A single Zebra does not make a herd...

In response to comments made over recent weeks, CHBA has a policy of rostering two badged referees for every game in our competition.
Sometimes for a variety of reasons, we can not achieve full coverage but REST ASSURED CHBA WILL NEVER as a policy or a cost saving measure assign one referee to any game.

In recent weeks, we, like your teams have been affected by the flu virus which has swept through town and this has reduced the referees as well as the players.

Regrettably some of them have pulled out of their rostered commitments late in the afternoon or just not 'shown up for work'. When this happens we can not always slot in a replacement.

n a game last night, one of our most expereinced referees injured herself so badly that she could not continue with her game or the next game she was rostered to. We did not have any spare officials in the stadium to fill these vacancies.

We acknowledge this is not good for our competition, for your safety and enjoyment.

We are always on the lookout for new referees to help us fill our rosters.

If you are willing or able to help us with officiating please send an email to refs@coffsharbourbasketball.com.au or leave your details with your competition supervisor to pass on to our Refs. co-ordinator.

Thanks in anticipation of your help and understanding.

Enjoy your Game!

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