2015 Registrations and Comp fees

After two years of holding their fees at the 2013 level, CHBA has needed to raise its fees and charges in 2015.

While CHBA have held their registrations charges through 2013, 2014, our parent body NSW Basketball (BNSW) have increased their costs to your association in 2013, 2014 and again in 2015 - we have so far absorbed these costs.
The time has come to raise our registration fees.

A reminder, BNSW rgistrations are payable in February or July depending on when you first starting playing basketball.

Miniball registration (players born on or after January 1st 2004); $70

Junior Registration (born January 1st 1998 to December 31st 2003); $80

Senior Registration (born on or before December 31st 1997); $95

Before deciding to increase our fees we did a quick check of registration costs of other associations in our area which showed the following 2014 fees;

  Lismore Tamworth Port Coffs
Senior  $  110.00  $    90.00  $     105.00  $    85.00
High School  $    80.00  $    80.00  $     85.00  $    75.00
Primary school  $    60.00  $    70.00  $     65.00  $    65.00

If you have supplied us with your email address, you should shortly receive an email from CHBA advising if your registration is due for renewal.

Game Fees
There will a small change in the game fees for each competition, driven by the fact that Sportz Central raised their court hire costs in July 2014 and this was absorbed in the second half of the year by CHBA.

Senior teams have had their fees held static for 3 years while court hire costs have risen in each of these years.

CHBA referees will also have a small increase in their pay scales in 2015 - the first in who knows how many years.

Primary School Competition fees for Summer 2015; $140 per player

High School Competition
fees for Summer 2015; $170 per player

Senior Competitions
; $1,500 per team for Summer 2015 or $85/team per week (see separate story).

General Manager Steve Smith said "CHBA is a not-for-profit organisation and with all of our board members actively involved with the sport on a week to week basis, we know that our fees and charges have an impact on families.
The decision to raise fees and charges is not taken lightly; our (as yet, unaudited) accounts for 2014 show we traded at a loss of $29,500 for the year which follow a loss of $15,500 in 2013 and 19,800 in 2012. Clearly, we are not in a sustainable financial position and without balancing our budget the association will cease to exist.
Players and their parents can be assured that we are constantly monitoring our costs to see where savings can be made and are on the lookout for alternative sources of funding to help us keep our charges at a manageable level."

Thanks in anticipation of your understanding now that the reasons have been explained.


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