Welcome to Masters Baseball

We will be back in October 2007 for the next games which will be the 1st Australasian Games and incorporating the 11th AMG. .

I am using the 2005 site to advise people of information before we are given a site by the 2007 AMG people. SO remember most of the info is from 2005.

Yes we won the right to host the next games.. SO start organising now.

The grades should be the same 35+ serious and social, 40+, 45+ and 30+ for women. We will try for 50+ again. Did you notice I have dropped the female age down to 30+ so that we can get some more females playing. In 2005 we had the first female team in Australian Masters baseball playing.

The Adelaide Eagles won Gold in 35+ Red, 9 runs to 1 defeating Interport. in the 2005 10th AMG.

"Teams can only have a maximum of 18 players and remember you need to bring an umpire/scorer or one of your players may need to umpire/score" The lack of teams bringing an umpire has been a big problem for us. As silly as it sounds do not forget a score book and team sheet book.