Tournament Manual


1. The Baseball Tournament will be sanctioned under rules and regulations imposed by the Palau Major League(PML) and the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC).

2. The games will be held at Asahi Baseball Field from June 15-24, 2007.

3. Round Robin format for 1-7 teams/ 8 teams and over willl be in a Pool Play Format (Round Robin by Division). The top four teams will advance to the playoffs.

4. The top four teams will advance to the playoffs.
          A. Playoff will be in a crisscross format, i.e.
          B. Winners from playoff will play for championship (gold).

5. Games will be seven (7) innings; Game time will be scheduled according to the number of teams and the tournament timetable. Mercy Rule: 3rd inning--15 runs; Ten Run Rule--5th inning and will be applied throughout the tournament except the championship game; Curfew: 11:00pm. No game or new inning shall begin after 11:00PM. [Note: An inning starts the moment the third out is made completing the previous inning.]

6. Rain out games will be re-scheduled and played if and when necessary. Any and all delayed or shortened games, for reasons not stated herein will be handled in accordance with established PML rules.

7. The Baseball Technical Committee is composed of the following people who will conduct the tournament in accordance with the Oceania Baseball Rules and Regulations:

                      Darwin Inabo President, Palau Major League
                      Tellams Johanes Vice President, Palau Major League
                      Rodeian "Rodch" Toribiong Secretary/Treasurer, Palau Major League
                      C. Talblok Iyar Official Scorer, Palau Major League
                      Santos Borja Umpire-In-Charge, Palau Umpire Assn.
                      Rodeian "Rodch" Toribiong Tournament Director-Belau Games

8. All players must be in full uniform. For this tournament full uniform means, all players and coaches must be in uniformed shirts, pants and baseball caps. Uniform in color, style and design. State name must be displayed on the front and a number of at least 6 inches on the back of the shirt. Chief Umpire shall be the sole judge of whether the player meets uniform requirement or not. Metal and rubber cleats allowed.

9. For safety of the players, no double header is allowed in this tournament.

10. Any appeal or protest must be presented to the Chief Umpire at the time of occurrence, and confirmed immediately after the game via written protest to the Tournament Director, and before the start of the next game for either team. The written protest must state the reason for protest and the reason why the ruling should be overturned. The Tournament Director, with advice of at least three members of the technical committee, shall consider the appeal and render the final ruling before the start of either team's next game.

11. Registration--OPEN; Must be 15 years old and above to be eligible; no more than 21 players per team with no less than 4 current Palau Major League players. Players must be able to present proof of birth upon request during the tournament. Final Team Roster must be submitted 5 days prior to the first scheduled game and must list team name, players' full name, uniform number and indication of team membership, i.e. player, coach, manager.

12. Grace Period of 15 minutes is allowed upon request only twice in this tournament. Third time calls for a forfeited game. Line--Up Cards must be submitted 10 minutes prior to game time (1 ea. for the Official Scorer, Chief Umpire and the Opposing team). All teams must have team scorer.