basketball.

Referees must arrange to have their interview for the WWC once they turn 18 and before they referee on their allocated session.

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